Saturday, February 06, 2010

Project 365-4

Sunday Jan 30 - Welcome back friends!!!... This was the first Sunday back for Joe & Erica with their baby, Emily.  Continue to pray for this family as they are struggling with the diagnosis of "Infantile Seizures"... but it was so good to have them next to us back in church...

Monday, Feb 1 - WHAT kind of tree is THAT?  ... During lunch on Monday, I pulled my orange apart & the middle of it came out on the rind & I couldnt stop thinking it looked like a tree!  (Does this make me weird?)... but I thought it was pretty cool so, I had to snap a picture of it.... yeah, go ahead, call me weird.

Tuesday - Feb 2 - Enchilada Pie!!! .... I tried another new recipe & it was yet ANOTHER winner... YUM!  It was layered & so dang good!  Yep, Ricky went back for seconds (the sure fire way to know if it was successful!)

Wednesday Feb 3 - Mrs. Potts makes me smile!.... If you dont know anything about me, then let me tell you that I love everything about Beauty & the Beast.  My office is even decorated with it & while I was cutting checks for the day & matching them to bills, I pull my paper clip holder & just had to smile ...

Thursday - Was feeling bad so I didnt even get any pictures... which leads to...
Friday, February 5 - A cold finally snagged my butt!... Oh mercy me - I feel bad!  My throat & ears are killing me & I just feel horrible... left work & stopped at Walgreens to load up on all things drugs & headed home to do nothing but rest.

Saturday February 6 - White & Grey... these seem to be the only colors we are seeing lately.  Woke up to yet again, more snow... ready for Spring with doses of color added in...

Happy Project 365!!!!


  1. That enchilada pie looks awesome and I love the Mrs. Potts paperclip holder. I have Mickey and Minnie in my office. My Saturday picture is almost like yours. I'm ready for some spring. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. The orange rind is neat ~ maybe you could cut out around the base & put some kind of glaze over it and keep it. I like it...but then again, some folks think I'm weird with my eclectic taste! (ha) Hope you are feeling better & will be praying for the sweet little baby too!

  3. Praying for baby Emily and her mom and dad! Beautiful picture of them.

    The orange "tree" looks like a miniature tree clothed in snow. Pretty!

  4. Could I get the recipe for the enchilada pie? I'm starving now that I saw it! lol Thanks so much!!

  5. Yes can we get the recipe for the enchilada pie? Looks wonderful!!

  6. Prayers for Baby Emily!

    I agree, that does look like a tree and I would love that recipe too!

  7. beauty and the beast is my favorite Disney movie! when my girls were little they were obsessed with it and we had the 'stuff' everywhere to prove it. though they have grown up now, it still is my favorite, and i am glad to see someone collecting and enjoying it still. it put a smile on my face to see Mrs. Potts! thanks! :D

  8. I hope you're feeling better Rebecca Jo. Great shots for the week. Mrs Potts does kinda have a way of making me smile too. =)

  9. That orange "tree" is fascinating! Amazing what we can see, isn't it!
    Beauty and the Beast, very fun! My boys were just in the show.
    Super week!

  10. that baby is beautiful!!!

    I am so sorry you have been seems to be going around!!

    so many have posted pictures of the snow this I look out my window at the sun shining and grass on the ground.....I am a bit thankful! :)

  11. Loved the orange tree...very interesting!

    Enchilada pie looks delicious. Wanna share the recipe?

    We've been sick around here too AND snowbound. I think a lot of us had the same experiences this week.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I'm thinking you need to share that enchilada pie recipe with us. It looks yummy!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my Piggy Paint giveaway. Good luck!

  13. That enchilada pie looks delicious!!! I think I need the recipe!

  14. I'm ready for Spring and all its glory, too.

    Oh, and I like your orange picture. It really does look like a tree. Actually, it's reminiscent of your final photo, isn't it?

  15. Thanks Bec!! Thank you all for the prayers!!

  16. Glad you found the award!

    I probably shouldn't have scheduled the post until I was out of bed so I could let everyone know. Oh, well...working on that now! :)

    I always enjoy reading your blog!

    Have a great week!

  17. I saw you stopped by today. I am sick so I will read your post tomorrow. Have a great day..

  18. Totally looks like a tree! I'm just impressed you got the middle out without tearing it!

  19. this was a great post. We are getting the snow today.. No fun..


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