Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its written all over my face....

I dont even try to hide it....  you've all heard me say on here I cry almost every day... it can be about a story of someone who is going through something hard... it can be a commercial with Sarah McClaughlin singing "Angel" in the background (oh man, that gets me EVERY TIME!)... it can be over a song I heard on the radio... My name is Rebecca & I am a crier...

But, I'm also a laugher!  I love to laugh.  As Buddy the Elf likes to say, its my favorite!  I can laugh over the dumbest things & find humor in the corniest things...let me see a video of people falling & I'm on the floor with a belly ache from laughing... My name is Rebecca & I am a laugher...

I also get angry... I get angry when people say things that arent true.  I get angry when I see things arent getting done the way they should be.  I get angry when I feel like I've been betrayed.  I get angry when I see people who suffer.  I get angry when people dont understand... My name is Rebecca & I can be an angry person...

Yeah - I am a crier, I get sad... I am someone who enjoys laughter, I get happy... I am someone who gets angry & frustrated, & I also am goofy & giddy & filled with joy, & filled with confusion & heartache... I have emotions...

Some may even say I get "too emotional" at times... but how do you turn off emotions?  I personally dont feel like I am a drama-queen, but I do show my emotions.  I will admit that.  And at times, I dont even realize I show emotions.  You say something I dont like, you can probably tell by my face exactly what is in my mind.  You say something that hurts my feelings, you will probably see the stab my heart feels right in my eyes... its not something I can really help or change...

The thing that I think about is that Jesus is my example in life... & you know what - Jesus was ONE EMOTIONAL DUDE...& I love that about him!  Think about his examples he gave.  He was ANGRY in that temple & didnt just sit there & count to ten & get in a yoga position doing deep breaths.  He knocked over tables! (which by the way, I have never done, for the record! ... haha!!)  Jesus cried when he heard the news of a death of a loved one.  Jesus was strick & strong with words with his disciples when they werent getting the pictures & words he was telling them. 

I imagine Jesus showed love on his face without EVER saying a word...

I even think we see how "emotional" God was in the Bible... how he was "pleased" with his creation... how he was ANGRY when the Israelites grumbled & complained again & again.... how he forgives & sacrifices for us, over & over...

We are to be Christ-like & strive to have a heart like God's... I believe that includes emotion...

Can you imagine what the world is like when people dont express how they feel?  What a messed up world that would be...

So what about you?  Do you show your emotions?  Willingly or unwillingly?  Or do emotions make you nervous & want to run?.... Tell me how you FEEL about this...(oh, is that emotion I'm asking for?) - haha!!!..
Are you one that shows your emotion all over your face?  Please tell me I'm not alone! :)


  1. Yep all over my face ~~ all.over.

    I am a crier and a laugher usually. After my first husband passed away, I cried so much that there came a time when I shut emotion off (yes I know VERY unhealthy), but a few years ago I so wanted my emotions back, so I prayed and God has so wonderfully obliged. I can cry again. That sounds weird I know, but for a long time I would want to cry and it would be there, it was just like I couldn't, but God has so helped me to be able to express emotion and that is a good thing, especially given my current circumstance. Definitely need that release.

    Wow that was a longgggggggg comment =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed day,

  2. *sings* You are not aloooooonne....

    lol Yep, I do it too. I can't hide them, they are just out there for the world to see. I cry at certain commercials. I laugh at silly things. I get very angry at times. Yep, that's me.

  3. That's where I can get in trouble a lot! My face tells too much of the story.

  4. I am also a very emotional person and cannot hide it....especially when it comes to animals and children.....

  5. Rebecca I am so very thankful for your emotions! There is no question how you feel or where you stand. I know what and who you love and I know you mean it!! Your emotions have helped me through some pretty crappy days lately. Love you friend!!

