Monday, March 22, 2010

Jiggly Parts, Spanish Lesson & Tacky at its finest... we're DANCING!

Oh - Spring is coming, flowers are blooming, & Dancing with the Stars is back on... The world cant be a better place right now.

I think we're all familiar with who is on the show this year... But as I look at these names, I have to wonder if someone just didnt flunk spelling in their high school years & wanted revenge to anyone who was blogging this thing.  After all, here is some example of last names of the contestants - Lysacek, Scherzinger, Ochocinco, Pavelka...& we're not talking about the Russian pros here.  We even have some wacky FIRST names:  Buzz, Niecy, & the one that bugs me the most, Shannen with an "E" - not an "O"... that just gets under my skin.... maybe that's what has made her so "moody" through her career... she just wants a normal first name.

So I am ready to see these people come out of the gates... lets do this... LIIIIVVVEEEE!!!!

8+5 and Cheryl - Or OchoCinco - or Chad.. I think I'll call him 8+5... my Spanish has paid off!
He wasnt as good as I expected him to be, but I will say, he can dance... he can feel the beat to the music, for sure.. & I cant say anything bad about Cheryl - she's the official spokes person for Jazzercise...And is it me, or does his voice sound a little like Mike Tyson?...Score: seis, seis & seis...

Shannen with an "E" & Mark - Who knew she was so nervous about being in front of people?  Keep the Benadryl ready... or just get her angry & in a fight.  I'm sure she looses all nerves then....curious why they both have on black gloves.  Mark looks like he could commit a crime in the all-black & gloves... Dancing, Shannen with an "E" did better then I expected... & even attempted a pretty tricky move.  But she looked a nervous wreck.  And look at her working the Kelly Osbourne side of her dad in the audience - ahh... he even shed some tears...Score:  6, 6, 6

Oh snap... there's a Jazzercise commercial!!!!  We've hit the big time!!!!!

Erin Andrews & Maksim - Maks... dude has the chics yelling at him... what's up with that?  I guess his engagement breakup has made him even more heart-throbby?....  we get our first taste of fringe of the season & in our favorite Big Bird Color... On the dancing side, girlfriend has some LLOONNNG legs - but I didnt thinks she did all that great.  The judges seemed to think she was decent - but I thinks she has a LOOONNNG way to go... I think the fringe must have flown into their eyes... Score: 7, 7, 7

Jake & Chelsie... Oh ugh... Vienna...& they have the VIENESSE waltz?  Is that suppose to tie together?  BLAH...So the dance is to the song "Kissed by a rose"... at least it wasn't "On the Wings of Love" (All you Bachelor fans will get that)... He did better then I thought he would do, even thought he wiped Chelsie's hair out of place.  The weird moment of the night - Gia, someone Jake LOVED, sitting next to his fiance... awww-wkwardddd!  Scores: 7, 6, 7

Niecy & Louie - I love me a funny girl...  I also love me a girl who is confident in who they are - "jiggly parts" & all!!!...  I think all the women are going to love her just because she's a "real" gal... I think she was shocked that the crowd loved her like they did - a long way from the chubby girl in the corner!  Go Niecy!  Scores:  7, 5, 6

Evan & Anna - If we know anything about ice skaters on the dance floor, we know they rock it.  Kristi set up big shoes to fill & I'm going in this season thinking this guy can pull it out again for ice skaters... Fingers crossed for him!...And no need for it - he was amazing!  So smooth & nice... just wondering if he can pull off the Latin stuff next week... He is such a sophisticated looking guy... Really rooting him.. even though I'm not a fan of Anna... wish he was with Kim this year - it would have been a winning team!  Scores: 8, 7, 8

Buzz Lightyear & Ashley... & I know he's Buzz Aldrin - but how do you NOT call him Buzz  Lightyear?  Dude is a real spaceman!... you gotta give it to the guy, 80 years old?  That's awesome!  And he looks still built & in fantastic shape!  Love seeing Ashley back too - she's just adorable! ....I was so afraid he was going to fall & break a hip though... but I agree with Bruno, how do you criticize a true hero? Kudos for him for even getting out & trying! ... Scores, 5, 4, 5

