Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everyone's a Critic....

The defintion of a critic - a person who judges, evaluates or criticizes....

There are people in the world who can critique you & give you some good feedback that is helpful & really inspires you to become a better person & then, there are those who just love the "judging" or "evaluating" part of that critiquing...

But I read this yesterday & thought it was so profound....

A young musician's concert was poorly received by the critics.  The famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius consoled him by patting him on the shoulder & saying, "Remember son, there is no city in the world where they have a statue to a critic"... -Haddon Robinson

I think that is so wonderful to remember... the next time you feel like people are judging you & evaluating you, remember that - the statues & the merits go to the people who make a difference, those who excel....even when someone is criticizing you...


  1. I almost had a post EXACTLY like this. There is a *famous blog* that I read, but there is also a *bashing blog* that likes to debunk and pick apart everything they write. I don't understand what they get out of doing that. It's sad, really. But I've struggled with how to write it. You did a MUCH better job that I did (in fact, I ditched the post and wrote about my BFF. ha!).

  2. Hey RJ,
    I'm seriously thinking this post needs to go to the AI contestants.

    Have a Blessed day girl,

  3. I use to not like being criticized. I mean who does. But as I have grown up I really am glad I get it when I do then I can learn more. Thanks..

    Enjoy your green tea. I may do the same..

  4. Man oh man could the world learn something from you today.

  5. I've found it is so easy to be a critic; much harder to actually DO something

  6. GREAT POST!!!

    thanks for keepin things in perspective girl!!!


    and okay flirty woman at CHURCH...being a hypocritical christian is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, I bet I would be even more upset with her rather than the person I work with (whom I still am annoyed with)

  7. Critics are just that. Critics. They are purposely looking for false instead of enjoying the good.

    Besides, it's just one person's opinion against the other really and I know there is only one opinion that matters!

  8. Good thoughts. The critics are probably critical aobut that fact.

  9. Love it, altough I am so happy that my critiquers are there. If it weren't for them I don't know where my writing would be. Then again maybe they don't count as critics so hurray for Haddon Robinson. He seems to have hit the nail on the head.


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