Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*Mother Nature - are you going a little insane?  We're feeling Spring here in all its glory - 70 degrees with the sun shining, birds chirping... & then its supposed to have snow flurries Sunday & Monday - DO WHAT?  Well, I've already pulled out the flip flops & I refuse to put them back... so I may be tracking through snow flurries with my wonderful Old Navy flip flops anyways....because I, Miss Mother Nature, wont be bullied by you...

*Spat of the week:  NCAA Basketball... oh yeah, I'm sure I'm not the only wife that this "spat" is happening too - but I'm sure its not to the extremes my husband takes.  Ricky BLEEDS BLUE... UK all the way - but if you havent ever heard - he truly believes I'm a curse to UK.  I'm not allowed to watch the game, or apparently even be in the same room with him when its on becaue I'm THAT jinxed!  I'm not even joking here!.... so Ricky was pacing around the kitchen 20 minutes before the game getting all geared up - I reminded him I was doing laundry & I would have to pass through his room to get to the clothes... He FREAKED OUT!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was not allowed to even come in the room, less some tragedy falls on UK... He then ran - RAN I'm telling you - downstairs & locked the door so I couldnt get in there...I thought he was joking but he wasnt!  "You'll make them loose" is what I heard on the other side of the door.... so if UK loses, go ahead - you can blame me too... because I am that magical...

*Isnt that amazing they're talking about no mail on Saturdays... proof the world is turning into such a technology place... that & the idea that people on Facebook got Betty White on SNL!  Which by the way, I'm totally counting down to watching!!!

*Wanna know about the new love in my life?  Yes - its a Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Almond Bar...Its not all that hard for me to fall in love, obviously... but there is a REAL reason why this just made my heart flutter...The bottom of the granola bar is covered in an Almond Butter Coating... OH MY WORD - yumminess... & just 160 calories...have you tried one?  I'm warning you - you'll probably fall in love too...

*My brother sent me this picture & asked me if I had made one of these yet....

I told him, "Why yes, I have - but in pink!"... anyone else want one too?

*A comment I made on someone's blog yesterday:  "You can step down now Mr. Jon Gosselin... Jessee James has now taken over for the Biggest Jerk Husband Award".... I am just sick for Sandra Bullock!  Especially after all the award ceremonies & her expressing her love for him & how wonderful he has made her... Hoping everything they say isnt true... but its not looking too good, is it?

*Dancing with the Stars is starting.... I'm beyond excited... gotta dust off my fringe pants & glitter body spray!

*How did I just recently learn about Katie Brown?  Do I live under a rock?  I caught her shows lately on our local PBS station & am love with the simple ways she does things... its like she's the "easy" version of Martha Stewart... love her... its a good thing (& by the way, if you google Katie Brown - WOW - there must be a million women with that name!)
*Random Final Thought:  I know they have "mom jeans" - but do they have "dad jeans"? - because let me tell you - I saw a guy this morning whose jeans were so high up on the waist & baggy legs.  The perfect "mom jean" but on a man... I think the worlds needs to call out men for these same fashion faux pas... just saying..

Fabulous Fridays to you all!!!


  1. What a week. I am so upset about Jesse. Really why? Poor Sandra. I mean cheaters are just bad.. I can't wait for DWTS too.. I guess I better run out and get my glitter.. Have a great weekend..

  2. I may have gone to school in Kentucky, but I do not have them winning my bracket.

    ROCK, CHALK, JAYHAWK! (I only picked them because of this cheer. I have no idea what it means).

    I hear ya' about mother nature. It was 60 something here yesterday. Today? 38. Ugh.

  3. It's snowing here too. Boo.

    And I feel so bad for Sandra. I really, really love her, and I like Jesse. I thought they were such a cool couple. It makes me sad.

  4. Rebecca, dear friend of handled the basketball game thing all wrong.

    What you should have done is told Ricky that he was in charge of the laundry and then YOU should have run downstairs, locked the door, and knit to your heart's content. I can promise that he would not have interrupted you, given the seriousness of the game.

    That's my piece of advice for the day. GRIN

  5. Oh Girl ... you are FUNNY today! :) LOVED the basketball tale! (Nice to know you have that much control over the universe isn't it?) And totally agree with you on the Mother Nature thing. I'm a bit irritated with her in general though! Oh ... and I say we gang up on Jesse, tie him up, drop on top of a red ant hill and pour honey all over him! JERK!

    Have a great day! :)

    I wish they would use actual words on these word verification things. I may have to start making up definitions for them ... nah ... not feeling that creative today! Maybe next time!

  6. I'm hugely disappointed too with the whole Jesse James order. Watched him on Celebrity Apprentice and thought he seemed like a fairly nice dude. So much for my judgment.

  7. I'm just loving this warm and sunny weather. We're not expecting snow, for heaven's sake, but after this nice spell, they're calling for much cooler temps and rain next week. Good ole mother nature can't make up her mind.

    I love how superstitious your hubby is. I have some real hum dingers when it comes to baseball. It never fails that whenever my wife enters the room something happens to change the whole complexion of the game. Usually bad for the Phillies. So it isn't just him. It's a guy thing ya know.

    We eat those nut bars a lot. Love em.

    Jesse James, like his predecessor with the same name, is simply an outlaw.

  8. Yes, my friend, you are quite magical!

    Oh yes, there is such a thing as dad jeans and you totally witnessed them! lol

  9. First off....yay for the Old Navy flip flops. Those are my only footwear of choice!

    Betty White on SNL-that will be my favorite Saturday night ever!

    That outfit..........(*Tracie picks herself off the floor after falling out of her chair laughing!) I'd like mine in purple please!

    Jessee James....GRRRRR! I haven't gotten to the point where I can formulate actual words for that man yet!

  10. I heart Katie Brown with so much affection!!! Yep she is the simple, more doable version of Martha. She is such and cutie and I just know that she is someone I could hang out with, like you. But that is another comment, another really long wonderfully expressive comment with lots of adjectives.

    Does this comment even make any sense at this point?


    Love you ~~ happy running tomorrow,

  11. I don't know about dad jeans but there are definitely grandpa jeans! UGH!

    I'm till waiting for you to make me one of those outfits too ;o)

  12. I have a friend whose dh thinks the same thing about her and the Indianapolis Colts. We're all over the NCAA tourney here, too. Go Butler Bulldogs!

    Heck to the ya on the Sweet & Salty Nut! Lots of high fructose corn syrup, though.

  13. I agree on the dad jeans! I also cannot stand it when I see guys who are still wearing their old, raggedy Levis from 1980. Yikes!

    Love the flipflops on your cute little tootsies :) Kendall and I bought three pairs on Saturday; ya gotta love those prices at Old Navy!

    So, how did UK do?


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