Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to "Complaing of the Stars"

We're on week 2 & this week, someone is going to get eliminated.  Could tonight make all the difference for someone? Because apparently, it would have been an "upset" if someone got voted off last week.  Rumor had it, Kate Goseelin was SAFE... are all the mom's out there going to push her through?  We'll see... but for now, we're LLIIIIVEEEEEEE

Up first - Shannen with an "e" & Mark... poor Mark is getting a litlte taste of the Shannen the tabloids like to talk about.  With her cursing at him & telling him she quits, poor Mark isnt even sure she's joking, asking "Are you serious?" - I think Mark just wants to know if he needs to run for his life here...They are attacking the Jive tonight & there's Mark with his Michael Jackson tribute again, sporting the high-waters & doing a crotch grab.  I'm talking more about him because I couldnt hardly bare to watch Shannen.  She looked so uncomfortable.  Her legs were a little off & she seemed to be a beat or two ahead or behind Mark... I personally thought it was a mess... dont see Miss Attitude lasting very long... Score - 7, 6, 7

Aiden & Edyta - So during practice, Aiden isnt grasping them moves & we see Edyta get frustrated & actually walk out.  I dont think we've ever seen Mrs. Leg Warmer get upset... he must have been really hard to teach.  He chases after her & talks in that accent... It was like a real soap opera...Edyta gets revenge against him by wearing the ugliest pink dress EVER.  Oh my - looks like a 1970's bridesmaids dress. Then add in a good hit to the face!  Dont make Mrs. Leg Warmers angry!!!!...  They have the Fox Trot & he actually did a decent job though.  The drama & soap opera attitude must work for him... I thought it was very nice...So far, I see him as the move improved of the week (& yeah, I know he's only the 2nd dancer) - Scores - 7, 6, 6

Evan & Anna - I'm still bummed he's with Anna... She just comes across so harsh & just a weird personality... hope it doesnt hurt him in voting.  Evans comes out looking like a T-bird from Grease & he's ready for the Jive.  The one thing about ice skaters - they move so smoothly & have a face that can really work the crowd.  Evan totally pulled it off - I actually smiled through the whole thing & was rooting for him.  He honestly looked so professional... GO EVAN!!!! I want this guy in the finals (even if Anna has to go with him)!!!!  Scores - 8, 8, 8

Niecy & Louis - I loved that Niecy heard Foxtrot & instantly thought she was going to have to pull out her "FOXY LADY"... but instead she learned she had to turn into a white man with Louis mirroring her.  They go that straightened out quick when Louis told her he didnt think she'd be graceful enough for ballroom.  He soon learned, all you have to do is talk about food & the smoothness of butter & he was speaking her language.  I love this lady... we speak the same language!...& mercy me - she was truly like BUT-AH... smooth smooth smooth... I'm excited beccause I think she's going to do so well in the competition... I'll keep saying it - I love me a funny gal!  Scores - 7, 7, 7

Jake & Chelsea - first.. I'm loving this picture because look at Tim Allen watching them in the audience.  Mr. Allen is probably disgusted too with the choice of Vienna... the face says it all! - We see yet ANOTHER practice where the professionals & the stars are butting heads.  Jake got all manly by saying "I'm not asking, but telling you..." when he wanted a move changed.  Love that Chelsea was all like "shut up bachelor boy - I dont want your rose! You do what I say"... They tackled the Jive & it was rough.  You can tell he was trying... it wasnt the best, but it was an A for effort... just glad that during the dance, we didnt have to hear that nervous laughter that Jake was trying to cover his screw ups with in practice... that was getting irritating. 
Scores: 6, 7, 7

