Friday, April 09, 2010

Time to Frag...

Mommy's Idea

Today, it feels appropraite to frag because my mind has just been going in a thousand different directions...

*I have a new reason to love my iPod Touch...WORDS WITH FRIENDS!  My quest for world domination in all things "word games" continues.... well, not really... but I got to spend all evening last night playing this Scrabble version game with my brother while toting around my iPod.  Started a new game with my sister in law this morning too...Anyone else have this on their iPhone or iPod?  Send me your name - we'll take on a game!  Warning - I must win or I pout.

*I love everyone of those stupid AT&T Flip Flop commercials.  That news reporter, holding that phone cracks me up how serious he is....I actually went on YouTube & watched all these commercials laughing the whole way!.... "This just in, a local man can't decide which sandwich to order for lunch. This was verified by Twitter"..."Breaking News:  Dune Buggying was awesome"

*Did you see where someone actually sent a banner plane over Tiger Woods yesterday?  Really?  You have that much money to hire a plane & carry a stupid joke that has been going around for months?  Dear person with tons of money to blow, you can always feel free to send it my way.

*I thought I had seen almost every picture of my nieces ever taken... but I just saw this one of Sophia when she was smaller & I think this is the cutest picture EVER... hang on to your seat because you will be knocked over with cuteness!!!!... she was doing her Angelina Jolie impression....

*I have a new item on my wish list.  Look at this Garmin Forerunner.  You strap it to your arm & it has GPS on it & can track EXACTLY how many miles you're running.  Can keep track of your time & how fast you are running against a pace you set.. the newer models have even cooler features.... I am in love.... I'm finding out they make some pretty cool running gadgets...

*Survivor update:  I'm still depressed about Boston Rob being booted..... want to punch all the stupid Villians in the face...

*LEMONS!  Dont get them when dining out!  They were talking on the radio how they are one of the dirtiest things you can get in a drink - like water or tea.  Because they never get washed & everyone's hands are all over them & then they sink them in your drink... all that uky-ness goes right into your drink.... gagging now.  So if you have to have lemon - ask for it on the side & squeeze the juice in yourself.  There's your tip for the day...

*They used this song as Jazzercise & I cant STOP listening to it.  I defy you to listen to it & not bop your head & not have it stuck in  your head all day long... its so light & cute & makes me want to just snap my fingers... "Everybody everybody wants to love...." enjoy!


  1. Dang... you just ruined lemon in my water!!!!! Oh well.... :)

  2. Cute pic of the niece but the lemons thing....GGRROOOOSS! I love my sweet tea with lemon but no more and I will be bringing Clorox wipes to restaurants now! (ha)

  3. I love almost every song from Ingrid; she is so upbeat!

    I want one of those Garmin thingies! Awesome!

    That picture? Adorable!

    Have a great weekend, Rebecca!

  4. When I did the 3-day walk, a lot of the walkers had the GPS. Kinda cool!

    But not cool about germs on my lemons. I would have never thought about that!!

  5. My coworker/best friend plays that games and is ADDICTED!! Apparently, they don't have it for Droid yet. This makes me sad.

  6. Well, I don't have the iPod, but I am pretty decent at Scrabble. I sometimes play other people on

    Love that GPS for running. I'm thinking about it for biking too.

    Your niece is a doll.

  7. Hi there! Just surfing by today ... I'd heard that about lemons, but I figure I haven't died yet, so ... ;)

    Okay, I admit it. I prefer them on the side all the same.

    I probably shouldn't say this but I love Russell - he's so delightfully crafty ;). I LOVE RUPERT TOO though - so I hope you don't hate me! LOL

    I've seen this Friday Frag thing around a lot, maybe I'll get in on the act too. Cheers!

  8. No more lemons for me! YUCK!! Beautiful picture. I loved that song! And yes it is now stuck in my head!

  9. Love your fragments
    I heard the lemon thing on the radio the other day it started an avalanche of calls from waiters and waitresses sharing even grosser things. Ewww!

  10. Oh.My.Word. Cutest picture EVER! I want to squeeze her she's so cute! LOL

    Going to listen to the song now...

  11. My husband's playing with his new iPod Touch even as I'm reading and commenting here. Seems he loves it. But he's not much for games yet. I'm trying to decide if I want an iPod Touch or a Kindle. iPod has a Kindle app so I could still read the books. Can't make up my mind.

  12. I have heard that about the lemons before, totally gross! Thanks for the tip! I think if we knew what really went on in restaurant kitchens we wouldn't eat there anymore!

  13. YAY frag is back ~~ I'm so happy. Two weeks without it ~~ I was in withdrawls =)

    Seriously I NEVER get lemon in my water. I heard this disgusting fact a while back. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! So I enjoy it at home after a good ole fashioned washing!!

    Those commercials crack me up too and for some reason I think of you when I see them, no joke. I guess I think you'd really like them to, or maybe I've heard you talk about them, either way, I think of you.

    And that face, OH MY GOOD GRAVY!! That is the cutest thing!!!

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

    PS No spat of the week? Good for you (and Ricky) =)

  14. That pic of Sophia ia precious!!!!!! :)

  15. Oh no....the lemons...I've never really thought about it before...and I love lemon in my water......*shudder...the amount of lemons I have had in my water at restaurants would shock you. I think I need to go on a cleanse diet now or something.

  16. I can't believe that little troll-man Russell got Rob booted out. I love Boston Rob.

    I've never thought about that with the lemons, but that makes sense.

    The song is great too!

  17. I've heard that about lemons - creepy - I try to avoid them too.


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