Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I should work for ABC....

The mess that is the Bachelor went down last night.... I knew what was coming from Reality Steve & still sat there & prayed he was toying with us & we were all going to get a happy ending for Jake & Tenley...so let me just give my final thoughts... & by the way, they are the most dramatic final thoughts of the season....

* When Tenley can make a father cry, you totally know she's "IN" with the family!!!.... & when Vienna comes in & says that everyone hates her... um, yeah, family no likey so much!

*And what was up with Jake's sister in laws?  They were dogging Vienna out in the one on one conversation but went back to Jake & the one chic starts crying saying she wasnt fair to her?  WHAT THE HECK? 

*Dear Jake - YOU telling your family no one likes Vienna didnt sway the family... Vienna swayed the family with that wonderful attitude!  Why do you feel the need to make excuses for her?

*Dear Jake's mom - yeah... be prepared for family drama with that one in your gang...

*How is Jake going to sit there on the FINAL date with Tenley & tell her they have no passion?  That was just cruel.  She had to know right then & there she wasnt the final choice....

*Tenley sat there & THANKED Jake for the process & letting her grow after she was dumped????  That is one amazing lady... do you really think Vienna would have handled it that way?  Oh mercy... Bad Girls Club fights would probably have nothing on that...

*Speaking of Bad Girls Clubs - I would have PAID to have Tenley go ALL CRAZY insane on Jake on the "After the Rose" show!  Wouldnt that have been priceless?

*I did love the jab Tenley made though about feeling sorry for Vienna if Jake was that torn!  I said the exact same thing a few minutes before to Ryan - sent him a text because I had to vent to SOMEONE about this madness, that said, "If Ricky were that confused 10 minutes before proposing to me about loving someone else, I'd be TICKED"

*I totally had to laugh at Vienna when she came out on the "after the rose" show....  You can tell they were trying to "soften" her up - colored those horrible roots, make her make up all light, instead of the dark mess on those eyes... but for me... they cant change that personality....

*Dear Vienna - if you HAVE to tell people you are sweet... you probably arent that sweet of a person..

*Oh Mercy ... give me strength... then the WORST NEWS OF THE NIGHT... Jake is going to be on Dancing with the Stars????? They are going over & tainting my show? I have to deal with Vienna's mug showing up there too?  Hopefully Jake will be out soon... dude cant dance...I want Tenley on there!  She's the dancer!  Give her a chance!

*Ali as the next Bachlorette?  I'm not feeling that either.... I just wish Tenley was the next one... she deserves love... someone who's not a doofy dork

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The best news of the night - we got the line up for Dancing with the Stars!!!

Nicole Scherzinger should do amazing... HELLO - she had a show where she was dancing in Vegas!

Pam Anderson - we've seen in DWTS history that Playboy bunnies arent the best movers.  Maybe she'll surprise us.

Kate Gosselin?  Really?  I'll be interested in seeing how that goes... just wonder if all the kids are going to be there...

I'm thinking the ice skater, Evan Lysacek could be the underdog!  He's an athlete & as we've seen from prevous ice skaters, Kristi Yamaguchi & Olympic athletes like Apollo Ono... they can pull out the win

ahhh - I feel better now, venting it all out...

Now, my Mondays can go back to glitter, sequins & fringe... the things the world SHOULD be made up of!

Did you all watch "The Bachelor"?  What did you think? ... & who's your favorite already for Dancing with the Stars?  Who is going to be the biggest train wreck on that show this year?


  1. I really don't watch either show, but it was fun hearing you vent.

  2. I dont watch the Bachelor or DWTS but with Kate Gosselin on there I might have to start! LOL

  3. I totally feel your frustration! At one point I thought the same thing about Tenley being the next bachlorette but then I thought she's too classy to be dating 25 men! I think her morals are too high for that!

  4. I don't watch the Bachelor. But I did tune in for the last 5 minutes and the first 10 minutes of the "after the rose" show and then tuned in to watch some shows on the DVR.

  5. That was the biggest letdown of the century last night! Jake has lost his ever lovin' mind! He's only drawn to Vienna based on the physical connection he has with her...nothing more! Personally, I don't see what he finds so attractive about her. She's extremely abrasive and I can't see her fitting in with Jake's family AT ALL! Oh, it should be interesting to see how all of this unfolds...and it won't be pretty!

