Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fragments - Stressed Version

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... & I'm stressing... this may need to be renamed the "Friday Fragment Freak OUT" Why?  Here we go...

*Tomorrow is the big day!  13.1 miles..... the day that I have been running for... & I'm a nervous wreck!  Last year, when I had no idea what to expect, I wasnt this nervous.  I think because I KNOW how it feels to get 13.1 miles in, & the pain & stiffness that follows.... THAT is what I'm not looking foward to!  But I am looking forward to crossing that finish line & getting a medal... to see months of running pay off...

*...BUT... I'll be crossing that finish line like a soaked wet dog!!!  Yep - its supposed to rain.  And they were calling for STORMS, but I think they are saying around race time, it'll just be plain rain.  Like it matters at that point.  Wind is what I'm afraid of.  Its hard enough to get through one section with all the hills, let's throw some wind in for some challenges... oh geez...

*...And... now, I'm worried about everything with the rain.  They say dont wear cotton... that's all I wear is cotton!  I did go get some new running socks yesterday because they say that blisters are the worst thing about running when your feet get wet.  But for all the other clothing?  Cotton - its the fabric of my life!

*...which leads me to running shorts... why are they so dang short???  I like my cotton capri's because it keeps my thighs from rubbing together.  Running shorts?  I'll have sparks shooting out from the middle of my legs... I need to get out TODAY & find some sort of capri's that aren't cotton.... oh geez... talk about waiting to the last minute...

*... & what about my running shoes... will the rain destroy them?  I know kids play in rain all the time... but they dont care about their shoes either.  I want to invest in some running galoshes!  Its a million dollar idea!

*... & my iPod... I'm scared to take it out in the middle of a storm too.  Luckily, I did get pro-active & found an old mp3 player & got my running music downloaded on that - so there's one good thing!  YIPEE!!!

*... AND... my jaw is killing me... dont know if its a tooth thing - a stress thing - a sinus thing.  My jaw has been hurting for the past week.  Just what I need - teeth problems in the middle of all this...I have NO TIME for teeth problems...praying it doesnt THROB tomorrow...

*... especially because I'm getting on a plane in a few days...OK, for all of you that knows me - that statement alone just told you how STRESSED I am!!!!! ...oh, my jaw just started aching again!  Seriously!

*On a lighter note..(whew)... I did scream last night when Project Runway winner was announced!  I was so glad Seth Aaron took it home!  Emilio was getting way too cocky & thought he had it in the bag & Seth Aaron just seemed to REAL... I did some fist pumps when they said he won.... yeah, I really did.

*Did you just love GLEE Tuesday & the Madonna special?  Dont know what my favorite part was... loved the "Like a Virgin" sing along... loved the idea of a "sing off" in the parking lot (with Rachel GASPING at the idea)... loved Sue Sylvester's crazy mad love of Madge and the idea that she knows exactly when she's passing a gall stone!... & my favorite line, when the new guy Jesse St. James joines the crowd & Brittany says, "Mr. Shue, is that your son?" - I about spit my Diet Coke across the room...

Sorry everyone my frags are so stress-filled... but I'M very stressed filled right now...if you can lift up a prayer, send good vibes my way tomorrow - that I dont slip in the rain, that lightening doesnt hit me, that my face doesnt swell & explode in pain .... believe me, in my mind, all these things will happen....

Happy Friday!


  1. Love your Friday Fragments!! You are going to be amazing tomorrow come rain or shine!!

    I will be praying for you!!

    Keep us posted!

  2. Isabel and I are supposed to be running in a race tomorrow, too, but just a 5K. I will be sending lots of prayers your way!

    I LOVED the Glee episode! Everything about it!

    Stop grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw! I'm sure the stress is causing the pain!

  3. Here are my tips for the clothing for your run with the rain (these are from the 3-day walk, as it goes on rain or shine).