  6. I L...O...V...E how you brought up the fact that Jesus had emotions... and I continually thing that God must just be shaking his head and making faces ALL the time at his creation... (which, by the way is better than just wiping us out!!) And those of us that LOVE you know that you are gonna make faces... you are gonna cry... you are gonna get angry... and THAT is one of the reasons that we love you. YOU are YOU... and we love you for who YOU are!!!!

    Me... well... Mickey says that I am too "sensitive" but not everyone would know that (Okay... until now!) but I think that it is seen WAY more in my eyes than anywhere else... the windows of the soul... that flash of anger, the tears, the sadness. Yes, I belive we were created with emotions so if we aren't using them, then are we going against the creator's desire for us???? Hmmm.....

  7. I'm very similar to you; I cry at the drop of a hat over the silliest things, especially when my kids are involved. My name is Heather, and I am a Sap.

    I don't get angry often, but when I do, those around me know it.

    I never thought of Jesus being emotional, but you're right. That makes me feel better. And God is the one who gave us emotions, right?

  8. My sister and I were just talking the other day about how even Jesus had a temper. Funny that you wrote this post today!

    I show my emotions ALL the time

  9. Oh if I could count the times I've been told I wear my heart on my sleeve or that I'm too sensitive. I WOULD BE A RICH RICH WOMAN!

    I like to think I am in touch with the world around me. I cry at movies. I cried when my friend hugged me for no reason the other day. I cry when reading stories here in blog land. I cry during songs and tv shows too. Yaya has looked at me many times with confusion. Why are you sad momma?
    I always answer, "I'm not sad baby, I'm just so happy you are mine."

    I bet God cries happy tears over us too because we're his.

  10. Sadly, I have a family member whose only way to handle problems is to give people the "silent treatment" - at one point upwards of a year (and let's just say we were living in the same house) Now, that would NOT be good communication.

  11. I'm totally an emotional person too - I cry at the drop of a hat!

  12. Oh my gosh, that last cartoon is hilarious!! Not a bad idea though lol!

    Hmmmm, I am a very emotional person but I definitely try to hide it from people. At least in public anyway.

    For some reason all my emotions involve crying. If I'm happy, my eyes tear up. If I'm hurt or sad my eyes tear up. And especially if I'm mad, my eyes tear up.

    What is up with that? I can't be mad at someone without crying? It is so annoying.

  13. I'm a big wearer of emotions on my sleeve! That's for sure. :)

    I love your heart real and raw...just the way God makes us. You are awesome!

  14. I not only wear my emotions on my face, but some people actually get upset because they *can't* read me very well! I know, it's an odd combination. But it's true!

  15. "An onion can make people cry but there's never been a vegetable that can make people laugh."

    --Will Rogers

  16. Oh my I am so emotional I wonder why it was not my first name. I am glad I have you with me..

  17. I hate to cry. Today, I walked into work and the girls asked me "how are you?" I burst out in tears. I wish I could take a pill that would keep me from crying. I feel like a big ninny when I cry. So I'm a crier too, maybe we should start a club :-) Lol!! Love that cartoon, I need to print it out and show it to my hubby>

  18. Oh and don't forget to check out my blog and my GIVE A WAY!

  19. are definitely not alone! I've been told so many times that I wear my emotions on my sleeves. I cry at the drop of a hat...I'm tender-hearted to a tee. However, if my feathers get ruffled, there will be no disguising it. Whatever my heart feels is the way I react.

  20. Girl, I can so relate to this...... I totally wear my emotions. It's written ALL over my face! You will have no doubt!!

  21. I usually think I'm not that emotional, but after reading your post and considering what you said, I guess I'm more emotional than I thought.

  22. I used to be a crier, until I started medication for anxiety. The medicine seems to dampen my feelings to some degree. In ways that is good because I don't have panic attacks. However in other ways it's not so good because when I think I should be crying or laughing it just doesn't happen. It is getting better though, I changed medicine and now I do cry occasionally and laugh more.

  23. I'm very emotional as well. Most things I feel, I feel deep. All emotions also make me cry... frustrating when I'm trying to share why I'm angry with someone!


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