Monday, March 01, 2010

You fool!

Usually, that's a bad thing when someone calls you out like that - right?

Let's think - who do I consider a fool right now?
*Tiger Woods - a given...did he think he was going to get away with ALLLLLL that cheating?
*The Bachelor - I'll call him that tonight when he picks Vienna
*Anyone who watches the Bachelor ... oh snap, that's me!  Nah, we're not fools - we need a time & place to yell at the tv - its natural....

So just because I love whatever Google brings up, I googled "Biggest fools" & there was an actual list of TV's Biggest Fools!!! Yep... I had to laugh... It holds the foolist ranks of:

*Joey from "Friends" - How YOU doing?
*Lenny & Squiggy from "Laverne & Shirley" - there's a flashback for you!
*Cosmo Kramer from "Seinfield" - NO ONE can make an entrance in the door like he can!
*Michael Scott from "The Office" - he is the World's #1 Boss
* Screed from "Saved by the Bell" - anyone see him on Celebrity Fit Club?  If you havent, THATS the perfect example of a fool!  Who's going to get in Harvey's face & threatened to beat him up?

Why all this talk of fools?

Well, last night at our Bible Study, it was asked, "Have you ever been a fool for God?"

I instantly have to think, "oh yeah!!!!!" - because after all, I work with Jr High kiddos!  That right there should be explanation enough!  Who else breaks their leg going down a water slide with a bunch of kids? 

I do find it pretty easy to be a fool in that area - because after all, that's what the kids want - someone who's willing to be a little "foolish" - a little silly - a little bit on their level...

But then I think, am I a fool in the "real world" - with BIG PEOPLE - GROWN UPS?... Believe me, its a difference. 

I was blessed to give the communion thought at church yesterday & I had to laugh because I was telling the kids it makes me SOOOO nervous to stand up in front of the "big people"... I can talk to a room full of kids all day long... but when the eyes of their parents are on me, its totally different...

So am I as bold in one area as I am another?  Probably not... & I think that right there is where God may want me to work on - because afterall, Jesus was bold in EVERY area - whether with children surrounding him, or with broken women at his feet, or even standing in front of people of authority...and especially when Satan was TRYING to temp him....

I wanna be a fool in front of everyone!!!! .....(that's one weird statement!)

The rest of the night & all this morning, I've only had this song in my head "Fool for you" by Nicole Norderman... hope it gets in your head today... & maybe it'll inspire us all to act a little foolish for Jesus today!


  1. You're correct. Kids connect with those of us who are silly and fun. Let's hope that all who are looked up too, are being good role models (like you are!). : )

  2. Great lessons for sure. I can't wait for tonight either..
    Plus Dancing with the Stars cast will be said..

    Happy Monday.

  3. I wish I could be a fool as you described. Just so you know, You speak to adults all the time about God. You are a beautiful fool for God my dear. I hope you take that in the only way it was intented, as a compliment.

  4. My picture is listed next to the definition of fool in the dictionary.

  5. working with teens gives us plenty of opportunity to be a fool... preferably when we can be foolish for Christ.
    I wish more people were willing. all too often in the church, there is more concern for saving face and not looking foolish. such folks are missing out.

  6. You did a fabulous job up there. I was almost envious - then just proud to know you! And like I said, I certainly honored God OUT LOUD yesterday! I can't wait to do it some more!

  7. Love that song and video! So glad you posted it! Oh, I will be tuning in to "The Bachelor" tonight...he WILL be making a big ol' fool of himself. Get your barf bag ready! :)

  8. Very good. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Yep I'm with ya, when it comes to kids I am a crazy lune. Whatever it takes to make a difference in them, but the adults is harder. Although I'm sure I've made myself very foolish to them at times as well, I just hope it's in the right way. I want to make a difference in Jesus Name!!!

    Love you friend,

  10. Never looked at it quite like that, but what a great post!

  11. Oh snap -- please tell me you are NOT watching The Bachelor ;-)


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