    *The cotton is probably an issue because it will be heavy when wet and will cause you to chaffe (sp?). See if Target or Wal-Mart has "wicking" shirts. They dry quicker and when wet, they aren't as heavy. If not--get some Body Glide and put it on the parts of your body where your shirt may rub (arm pits? seams of the shirt on your side? etc).

    *No, your shoes won't be ruined, but you were smart to get wicking socks. Though, we've had folks on the 3-day who have had to change their socks a few times a day because of wet conditions to prevent blisters. It's simply just the wet sock & wet shoe rubbing together making a blister. Try using some Body Glide there, too (heels of your feet, ball of your foot, anywhere you think it will rub).


  4. WOW Now there's some stress right there!!! But girl, you are going to rock that half mini tomorrow ~~ I mean you are TOTALLY GOING TO ROCK THAT THING!!

    Don't think about the rain, just think, Showers of Blessing as you run.

    Love you friend,

  5. LOL @ the sparks. I say stuff similar to that all the time :)

    I've had that jaw pain thing before. I bite guard at night helped me. Annoying for a night or two but you get used to it fast.

    Good luck this weekend!

  6. *A* bite guard, not *I* bite guard. I really should proofread BEFORE I publish ... ~blush~

  7. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's time for you to run tomorrow. Sending you some prayers and fast feet.
    I have to tell you I love Glee and I didn't realize it for quite awhile but a fella I went to High School with and did Drama club with, I was actually his mom once, created and produces Glee. Ryan Murphy is his name and after realizing it this show is so him! So now I love it even more!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Congratulations on your half-marathon! I'm with you on the thigh thing; I don't have stick thighs, so running produces quite a bit of friction. Hopefully you don't start a fire during the race.

    Best of luck!

  9. Get running capris...extra socks... set your shoes on your register vent when you get home...LOVED Glee and can't wait for the sing off

  10. I can see how the rain would inspire all sorts of stress and extra planning.

    I'll be praying for you!

  11. OMGosh LOVED your FF I was lmao@Running shorts? I'll have sparks shooting out from the middle of my legs. too funny!

    I was very happy that seth aaron won PR!!! and while i LOVE Glee I was shocked at how the like a virgin sing along was more risque than they normally do...

  12. I liked Emilio's collection much better.

    And good luck tomorrow!

  13. Girlfriend! If you have time, run don't walk to Target and get some of those Champion shorts or capris - the fabric is amazing and it doesn't weigh you down like cotton does! It's fabulous. I won't go back to cotton EVER AGAIN!!!!

    I will be cheering SO LOUDLY for you!!!!!!!!!! You will do great, I can't wait for pics and an update!

  14. You can do it.. Alyce and I know you can. I was so happy that Seth Aaron won too. I am glad the other person did not. He did think he was better than everyone else. Not cool I would not want to by my clothes from someone like that.. Have a great run...

  15. I wasn't a huge fan of this week's Glee episode...wish they wouldn't do these song-themed weeks...I like it to be a bit more organic. I did like how they did "Like a Virgin" and there were several lines, like always, that I enjoyed.

  16. Phew! Take a deep breath. I was reading like you were typing - faster and faster. I was out of breathe at the end.

    The jaw pain - I'm no docotr but I bet you are clenching your jaw with all the stress - even at night! It happens. Do I have a remedy? No. Sorry!

    Good luck in the run. You will be fine! Maybe it will be a lighter rain than expected.

    Happy friday!

  17. Us girls in the ATL will be missing you! Praying you do well in your run!

    GLEE was fantastic.

  18. you're going to do great! will be praying for a great run tomorrow for you.

  19. Oh, I didn't realize you were doing a half! So proud of you! I'm trying to work up to it, but I'm sortof stagnating at the 5 mile mark...not good.

    Why no cotton, though? That's what I wear, too, so I'd be interested to hear.

  20. Hope all went well for you and you're not stressed anymore. My lower jaw has been hurting all week, too. Thought I was getting a toothache, but it only hurts at night...not during the day, I figured maybe it was sinus problems (or stress), too.


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