Nicole & Derek... This is the one couple I'm hoping makes it to the finals.  Nicole is a hometown girl who grew up in Louisville so gotta give her a big rooting for.  Plus, I would think she can dance - being a Pussycat Doll & everything.  Isnt that like a job requirement, to be able to dance? .....And she didnt disappoint me in anyway... she was so graceful... & am going to love her & Derek together... Carrie Ann said it "The bar has been set".. but then Len had to go all Mr. Grumpy-mcgrumpison....Wasnt he the one who hated Mya last year too?  Think he has issues with pop singers? .. Scores: 9, 7, 9 (NINES?  AWESOME!!)

OK - those AT&T cell phone commercials are HILARIOUS!!! "A 41 yr man just signed up for Kar-a-te" - nothing funnier!

Aiden & Edyta - From the beginning, when I seen girlfriend in a coat, I know she's almost nude underneath...wanna take bets?....well, she has on more then I thought.  But wow, I'm kinda sad because Aiden is one good looking man & even has an accent - & who doesnt love an accent - but Edyta, it doesnt look like its going to be a mirror ball trophy for you again this year... Scores: 5, 5, 5

Kate & Tony - well, I know most people have been waiting to see this since it was announced.  I know she doesnt have a lot of fans, but I just hope she does decent to make her loser ex-huband jealous!  haha!... well, its what we expected - she's not the best, seemed kinda stiff, & I just dread the Latin round for her...but I felt bad for her when Bruno was smashing her.  She was shooting him the evil eye too... but Carrie Ann is right - she's no athlete - she's not used to "performing" - this has got to be hard for her - so I'll give that to her...Scores: 6, 5, 5

Pam &  Damian.... This girl looks FRIED!  Her hair is a mess - she has looked angry all night - she's throwing rose petals before commercials - this is going to be interesting.  I just hope she knows there is not a pole in the middle of the floor...Oh my... HOT MESS is the only words I can think of.  How could she even see through her hair... wow... the way she acted was really tacky.  I honestly think she is drunk or high or something... I do think though she's definitely going to bring some men into watching the show..Scores 7, 6, 8

So what did you think?  Brooke do good as the new host?  Like the new room where the dancers get no privilege of sitting through the show?  Feel like you need to cover your children's eyes when Pamela Anderson is dancing? 


  1. Competition is very good this year. Pamela Anderson is a nut case. I felt bad for Kate, she did look very nervous, I didn't expect her to be like that.
    Should be interesting. Thanks for the update...looking forward to next week.

  2. How did Pam Anderson get higher than my Ocho??? He's gonna get his groove soon. I think he would have gotten better scores later.

    and I agree with you - I was not as impressed with erin andrews as the judges seemed to be.

  3. What a wonderful post! I feel throughly informed now. I missed the first episode of this season of Dancing with the Stars. I really want to watch it. Because #1 I am rooting for Evan, he's from my town in Illinois, and #2 I sort of like Kate (from Jon & Kate).

    Great job girl! 10,10 and 10 ;-)

  4. Oh girl...I knew you would have this up before I headed to bed!

    My eyes were so glued to the Boob Tube (pun fully intended tonight) that I nearly messed up the project I was working on! take...

    8+5 and Cheryl - Ick to her, but kudos to him. For a football player, he did pretty good!

    Shannen and Mark - Um, no. I'll admit I was touched to see her softer side...who knew...but girl cannot dance. I am already ready for her to go.

    Erin and Maks - Oh man...she does have potential. I love the way she gives Maks the What For too! It will be interesting to watch her develop!

    Jake and Chelsie - I did not watch the Bachelor, but for some reason, I have a negative opinion of the man. However, he danced extremely well for the first week! Most of the men have a hard time on this show, but he definitely has potential!

