Thursday, April 01, 2010

Got your guard up?

Today, the calendar is turned - its April 1st - or in other words - April Fool's Day

My guard is up.... I hate April Fool's Day

And while my guard is up, I refuse to believe anything anyone says... but all they have to do is say, "I'm serious!"... & then I fall for it!  So much for that guard....

I'm horrible at jokes.  I'm always afraid someone's feelings are going to get hurt - or they will be disappointed. 

Have you ever seen that "lottery ticket joke" that you scratch off & people think they won a MILLION dollars, or some insane amount.  People get SOOO excited - they are freaking out - plans instantly running through their minds on how happy their life will be now.  APRIL FOOL'S!!! Snatch away that dream... to me, that's so cruel....

Or if you scare someone with news of "you're fired" - HAHA - April's FOOL!  ... WHAT??  I thought I was headed to the unemployment line... that's not funny!
Telling someone you're pregnant or getting married... there's probably BOTH reactions to that one - fear or overwhelming joy...

Believe me, I'm no stick in the mud... I love a good laugh, but I just hate pranks & jokes... & my co workers know that... & even more so, they know I'm an easy prey... so I'm  just wanting to get through the day...without wanting to punch someone in the face....or believing somone puked all over their desk (yes, that was a prank one year here... fake vomit is very believable)

You ever been pulled a good April's Fool prank off yourself?  Ever been suckered into a good prank?  Dont tell me about it today - I wont believe you... tomorrow, I'll believe you... or just put "I'm serious" after what you have to say.. I'll totally believe you then!

Happy Pranking Day! 


  1. RJ,
    I'm so with you. I guess I'm just so sensitive. I don't like to see anyone made to feel stupid, but I do enjoy a goodcleanfunnoonegetshurt, kind of laugh. So laugh like that today, seriously =)

    Love you,

  2. Same here, or at least, that's what I tell myself because I can't think of anything to do to anybody that won't be too mean!

  3. Last year, my sweet Abby stuffed my tube of toothpaste with raisins! It was so disgusting when I gave it a squeeze and out came these little black things...I thought they were bugs! :)I'm going to try hard to get her GOOD today!

  4. I hate April Fool's Day as well, almost as much as Halloween. Fortunately I don't have any pranksters in my life right now!

  5. I am coming up with lots of things to do with my coworker.

  6. Last year when my husband got home from work, I told him one of the doctors offices had left a message on the machine & they left a number and name. He proceeded to call the number & asked for Dr. Lyons. When the lady answered, he asked for Dr. Lyons and the lady cracked up & said "sir, I believe you have been pranked. This is the Birmigham Zoo." HAHAHA....I got him SO good.

  7. I am with you no pranks please..

  8. I really hate it too lol

    My boss's DIL posted on FB that she broke her thigh bone. She was freaking out and came in my office telling me all about it. And I was like, why didn't they call you!? Turns out it was an April Fools' prank. NO FUNNY! She was so mad! lol

  9. I don't love the pranks.....if someone gave me one of those fake lottery tickets I would seriously cry. That is about the most mean thing I can think of!

  10. Elijah was so excited about this new Runescape amusement park made to look just like his video game, in England. He read about it yesterday. Today, they announced it was an April Fool's joke. He was so bummed!

  11. Ugh! I hear ya! I also hate pranks! I try to not even acknowledge the day and thankfully, I'm not in an office to have pranks pulled on me. lol

    I did hear one on the radio though...There was a guy that got four of his buddies from a mechanics shop together to pull this one off. One of their friends was out of town on business so they took his mustang and disassembled the ENTIRE car and left it laying, in pieces, in the driveway!! When he came home, his wife who was in on it, said "Honey, something happened to your car...I'm not sure how..." Can you even imagine what the guy was thinking? Oh My Word!! It was the buddy that organized the whole thing that called in so I still don't know what the victim was thinking.


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