Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project 365-10

Another look into the week of Rebecca Jo:

March 14 - More Clowns????.... Went to visit baby Emily again & wanted to take another picture of a clown for you all... this one not as scary to you?  How about it if came ALIVE & walked out of the box?  its a puppet - so yeah, clowns + a puppet = perfect combo for a horror movie... Who designed this hospital?  Stephen King?

March 15 - "I'm Not That Girl".... getting geared up for Wicked by picking up this CD.  Ever since, its the ONLY thing that has been in my car.  I'm addicted to this thing.... & with Spring air & windows down - I'm sharing the love of Wicked with everyone riding by...

March 16 - Count me in!...Yep - got our census that we keep hearing all about - completed & in the mail.  Easy to do when its just two people...

March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day...... Yep, got my green on... green is one of my favorite colors so I loved seeing everyone all decked out... Made me feel like the land of Oz all around me ... See, this Wicked Soundtrack is sinking in WAYYYY too deep.

March 18 - Too beautiful a day for a Hospital Stay!.... stopped by to see my friend Kelly in the hospital & just had to take a picture of the hospital & the sky... This hospital is pretty new & I think its a beautiful building... but the sky is the most awesome thing... Spring was in the air...

March 19 - Let the games begin!!!.... I wasnt even going to play a bracket... but 98% of the people at work picked Kansas.  So I thought as long as I pick ANYONE but Kansas, I have a decent chance of winning the jackpot - & who doesnt love a jackpot of cash?  And as of Friday, I was in first place!!! HA!  Proof that you need to know NOTHING about basketball to win a bracket!

March 20 - Ricky, I didnt die.... This is AFTER the race, so excuse the hair - but I had a 10k today & really enjoyed it.  The weather was perfect & the run felt decent.  I actually took 2 Alleve before the race so my thigh wasnt that painful.  And I had another really decent time FOR ME - and I kept reminding myself that this time around - it wasnt about my time with the first place runner or the last person crossing the line - it was just about MY time verses ME... It made me really enjoy the run a lot more without the pressure.  But I honestly cant believe I even ENJOY running... as Ricky told me this morning as he saw me off & told me "please dont die" - he also said "I still cant believe this is you" - I'll take that as a compliment!

Hope everyone has had some wonderful moments that needed a camera to capture the moment!
Click away!!!


  1. You inspire me with your running!! You GO GIRL!!!

  2. Congratulations on the run and leading in the bracket. What was your method? Did you pick opposite of all the "experts"? Hahahahaha! I would, but I'm contrary like that.

  3. Looks like a great week for you. Congrats on the 10K!!! Loved the blue skies in the hospital photo.

  4. Omgosh... my mom has a clown like that. I think she got it when my brother was a baby (over 50+ years ago) It's old and it's scary!

    Great week in pics!

  5. Wow Rebecca! You ROCK girlie! Congrats on the 10K and the wisdom in filling out the brackets! About 90% of the people in our office are doing that but some of them are super competitive and I decided I didn't need the stress! :) That blue sky is AWESOME!


  6. Congrats on the 10K ~ I couldn't run 0.3 miles. ha. And I have something for you here:

  7. Oh my Gosh you are so winning the bracket!!! And fyi I almost took a pic of that clown last night. I walked by it and thought I wonder why Bec has not taken a pic of this one. It is very scary!!

  8. You're looking pretty good with the bracket since Kansas LOST LOL. I had them winning it all, so mine is shot. Thank goodness I didn't bet any money on it!

    I had a clown like that when I was a kid & for some reason he didn't scare me. But I would be scared of him now!

  9. love love love the wicked soundtrack. love number six, love "popular," you are going to love the musical!!

  10. You go girl! So many are getting into running these days. Will have to stick to walking due to arthritis in both knees. But I can cheer the rest of you on! :-)

    I'm beginning to see a theme here: everyone is posting photos of blue skies! They're back! LOL

    Someone seriously sick designed that part of the hospital. Clowns. Yuck.

  11. COngrats on the run! That is such a good feeling to finish! And I always think of II Tim 4:7.

    Well done! My census is in, too.

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful week! Way to go on the run. I am so proud of you.

  13. Loved all of your pics! Went to see Wicked last summer and LOVED it! Great job on your not a runner! Hope you enjoy your week!

  14. I love the book Wicked, but I haven't gotten the chance to see the show....I'm loving how you felt you were in Oz all day. I think that cd is sinking in! =)

    That hospital...freaky! Maybe they regularly participate in sleep studies and are trying to see what nightmares do to people's sleep cycles?

  15. Yeah, that clown is creepy, too.

    Haven't heard the Wicked soundtrack yet. I'm such a musical-lover, I'm sure I'd just adore it.

    Way to go on the brackets AND the race!!! ;)

  16. Wonderful week. I have heard so much about that musical, the sound track must be awesome.


  17. came over from Project 365... wow... what a great week you had... wish I could say I completed a 10K race... maybe one day... have a great week!

  18. I don't know about all of those clowns. I think I might have to find a different hospital. :)
    You are going to LOVE Wicked!! I saw it last fall and it was great!
    Way to go on your run!! That is quite an accomplishment!
    Have a super week!!

  19. Congrats on the run! You still have a smile on your face, so that's a big win right there!

    Thanks for sharing your photos of the week!

  20. Girl you know I am running right along with you in Spirit!!! I so enjoy a good run!!

    You are the cutest darn thing!! These pics are adorable!!!

    I also read your healthcare post, but I don't know all about it either, I mean with over 2,000 pages seriously, none of us really know!! It definitely has me concerned though. Especially the aboration part. Jesus help us!!! Be with us!! and guide us!!!

    Love you dear one,

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