Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*I could NOT be any more excited about this weekend!  I'll be leaving work today & meeting my cousin & 18 strangers & having dinner & then headed to WOMEN OF JOY!!!!  Tonight, Sarah Palin is talking, tomorrow is Anita Renfrow & yes, the reason I listen to music, Steven Curtis Chapman AND Michael W. Smith... (maybe THAT will be my chance to get my picture with him- got my camera ready!) - & Sunday, Liz Curtis Higgs leads us!  I'm soooo ready for a weekend of worshiping with thousands of women!  The event is sold out, so its gonna be packed! first though when I heard it was sold out?  The line to the bathrooms are going to be insane!
*I told Ricky I was going to dinner with my cousin & 18 other women... I thought he was going to pass out.  I asked what was wrong & he said "You dont know those people!" - my response was "Yeah.. AND?"... he just shook his head & said, "We are SOOO not alike"... he's quite the shy fellow & the idea of meeting that many new people would send him back to the hospital with a panic attack.  Me?  I'm excited to meet some new faces!  Me & Ricky - they say opposites attract, right?

*How happy was the world Tuesday?  I know my little world was VERY happy... GLEE was back!  More singing, new characters, Sue Sylvester back, meaner then ever!  When she cut that guys hair off in the hall way & said she was going to donate it to Hurricane Katrina Victims to plug the holes in their FEMA trailer.... oh my!  And she roofied up the Principal?  Only on Glee!!! .... I'm just waiting now for a duet with Mr. Schuster and the new character by Idena Menzel... Love her!

*My office is getting run over with ants... ugh!  I literally was sitting at my desk, doing my job & looked and an ant was crawling across my hand!  Looked in my window & there were about 50 of them walking around!  This happens every year when it gets warm outside...I deserve a raise working in these conditions!

*Coins are disgusting!  I was wrapping some of my coins & at the end of it, my hands were BLACK & felt horrible, like a unknown disease had settled upon them... what the heck is all over these things?  I probably dont want to know...

*Is anyone else thinking Jesus is coming soon?  Every morning, its a new earthquake, now volcanos are exploding... & Kate is STILL on Dancing with the Stars... I'm pretty sure that's a sign in Revelation!

*I'm a tad angry... anyone else use Biosilk Silk Therapy?  Its the best the stuff to take the frizz out when you straighten your hair.  Puts a shine on it & just smells so nice... but that stuff is expensive (for my Suave taste anyways)... I bought a bottle for like $29.99 - but it does last a long time.  Got the new bottle & while the price has raised, the quality of this stuff has gone downhill.  It used to be thick & have a STRONG scent.  Not, its like water - its so thinned out... & the smell isnt anywhere like it use to be.  I went to the store & shook all the bottles & they were all thin looking!  Before, it wouldnt even MOVE in the bottle - that's how thick it was... I'm bummed...
*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  The Biosilk leads me into this one... yeah, we needed a new bottle because Ricky forgot to snap the lid down on the last bottle & proceeded to let the bottle drop on the side in the cabinet.  And not only did it drop, it fell off a lazy susan so it was even tilted downward, letting every last drop come out ... into the cabinet... yes, oil all over the bottom of it.... Of course, Ricky says its MY fault... & of course, I'm a woman - I know how to shut things like lids & cabinets & drawers.  Come on ladies - we know that's a male trait right there...

*FUN FACT:  I just found out the other day that the origin of "Good bye" comes from "God be with ye"... how awesome is that?  I think we need to go back to just saying "God be with you"...

*I now have the song "God be with you till we meet again" stuck in my head....

*I never got to show off the twins in their Easter dresses.... my brother sent this to me Easter morning.  When I went to their house that afternoon, Madi was just mad because she had to wear tights & dress shoes!  I know I'm biased - but arent they just beautiful!!!

*To close the Friday Frag - here's Madi - aka, the new Lance Armstrong!  The twins have learned to ride their bikes!  But Madi is like a pro!  I was at the park this weekend & looked up & saw my brother & SIL with the girls & their bikes... little tykes biked over 2 miles... & Madi just sailed up & down hills... Sophia is getting it too, still a little nervous, but she's getting there, for sure!  Just cant believe how fast they grow up! how fast her little legs just go & go!!! & I wish you could see the smile of accomplishment on these faces too...

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Enjoy your time at the conference (is it a conference? gathering? hummm)!

    I agree. Coins are gross. Yuck!

  2. I worked at a bank for 3 1/2 years. My hands were ALWAYS black!! I literally washed them 20 or so times a day!! AND trust me... you don't want to know what's on money! YUCK!!

  3. Coins are quite disgusting. And I'm not even a germaphob. Ick!

    The twins are adorable in their dresses and riding those bikes. We just got the kids new bikes and need to teach Rayna how to ride without training wheels. I'm nervous tho!

    It may not do much good, but I would at least email that company about the hair oil to let them know one of their faithful patrons isn't happy with the formula change.

  4. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Someday I am going to Women of Joy. Maybe with you. Then I can be one of the 18 "strangers" you will meet :)

    Love the Easter dresses; those girls are adorable.

    LOVED Glee! I'm so glad it's back!

    Have fun this weekend. Can't wait to hear all about the conference!

  5. Sounds like you're going to have a great time, and you'll probably come away with some new friends too.

    I haven't seen Glee, but I hear so many people talking about it. Maybe I'm missing something good. I'll have to check it out.

    Our ants are back too.

    Those girls are dolls. Love the smiles.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I think I have something that might make your day. DO NOT GO BUY ANYMORE BIOSILK. I've had 2 bottles sitting in my cabinet for almost 2 years. IF YOU WANT THEM THEY ARE YOURS! One has hardle been used the other remains unopened.

  7. I'm sooooooo jealous of your evening!!!! Don't forget to send me pics!!! :)

  8. You have a wonderful time at the Conference and then come make us all green with envy! :)

  9. I'm with Ricky on the meeting new people thing. It's a HUGE reason why I don't attend new Bible studies. I get very intimidated in new settings and being around unfamiliar people. More power to those who are not chicken like me!

    Earthquakes and such? You know, I was thinking the exact same thing this morning as my class watched Channel One, an educational, newsy production. Unfortunately for us, I don't think Jesus is returning before Kate gets voted off. That girl must have a guardian angel fighting for her somewhere.

    Have a wonderful time at the conference. Please don't get arrested for stalking SCC. *grin*

  10. Haha. So funny! I love the bathroom lines comment, bc that is so true! Maybe they'll open up the mens rooms for you, too?

    And, your comment about Kate on DWTS as a sign of the Apocalypse - so funny!

    Hope you get your picture!

  11. I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference and come home all refreshed!

    I love the Biosilk...I've always known it to be on the thin side and I've used it for a few years. Isn't that funny.

    Just FYI, I have a post scheduled on my cooking blog for Monday night of your Russian Chicken you shared on Jan 23rd. Your blog is mentioned a couple of times. That is such a yummy recipe! Thanks for sharing it!


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