    I know...can you believe that Jake will be on DWTS??? Vienna won't like having him all snuggled up with those women on the dance floor...mark my words! I, too, wish Tenley had been chosen as the next Bachelorette...she earned it!

    I'm anxious to see how Kate Gosslin does on DWTS. Wonder if John will tune in? :)

  6. While it was no surprise that he picked Vienna, I am VERY suprised he is still with her.

    And I don't like Ali. I don't know if I will watch or not.

    The best part of the evening, was the live rendition of "On The Wings of Love." Simply amazing. (gag)

  7. I got home from my Bible Study JUST in time to see him talking to Tenley...I was in SHOCK!!!! Isn't it funny how it is SO obvious to US but he doesn't see it????

    I'm getting ready to watch the entire thing right now...but I can tell you right now, I'm NOT happy about any of this :(

  8. The Bachelor was a shock but I guess like you said, it was coming once Jake started to make Tenley feel weird on the boat. I saw tons of passion between them. I am glad Tenley grew and can see she can fall in love. Someone other than Jake will have her and that is the best.. I am proud of her. I think Jake picked Vienna because she is so different from him. I think he wanted some else that maybe he could show things and help. Tenley is stronger and grown up and did not need that. I am happy for Ali she should do great..

    DWTS: I saw that Pam will be the train wreck.. Just do not care for her after she broke Kid Rocks heart.

    I can't wait to see Kate. That will be fun..

    Happy Tuesday..

  9. I could not have said it better about Jake, Tenly and well some parts about Vienna! Jake had me all upset last night...about how he told Tenley that he had to force himself to be natural or that he could not be natural with her...OMGoodness! And Tenley is just a CLASS ACT! I hope she is the next batchorette. Sweet, kind and after the way Jake did her, I am happy she didn't get stuck with him...
    THEN, I had an epiphone and thought...if Jake loves Vienna he is entitled to love who he wants and on that I was finally okay with Vienna...because Jake loves her and that is his choice.
    And I concluded, that show gets me way too caught up...thank goodness I get a break until next season. lol
    Since I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, I can't comment.
    Oh, and thanks for posting this because I too wanted to vent in the hopes that somebody would understand! :-)

  10. oh my the bachelor!! i woke up this morning hoping it was all a bad dream...ha! Tenley was just so classy and sweet...how can you not pick someone that your family just adores. Curious to see if vienna and jake last long.

  11. You're right! We were thinking the same things!!

    We totally have to watch this show together...the one with Ali.

    Do you think when the producers of DWTS saw him dancing in the street...they thought they made a mistake?

  12. Darling Rebecca,

    Had you listened to me at the beginning, you would have never wasted the energy on this faux dating show, thus never giving Vienna the satisfaction of getting the attention she so obviously craves (reminds me of another gal who was picked but then dumped...remember the English bachelor?). Blech.

    That said, I cannot believe Pamela Anderson is going to be on DWTS. Guess the challenge will be to the wardrobe department. I'm thinking we'll see some Janet Jackson moments.

    And Kate? Ugh. I know that girl has to have a way to pay the bills, but c'mon. I thought the point was to get out of the spotlight. Blech.

    My votes will go to Evan, regardless of how he actually dances. I like his grit. I'm sure he'll be great because he seems to give 200% to everything he does.

    And that's my take on your take! LOL

  13. Oh, I agree with everything you said about Bach. Jake has lost his ever lovin' mind. And I'm so mad about him on DWTS - as someone at work pointed out, this will now be his 3rd tv show. Boo! I wanted Tenley, too! And, I have not been a big Ali fan since about week 3 when she started picking on Vienna. Now, I'm not a Vienna fan, at ALL, but Ali was just downright nasty. Oh well. I know I'll still watch. :)

  14. I don't watch either show but I came back to your blog after the finale to read the results vs your view! haha

  15. I'm interested to see how Kate Gosselin does!

  16. 've never seen DWTS...but this line up makes me want to. Too bad I dont get that channel.


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