Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday... whooo hooo.... time to get down to some Fraggle Rock!!!

*I got the biggest surprise yesterday!  I got an email that said I was in the Top 100 Christian Women Blogs of 2009 - under the category of "Most Joyful Among Us"... I was so honored!!! Especially because on this list, there are some amazing Christian women that inspire me every day!  And now, I cant wait to visit all of these sites & get to meet even more Christian Sisters.  So stop by right HERE & enjoy all the links!  I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

*Are all of these earthquakes freaking anyone else out?  I heard that one in Chile knocked the earth off its axis by 3 inches!!!! STOP - WAIT..... that can HAPPEN?!?!?!?!?  I never knew that could even be a possibility!  And what happens if we keep getting knocked off our axis?  Dont we NEED an axis?  I'm so confused... & a little concerned!  Please Hollywood... dont make a movie on earthquakes & earth's falling off of an axis.  I still never recovered from "Armaggedeon" & "Deep Impact" - I'm still waiting for a meteor to hit the earth!

*Who's watching Survivor Heros vs Villians?... OH MY!!! I totally did a happy dance last night!  I have always loved Fireman Tom with his little New York accent & he's one of those guys who is just so handsome the older he gets!  Loved when they mix the game up!  I seriously stood up & screamed... dropping my knitting in the process - & then screamed for another reason!
And as for villians - I totally am rooting for Boston Rob!  This guy is incredible... he can always pull a team together... just realized he too has an accent.  Maybe this Southern girl, with my country twang, is just drawn to Northern accents....

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  WICKED TICKETS!!!!... I saw in the paper that WICKED was coming back!  It was in the area last year & I was so upset I didnt get to see it - that's like a Bucket List item for me, to see this.  So I laid out the full page advertisement on it for Ricky to see.  I think he just sat his drink on top of it, never acknowledging it.  Finally I said, "I'm buying tickets for this for me & mom, especially since you dont care to go"... he said, "Why would I want to go to that?" - I reminded him that he would be doing it because he LOVES ME... remember that?  And that he used to take me to see Broadway Musicals all the time... Beauty & the beast (a few times I might add) - Sound of Music - Jesus Christ Superstar, to name a few... He then said "that was dumb of me"... my response, "Yeah, because romance is so over rated in a marriage" - he just laughed...needless to say, me & my momma will be enjoying Wicked come May! ... but the BEST response of it all... Ricky told me "Do you know what kind of wheels you can buy for skates with those prices"... ahh yes... romance in a marriage....

*Update:  I still dont like Vienna... I know the show is over, but wanted you all to remember that...

*Is it me?  Or is anyone else having trouble seeing Kate Gosslin with longer hair?  It just seems odd to me...I will have to say, I have to root for her though on Dancing with the Stars because she's with Tony Dovolani!  He's always been one of my favs on the show...

*SPRING TIME ALERT!!!! I was driving in this morning & my GPS is always "Night Mode".  I've been in my car to see it turn from day time to night time... but never the opposite... UNTIL THIS MORNING!!!! It turned from night time mode to day time on the drive in... which means the sun was rising as I was coming in!  Granted, I was about 15 minutes late driving in... but it totally made my day!!! .....The days are getting longer... the days are getting longer...(That's me singing right there)

*Tomorrow is the first run in the Triple Crown of Running in our area... a 5k.  I'm not worried about that one at all - but in 2 weeks, its the 10k... which I should be fine on as well... but knowing it's going to be harder then tomorrow.  My question - why do the runs have to be so dang early!  I have to get up like at 6:00 am to make sure I'm there on time... that's just WRONG!  Let's have some night time runs people!  Not everyone is a MORNING exerciser!!!

*Did anyone watch THE OFFICE last night to see Jim & Pam's baby?  I just love that show... But this morning, on Twitter, I seen that they have a blog for their baby... they apparently had a Wedding blog as well... I gotta mark these so I can stay up with this... - that's for all you true Office Fans

*GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS.... we got Airline tickets.... Good news:  I'm going to get to see Julie & the babies soon... Bad news:  my butt has to get in a plane... its a few weeks away... just pray for me NOW... I dont wanna talk about it... I've gotta go puke now...

