Tuesday, March 16, 2010

According to HIM...

Oh my... (Big swoon).... the drama of love....

its always so crazy to sit on the other side of teenage love & hear the drama that ensues.... the way that teens know this is the person they LOVE!!!!... how they broke their heart... how someone can cheat on them & they still just love them because its REAL!!!...

Oh yeah, we were all teens at one time - & we all had those stupid teenage hormones that make us all feel that way when it came to relationships.

There is a new song out by Orianthi (please do NOT ask me to pronounce that) - but its called "According to you" - you may have heard it.  I admit, I get a little groove on every time I hear it.  Yes, its a secular song - something you'd hear in between Lady Gaga & Lady Antebellum... (lots of Ladies lately)

But the gist of the song is how one relationship just drags this girl down - always getting slammed - being told she is stupid, & useless & cant do anything right...

And the chorus - I'm digging it - starting to move as I sing it in my head

But according to him, I'm beautiful, incredible, He cant get me out of his head
According to him, I'm funny, irresistible, Everything he ever wanted
Everything is opposite, I dont feel like stopping it so tell me what I got to lose
He's into me for everything I'm not - according to you!

I just love to think that HIM is someone better then the "other guy".... I love to think that God is the other HIM - the one who thinks we're beautiful, incredible - EVERYTHING HE EVER WANTED!!!

And yeah, we're all pretty much not teenagers anymore - I'm close though, right? isnt 38 the new 18? - but we still have those people in our lives that tell us we're not worthy - that we're difficult, hard to please - just a failure at things...

In grown up land - that is everything of the world, really.... people at the job telling you you're messing up.... people in a magazine telling you you dont have style or that you are over weight to their standards..... people in our lives who dont realize that their words put down more then lift up... all that can be a weight to bear on some shoulders...

and next time that happens - remember that chorus part of the song - sing it over & over - think of God & how much He thinks you are irresistible... & that he's into you for everything you're not.... because He loves you THAT MUCH!!!!


  1. Hey RJ,
    According to Him we have value and worth and we are beautiful!!! Now isn't that good news on a Tuesday morning.

    My g-babe is trying to strap himself into his high chair. Without much luck, I might add, best be attending to this little bundle of love!!

    Love you ~~ have a Blessed day,

  2. Loved this and exactly what I needed to read! It is so refreshing and encouraging to know that we have worth, value and are beautiful in HIS eyes! Have a great Tuesday! Praying for you!

  3. Happy Tuesday..
    Always great lessons learned..

  4. Wow! Just what I needed to hear this morning! Thanks!

  5. Love this post so much! Thanks for sharing - and i love that song too :-)

  6. ah exactly what I needed!! Thank you!! Hope all is well!

  7. Wow, what a great song! Thinking that anybody thinks I am irresistible is hard to do, but I imagine if anyone was, it'd be God. :o)

  8. I've never heard this song before, Rebecca! Where have I been? Wow...it has such a powerful message...one that ALL teenage girls, especially, need to hear!

  9. I've seen that video before...someone else did a post on it but I love the spin you added. AMEN! :)

  10. Have you ever noticed Psalm 45:11? A dear friend of mine quotes this verse all the time as a reminder of who she is in Jesus!

    The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. (Ps.45:11, NIV)

    I like it in The Message too. It says "the king is wild for you!"

    Is that cool or what!

    LOVE IT!

  11. I love that song, but hadn't thought of it with Jesus in mind. That is perfect, though, because it's so true!

  12. Never heard this song before now. I think I may have a new fav to listen to and I love the message you put behind it. SOOO True! Thank you God for your love!

  13. I could clean it every single day and it would still be disgusting!

    this was POWERFUL...

  14. Hi Rebecca Jo,
    Thanks for sharing this. It's a good reminder. Occasionally I get caught up in the negative things people think or say about me as well. It's comforting to think that no matter what, God will focus on the good things about me. I have a crafty blog so I hope you'll stop by. Happy SITS day!


  15. I'm close though, right? isnt 38 the new 18... I loved that, made me smile so much. The first time I heard that song I was like ooo she must be tlaking about God ;)


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