Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project 365-11

Lets see what was through the lens this week:

March 21 - My favorite place at home.... It was the first time of the year for me to sit in my favorite place - on my front porch, in my rocker, with a book in my hands & a dog at my feet... doesnt get any better then that around my home...Dont know why Sydney wouldnt put her ears up...

March 22 - In the words of Lady Gaga - Just Dance! .... Oh yeah baby - the premiere of Dancing with the Stars.. excuse the messed up hair & the Snuggie around my shoulders... that's how I roll at my home when I relax..

Tuesday - My poor Ricky.... Yep - this day was a whirlwind... if you hadnt seen my post from earlier in the week, Ricky was in the ER... here's his hospital bracelet... dont want to see any more of these pictures!

Wednesday - Still #1.... wanted to take this picture before the next round of basketball took place.  I was number one in the brackets & needed proof for Ricky...I'm anxious to see where I'm at Monday after this weekend of b-ball is over...

March 25 - Edward .. Jacob... How I love thee!.... Yep, took me a few days, but got to Target after work to make sure I got my New Moon DVD... I think I just kept staring at the cover... love the look on Jacob's face.  Having this has just made me want to read Eclipse again...

March 26 - PURPLE DAY!!!!! ... if you see the post below, you know we were sporting purple for that precious Baby Emily!  And not only us, but a lot of you all sported the purple too - YOU ALL ROCK!  I know Erica & Joe were so amazed by the support from people they've never met.  So cool when bloggers can come together & support others... the best side of blogging!!!

March 27 - Stop my daddy!!!!.... Ricky went to go get the mail & what way does he do it?  On roller skates, of course!  What you cant tell is the driveway is pretty good decline so he was zooming down... Sydney got so nervous & was running after him to make sure he was OK... that dog worries about him worse then a mother!

Hope you all had lots to look at threw the lens!
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  1. Congrats the basketball position ~ I am currently 83,304 in the national rankings (yeah, I stink..ha!) Love the purple picture (I have yet to send mine in to them but will do it soon) and Ricky rollerblading down the drive just cracks me up! Love your 365 as always.

  2. Great pictures again this week! Congratulations on the basketball bracket! Sorry to hear about Ricky being in the hospital too! How is he doing?

  3. aww, this was a cute post. sorry about the trip to the hospitl, I hope he's ok!! Lovin all the pics xxoo LA

  4. my front porch is my favorite place to sit too!! but i can't take my aussie out there...she does not like other dogs and lots of people walk by my house with their dogs!

    what book are you reading?

  5. Great pictures....the roller skates.....I laughed out loud when I saw those! I'm still on a hunt for my pair.

    That rocker looks so cozy with a book and a beautiful dog...a little slice of paradise right there on your porch. Nice.

  6. I love that you "roll" with a Snuggie!!
    Congrats on your great bracket!!
    I would love to have a porch and chair like that for reading. My puppy would never stay still though..he would be chasing everything!!
    Have a super week!!

  7. Your porch and rocker look like they belong in a movie... I wish I had a front porch and rocker like that...

  8. Your dog's coat is beautiful! How cute that she worries over Ricky. We're thinking of getting our oldest (Noah) a dog soon. He's ready. But Momma's not so sure SHE is!

  9. Yeah, my bracket was busted pretty early on - I had Kansas winning it all. Heh.

    I read the Twilight books but haven't seen the movie. I admit that I couldn't stand Bella until the last book & I totally didn't get the Edward thing. Team Jacob!

  10. Jeez, that's what happens when I'm too busy to blog; I had no idea about your trip to the ER until just now. I'm so glad everything turned out alright; it is amazing how much stress can affect your body, isn't it?

    Love that spot on your porch. I have a spot like that on my back deck; I can't wait til the nice weather hits and I can soak up some rays this week!


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