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!

And in honor of my WICKED tickets & the thought of me getting on a plane... let's all sing along to "Defying Gravity".... I know I've been singing it all week long anticipating the show...


  1. I love the Glee version of "Defying Gravity". Everytime I hear it I start singing along, much to Isabel's chagrin :) Yay for you getting to see it! I hear it's incredible!

    Congrats on being a top 100 blogger! I love reading your blog; I'm one of your biggest fans!

    Good luck on the run; so glad you're gonna have nice weather and NO SNOW!

  2. No worries about flying. You'll be just fine. : )

    And I've always been a Boston Rob fan. Even if he has run the reality show gauntlet on CBS. : )

  3. Really Wicked is back. I did not get to see it the first time. I will have to see if it is around.. Yeah, My Mom and I do look a lot alike. YOu can get on a plane. I will cheer you on..

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Stopping by to say congrats on top 100 :)

  5. Congratulations on the blog listing! Very cool!!! You deserve it, thanks for being a great friend!

  6. Wow, congrats on the Top 100! You definitely deserve it!

    Ok I so didn't recognize Kate! Doesn't even look like her!

    I used to fly almost're gonna be fine girl. We all have our fears tho, praying for safe travel for you.

  7. congrats on the top 100! It was so fun to see blogs I know and love on the list!

    Survivor....I LOVE it!! My favorite quote from last night...he's like a hobbit on crack! ha ha ha! I am routing for Boston Rob!!! absolute favorite broadway show EVER!!! Seen it twice.

    have a great weekend!

  8. YAY for seeing the babies!!! Just keep your eyes on the price (and a paper sack in your bag :-)

    Wicked looks like a lot of fun!!

    CONGRATS!!! Cool you are one of the coolest sites out there. You are definitely one of my favs!!

    Love you friend ~~ have a super weekend,

  9. I love Survivor, but haven't decided yet who I want to win.

  10. I feel badly for Tony - he always seems to get matched with someone who is probably not going to win after all his hard work....I don't think viewers will find Kate all that likeable (you like it when I point out the obvious)

    Congratulations on being listed among the 100 Christian blogs. Whenever I visit your site I know that it will be something upbeat. You do radiate joy :-)

    Now don't fret the plane trip. I'm the same way. Best not to think about it and just do it...

  11. Your kidding me!! Now I truly have to go apologize to my son. Not that I mind. But I really thought he flipped when he said the earth was knocked off it's axis by 3". Can it really happen!?

  12. yes, I still cant get used to Kates hair! and congrats on the award, Im gonna check out the link :) xoxo LA

  13. I've been a Survivor fan since the second season. But I watch it online at work (only during down times) so I haven't watched the most recent episode yet. Last time I did watch I was thinking that James and Rob should switch teams because I adore Rob this season but James, who I used to love, is being a total jerk!

    Congrats on the Christian Blog award! That's awesome!

    Enjoy Wicked. It was here last year and we skipped it because of the price. Kind of wish we had bitten the bullet and gone. Seems like everyone who sees it loves it! (Although I've heard horrid things about the book!)

    Well ... just meant to say Hi! Nice to meet you! Not write a comment that's long enough for a blog post of it's own! ;)

  14. I've never seen wicked. Can I come?!

    Can't stand Vienna either, but I like him even less for choosing her; what an idiot.

    Better get a prescription for valium (assuming you don't already have one, haha.)

    Congrats on your recognition-It doesn't surprise me :)

  15. Jim and Pam's baby blog - cool and a little creepy.

    I love Wicked, too. My favorite song is "For Good." Didn't get tix when it came here last. My daughter has never forgiven me!

  16. I absolutely LOVE the Office...but I'm a little creeped out by Pam and Jim's baby blog because, well, Pam and Jim Halpert aren't real who's baby is that? And they went through all the trouble to give "Pam" hospital ID bracelets and make her look all tired, like she just gave birth. And who's ultra-sound is that? I am slightly weirded out. I may have nightmares tonight!


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