Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I'd walk naked if I had too....

I was listening to the news this morning (something I rarely do because it's just depressing to me) & they were talking about the full body scan & how people are upset about it because its an invasion of privacy.

I get that not everyone wants their naked body to be seen on a screen for others to see, but its not like you're just walking down the street & your image is popping up.  I think this serves a purpose.  Dont we get naked for doctors every year to serve a purpose?  To make sure we are safe & healthy?

I guess because I'm not a fan of flying ANYWAYS, I think that this is a smart way to insure safety from the crazies that are out there nowadays. 

And I'd much rather go through this machine where my face isnt recognized anyways, then have total strangers pat me down & feel up & down my body.... no thank you!

What is your take on this whole thing?  Does it even matter to you?  Are you for it or against getting the look over from a stranger?


  1. I guess since I am a woman I would only want a woman to see me. Plus I would want it to be so private that no one really saw me. If it is a way to keep us safe I guess so..

    Lost was amazing..

  2. After giving birth to three children and multiple surgeries (one where EVERYONE came in to see!) I have no modesty left... I would MUCH rather have a screen than have someone touching me... seriously... that just grosses me OUT!!!

  3. Like modesty left a long time ago! I would prefer to go through the screening touchy feely for me!

  4. I have no problem with this. I mean, everyone knows what a naked body looks like. Would you rather have someone see an image like this of your "just like everyone else's" naked body or risk the chance of your plane blowing up? I don't even have to think about that one.

    Found you on SITS.

  5. I feel like I would rather have them do the full body scan than pat me down. And it should be same sex people too.

    My friend said he'd go through whatever security he needed to...if people didn't want to they could go on their own plane.

  6. I'm not bothered at all by a body scan. No modesty. We all have the same parts! And I would much rather that plane I'm on being protected as possible. There's some real crazy's out there...

  7. I would be bothered! I don't think I could handle this, awkward!

  8. Sorry it's taken me so long, but I'm finally here to thank you for your comment and compliment about my last set of pictures I posted. I had so much fun with those roses! I only wish they would last longer!

    How are your pictures going??

  9. The light box is really simple to set up, and doubles as storage for what you use with it. I will post a picture of it later this afternoon and write more of a blog post.

    Right now it's off to chase the littles!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  10. YOu had me worried by that title! LOL Though I'm not thrilled about these scans I would rather be safe than sorry especially since my face can't be identified. That said, what's next? Body Cavity checks? Seriously! Does anyone else find the lengths we're going to rediculous? One things for sure, when we get to the gates of heaven we'll have more of a scan than these computers will ever share. That's the test I really hope I pass. I have nothing to hide from body scanners here other than a few extra pounds.

  11. I guess it depends where they have the screen placed. If it's just open like the ones they have now, then anyone who wants to look over can see you!

    But if they are concealed so nobody else can even take a peak, then I'm all for it.

  12. I think I would rather have a woman looking at my scans. I know we get naked in front of doctors, but to me, that seems different. I'm just weird like that. :-)

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

  13. I agree that as long as it's a woman I'm ok with that . . . but that picture did make me feel a little awkward about everyone seeing my fat rolls!

  14. After being pulled to the side in the San Fransisco airport, partially detained, frisked (by a man), and treated like criminal I vote for a full body scan.

  15. on our flight home from the Cayman's they were patting people down - except for the few of us who were at the end of the line - phew!

    Because you know our group of employees closely resembled the terrorist watch list - riiiiggghhht

    my only object would be if there is some sort of radiation involved - which I imagine there is; any type of extraneous radiation makes me uneasy. And you know it is rare that I am uneasy ;-)

  16. I think anything they can do to ensure safety is worthwhile.

  17. This is not about your security...this is about your slavery. Wake up and smell who the real terrorists are...and they are not on your flight.

    Good Luck With Your New World Order


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