Buzz & Ashley - Can I say first, Ashley is the cutest little thing EVER! Why couldnt SHE be with Evan?  She's so patient & gentle & always with that smile.  What a true professional! ... They had the Fox Trot this week & while it again wasnt the best dancing, Carrie Ann is so right when she said its just an emotional tug.  You can feel everyone just cheering him on for who he is - not necessarily his dancing - but just that he's doing this.  Love that Len had respect for Buzz & wouldnt really give him a harsh critique... classy Len.  I applaud you!  Score - 4, 4, 4

Nicole & Derek - Nicole set the bar last week & I dont think she's going to have any problems with Latin dances either... I mean, have you seen this woman's body?  I think its MADE to wiggle... & yeah, mine wiggles too - but not in the way that hers does.  Life isnt fair... anyways, back to the dancing!  Nicole is very smart in realizing that pushing the bar will push the bad-mood-buttons on Len - but Derek is going for it in this contemporary Jive. And girlfriend can JIVE... I'm rooting for her too... I want an Evan & Nicole Finale!!!... Scores - 10, 8, 10... SHUT UP!!!! Week 2 - & we have 10's!!!!!!! Go Local Girl!!!!!

Erin & Maks - I didnt think she was that great last week, but apparently I'm the only one who felt that way.  They get the Fox Trot this time & she convinced me this week that I could have been wrong.  It was such a pretty dance & she totally made me jealous with her long legs.  But had to laugh because it seems like Len is tried of all the celebrities fighting with their professional dancers... Put up & shut up was Lens' advice!  And you know that when you make Maks clap for something you said, you said something fierce. 
Scores: 8, 7, 8

Pam & Damian - So people either loved her or hated her... & I think she has pulled in a whole new set of watchers to the Dancing with the Stars family.  Namely, anyone MALE.  And this week, we see Pamela Anderson all cleaned up, looking like Marilyn Monroe.  Can the Fox Trot hold that much sex appeal?  My thoughts on Pam... I think she could be amazing if she would quit TRYING to act so sexy.  I mean, she is a beautiful woman - but she has this way about her that is trying to play that "dumb blond"... & I think that's a shame.  Again, I bet half the people love that... to each his own.  I do think she can dance though... just hate the image she feels like she has to portray to do it... Scores: 7, 7, 8

8+5 & Cheryl - We see this man is a flirt & Cheryl eating it up.  But maybe they are focusing more on the giddiness of flirting instead of dancing because they had the Fox trot & wow, it was really off somehow.  He was standing really weird, he wasnt moving very well - it was just kinda bad.  This love story may not last very long at all.... Scores: 6, 5, 5

Kate & Tony - OK... forget EVERYTHING about all the other professionals & stars... Kate is thinking Tony is Jon Gosselin & she's breaking out the old Kate we used to watch on TLC... & she's made my poor Tony break a gasket & he just took his mic off & quit?  Oh heck no... Kate - I kinda liked you & was rooting for you - but when you hurt Tony, I dont like you anymore...But Tony comes back & oh my... that dance... I'm almost speechless... I wanna give like her because she's such an underdog, but WOW... its like she doesnt have any rythmn in her at all... I was really shocked  she got higher scores then Buzz though really... Scores 5, 5, 5

So what did you think?  Is Kate going to end up going after tonight's mess?  What do you think about all the stars yelling at their professional partners?  Are you craving butter after the show?  I am... gotta go make some toast before bed....

Dance on Dance Lovers!


  1. I do not watch this show, but was channel surfing tonight and caught Kate's section. I could not believe how she was talking to her coach. I am surprised he returned. No wonder John left. I used to feel a bit sorry for her,but she cannot continue to treat people the way she does and expect to get along. Also thought she looked like she has packed on a few.

  2. They just said on the radio that Kate is getting $200,000 to be on the show.

    Seems like everything she does is all about the $$$$

  3. I think that Pam needs to go. Sorry Pam fans. I just do not enjoy her being so crazy and sexual all of the time. I mean dance please and leave that crazy stuff out. I do like Kate. Yeah I do I think it was sad what happened to her but I think she just needs someone to understand her. She is trying and is wanting to be someone different. I know she can't dance but I think this is good for her. Poor Buzz he amazes me but I think this my be his last moon walk..

