Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come on... grab your purple!!!

You all know this beautiful baby by now, right?  Emily is our friend Joe & Erica's baby... Be sure to stop HERE to keep updated on Emily's journey...

She has been diagnosed with Infantile Spasms - which is a form of Epilepsy... & tomorrow, Friday, is actually National Epilepsy Day.

Erica & Joe have said that so many people have asked what can they do to help.  They came up with a really neat idea.  They asked that people just wear purple on Friday - the color representing Epilepsy... (Actually, I think the official color is lavender, but hey, purple is purple)

But what Erica wants is for you to take a picture & either post it on  your blog & comment either here or on her blog & she's gonna take all those picture & put them together so when Emily grows up, she can see all the people who love her & support her... & support all those who are like her.. fighting a fight that no one so small should have to fight...

So, you wanna join along?  Come on - purple is HOT right now...

Just be sure to either post a picture of you in your purple on your blog, or just send me or Erica a link to your picture... just click "About me" to get my email address if you'd just rather send it directly!

We're going to punch Seizures - Spasms - Epilpesy - all of it - in the face one day!!! 


  1. Well, I am going to post this on my blog for sure! I am having trouble with my linking abilites so I am going to post the button and encourage others to do the same. Bless her little heart and the hearts of her parents! I am sure it is just horrible to see your baby with all of the tubes, wires and uncertainties. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

  2. you better believe i'll be in purple!! anything i can do to help :)

  3. Oh Rebecca thank you so much for this! When you posted this you had no idea how rough our morning was and when things calmed down, and by calm I mean she passed out from all the meds, I read this and it made me so thankful that you are my friend and that Emily has you for an aunt!!! Love you

  4. oh she is adorable! what a great idea! saying a prayer for her sweet little self and her fam :)

  5. That is such a wonderful idea! I, too, will lift her and her family up in my prayers!

  6. I posted this on my blog too as well as my Random Dozen. We will be praying for little Emily & her family.

  7. That's so neat! I'm going to get my girls to do that.

  8. here's my post!

  9. I've got a purple shirt up at my blog!


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