    Niecy and Louie - Oh man...I love Louie. If I could have an hour with that man teaching me, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. Such a sweetheart! Niecy is too funny too! I think she's going to go far simply because people are gonna love her!!!

    Evan and Anna - Say what you will about Anna, but she's married to my second favorite pro...Jonathan. Lucky Evan! He did AMAZING!!!! Did I pick the winning horse or what? I cannot wait to see more from this guy!

    Buzz and Ashley - So happy to see her back! Married life certainly agrees with her! Buzz was brave, but the guy has to go. I wish the show's producers would stop putting the older people on! Oy!

    Nicole and Derek - Probably going to win, if Evan doesn't. I am not a fan of the kittycat half naked girl group, but the girl has natural talent, and I cannot deny it.

    Aiden and Edyta - She was lovely, as usual (where can I buy a bod like that?), but it was painful to watch him dance. Oy!

    Kate and Tony - Girl needs to go home to her babies. She looks miserable on stage. Sorry, Rebecca. I know you like her, but this one does nothing for me.

    Pam and Damian - New dancer, eh? Interesting! What to say about Pam. She looks fabulous (did you check her out from from the waist down? GREAT legs! But she acted...trampy, should I say? Not impressed, although she does seem to have some natural ability.

    Results will be interesting!

  5. I put my thoughts out there on FB this morning. Poor Kate...she was a nervous wreck, you could tell! I thought she'd be way more confident than she appeared...and she barely even smiled. Maybe she'll loosen up in the coming weeks...if she stays around that long! Pamela Anderson...I don't even know what her deal was! Her hair looked like a giant spider web! She's a little too "loosey goosey" for my tastes, but I'm sure the men LOVE her! Then, of course, there was Jake. He didn't do half-bad, but, why, oh, why did VIENNA have to tag along???

  6. Great recap! I wasn't able to watch last night so I enjoyed reading about it!

  7. couldn't wait to stop by to get your take on things.

    Is is just me or does the cast seem very dull this season. I'm not sure I'll be continuing to watch. I pretty much zoned out towards the end.

    I swear Pamela may have thought it was "pole dancing with the stars"

    Poor Edyta - they have GOT to match her with a partner she can win with!!!! For pete's sake, she's been there every single season.

  8. I have never watched a single episode of DWTS (seriously deprived over here) but I was still able to read and enjoy your post! Can I root for Evan even if I don't watch the show? Loved him on ice and he's the only one I know from your list ... well aside from Kate & Buzz and it doesn't seem either of them has a real shot!

  9. OMG! This is the season that got me rehooked on the show. I dig Shannen from her days on Charmed, and you gotta admit her dress was gorgeous. Stopping by from SITS, and funny enough I just wrote about the same topic. I was extremely jealous of it. Is it just me or are the covers of the songs extraordinarily bad--especially "Kissed from a Rose" and "TikTok." I simply fell in love with Evan's performance; it was beautiful and romantic and wonderful to watch. I really like Neicey for her spunk and the fact that she's a "real woman" who likes her "jiggly parts." She's got some awesome looking legs. :)

  10. I thought the same thing about Kate...she looked scared half to death!!!

    And Pamela Anderson???? All I could say was WOW...WOW!!! I'm afraid she might get CRAZY on this show :)

  11. I am a DWTS newbie. I decided to start watching it this season because I LOVE Niecy Nash and I wanted to see how Kate Gosselin does. Now I will really be looking forward to your recaps!

    Love you!!!

  12. I agree with your assessments! RE: Jake and Chelsie, you are GOOD. I didn't even notice those little details with the song and the choice of dance. Haha!! It's actually kind of funny the things they pull off with him being a Bachelor and a pilot...and being engaged to Gag-head!

    Mr. Ice skater TOTALLY reminds me of someone, an actor I think, but I can NOT think of who in the world it is. I think it's his voice and the way he talks mostly. It's BUGGING me. Gah!

    Can NOT stand Kate. AT. ALL. I'm actually glad she did badly and hope she gets kicked of pretty early.

    Pam. Wow. No words. She is a NUTCASE!!!


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