    I think in the end it may be Nicole and Derek and Erin in Maks.. This is a tuff season for all no wonder they feel the pressure and yell. Not my way to deal with things.

    No bread for me..

  4. It was so excruciatingly uncomfortable watching Kate dance- I am hoping she is eliminated tonight.

    You have to tell me about your Jazzercize classes sometime. What kind of dancing? Is the choreography difficult? My belly dancer friend and I are worried our teacher might stop teaching in the area so we are coming up with some "Plan B" activities to do together.

  5. I'm thinking I want to WATCH it!! Man, I dont get this channel. I hate watching stuff on the computer.


    Do the same dancers teach every season?

  6. I have to say I hate Pam's attitude too. She seems to be pouring it on especially thick too. Blah!

    I just can't like Kate either...and when she told Tony that she was used to people quitting on her in life...I was almost sick! Poor poor Kate, she seemed to be pulling that act out like Pam was using hers.

    I really haven't watched much of this show before, but I was excited to see that Evan was on!!!

  7. Great job recapping the show!

    I think this is one of the most entertaining seasons I've even watched!

    I don't know if Kate's going to make it because I was pretty sure that most Mom's hate her.

  8. Ok, I've heard so much about dancing with the stars this season! So I decided to set it on my DVR so I can check it out. I just want to see it because of Kate and Pam!!

  9. Kate makes me want to throw something at the tv, and normally I'm so calm =) But Evan makes me want to dance, or skate, or do my hair like Elvis.

    Oh and Pam....never mind can't even comment.

    Love you and LOVE this post!!!

  10. I was on an airplane last night and missed it, but thanks to your recap I feel all caught up :)

  11. Ok girlie, so my birthday and work kept me busy, busy, but I DID watch the show last night (although I was putting groceries away at the same time).

    Since results are already in, I'll give a brief synopsis of my opinions.

    Highlights: Love me some Evan!! He's magical and flying high from that Olympic win. He's amazing and a natural. I just LOVE Niecy!! Her sense of self is way beyond anything the other "stars" have attained, and I am so impressed with her! I think she'll be in the top three!! Nicole and Derek...well, what can you say. I do think it's almost a little unfair to put in a girl who dances/sings for a living...unfair advantage, if you ask me. the bad. I didn't pay much attention to Shannen's dance, so I don't have a lot to comment about. Buzz...well, thank goodness for Ashley. Here's a girl who's got class. I want to adopt her as my little sister. LOVE her. She's beauty personified from the inside and out (hasn't she gotten prettier since getting married and having a baby?).

    Jake and Chelsey - I totally see his charm. No wonder he was the bachelor. Love that smile, but guy needs to loosen up a tad bit and let Chelsea be the boss. Guess he's just used to being the pilot and not co-pilot.

    Erin and Maks - I like her. She's like the girl who would pass gas in public (did I really say that?). She's normal, and doesn't seem all uppity like some others. She also seems to be keeping Maks in line (do you really think there's truth to the rumor that they are dating?).

    Pam and Damian - Ugh. Girl needs to go. I think we have seen all sides of her, and they aren't pretty.

    Cheryl and Number Dude - Not good. Needs to go. Nuff said.

    Kate and Tony - Oh my gosh. Girlfriend needs to stick to dancing with her children in her own home. She does not belong on TV any more. Go home girlfriend. Raise your babies. Write another book. Just don't dance on TV. Harsh, but I've never been a fan of her's.

    That's my take. Thank goodness Shannen left. One can only hope that Kate goes next week. Cruel, but hey, my students say I turned mean since turning 40. I like it! LOL

  12. I was shocked when Kate got higher scores than Buzz too. She cannot dance at all! It was painful to watch.

    I felt so sorry for Edyta. She was so upset!


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