Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365-6

Another week of life through my eyes.... I'm sure a bunch of you all have snow pictures too... I just keep thinking, we'll have many more with NO snow & then we'll look back & miss it...

Sunday Feb 14, 2010 - The Wonderful Singing Balloon!!!.... Its Valentines Day & Ricky woke me up with this balloon bouquet... & not just ANY bouquet - but the big balloon sings "You're Still the One".  The funny thing (or irritating, however you want to look at it) is that every time you hit it, Sydney comes running & barking & trying to attack the balloon - no matter where she is at, or whether she is sound asleep. She HATES this balloon!!!

Monday Feb 15, 2010 - This snow is for the dogs... literally!!!... We got 8 inches of snow & I came home from work & saw no foot prints in the snow at all from the dogs... & a bunch of pleading eyes of help. So I wrapped up & had to go out & shovel a path for the dogs to go out to go potty.  Poor Bruno & Zoe would have gotten lost - it was taller then they I cant blame them.

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010 - Look out Below!!!... I wouldnt want to stand under that when it fell off the roof!!!

Wednesday Feb 17, 2010 - Minnie Mouse is officially lost.... Our poor Minnie Mouse statue is about totally covered by the snow... I see now why she stays in Orlando where its a usual warm temperature..

Thursday Feb 18, 2010 - Is that a BLUE sky?????.... I was lying down on the ground doing crunches at Jazzercise & looked up through the window & actually saw a sky that wasnt grey or white... I almost wanted to cry!  And wasnt sure if it was because of the sky, or the darn stomach crunches... (I'm still sore)

Friday Feb 19, 2010 - Bible Study with a new friend is Muy Bueno...We have a Bible Study at our church where we are "partnered" up with someone we havent really gotten to know before.  Well, I met my partner Jana out for dinner at a Mexican place.  It was Yummy-o & we ended up sitting there talking for 3 hours... oops!  I did leave the waiter a generous tip... didnt want him being angry at us...

Saturday Feb 20, 2010 - Suns out? Crank up the miles! .... oh my goodness - the temp hit almost 50 degrees today & the snow was melting & the sun was shining.  So I got to get off the treadmill & actually hit the pavement.  I had a great run.  That says 6.26 miles - I actually ran a little over 5 for the run... the other miles was just from house cleaning.  Felt great just having the sun hit my face though... but sigh... cold weather comes back tomorrow...

Hope everyone has a Happy Snappy Week ahead of them!


  1. Looks like a good week! Wasn't it just so glorious to see that sun?!! :-)

  2. great week...well except for all that snow...and that 5 mile run..ugh! :)

  3. Great pictures! I didn't realize that they made balloons that sing...I can just picture Sydney going after it!!! We have about 15 inches of snow on the ground. I am so sick of it too!

  4. can't believe how much snow you guys got! Congrats on the newly found blue skies..maybe Spring IS in the air! Love your Project 365 posts!

  5. Poor Minnie, and that is a cool contraption to measure your miles you got there...might just have to find one myself.

    Great pictures this week!!


  6. I know exactly how you felt when you saw the blue sky. My whole gang thought that a week or so ago. We just needed the hope that the snowapocolypse was going to end!

    Loved your thumbs down pic!

    Poor Minnie.

  7. I have to shovel for my puppy too. Not fun!
    I have never heard of a singing balloon, what a hoot!
    Great week!

  8. I can relate to that euphoric feeling when you see BLUE SKY and SUNSHINE. lol Used to suffer through gray Michigan winters. Lovin' the more temperate climate we live in now; and actually our winter skies are the bluest blue you've ever seen!

    Sounds like a good week, with special times thrown in to spice up the week :-)

  9. Ok, I've been missing snow but you just gave me the cure all. I do not miss having to clear a path for our dogs to go outside. NOT ONE BIT!

    I am so proud of you for your workout regiment! Keep up the good work.

  10. we have to shovel for our mini dox...he doesn't like snow. we have more headed this way they say overnight - 4 to 8" - I'm sick of snow, too. enough already!
    Love the videos! I put the link to the No one underground on my page and sent the link via email to my friends for the Ugly Furniture one. Funny!!

  11. Ah, the sun. Amazing what a little vitamin D does for the soul, isn't it?

    You go, girl...5 miles outside is great!

  12. oh how i wish i could run 5 miles. i am up to 1. that is good for day i will up it to 2.

    great week in photos!

  13. Oh, we were so happy to see blue skies and sunshine as well! Makes a total difference in one's outlook.

  14. WOW RJ,
    Looks like you had a snowy but fun week!!! Love all your pics friend. And I mean seriously, how sweet is that Ricky of yours ~~ I've never even heard of a singing balloon. So sweet.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  15. I'm with Minnie and want to be in Disney World and out of this snow!!!

  16. I am totally blog dropping here, but I saw your question on Heather's blog about whether bloggy buddies cycles could get to be the same. The answer is a definite YES. When we all went to EE this past November, at least 1/2 or more of us were either PMSing, or started while we were there those three days. Funny how that works, huh?

  17. great pictures...

    our snow is all gone!


  18. I hear you on the blue sky. We got a nice day last week and I was out walking. Today woke up and back to the yucky sky and more snow is falling. Love your pictures. I feel like Minnie..

  19. I'm so impressed and inspired by your run!
    I'll let you know if the inspiration actually gets me out the door ;)

  20. I really like the picture of your water bottle & weights outlined against the blue sky. Oh, you meant for the SKY to be the focus? It's a really cool picture - & that sky would be VERY welcome here that's for sure!


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