Sunday, April 04, 2010

Project 365-12

Camera set & ready?  let's take a look...

Sunday- March 28 - Easter Baskets comes via mail.... Since the grandbabies are away in Texas & not close to us (sniff...sniff...) I gotta do what Nanny's do & get a basket ready for the boys to get in the mail.  Lots of candy & always some books & even a new little bunny bib for Luke's first Easter... Wish they were here with us though...

Monday - March 29 - Colossian 2 - took us forever, because we end up getting hooked on one thing & the conversations flow - but we were determined with the girls small group to get through Chapter 2... now, onwards to chapter 3!  Hopefully it doesnt take us to the end of the year!

Tuesday March 30 - Runners toes?.... EWWW... I know... but I'm gonna give you 365 days of my life, that includes nasty toes... that have nasty blisters on the tips of my toes... OUCH!  Talk about painful!  My shoes fit so I'm not sure why I keep getting these blisters...

Wednesday - March 31 - Let me be your arms... we got to have fun in Youth this week & was playing come games like "Whose Line is it anyways" - & this, I got to be the arms of my buddy, Ryann... she didnt know what she was in for.  We had chocolate & strawberry sauce... yeah, this girl was covered by the end of it...

Thursday -April 1 - Kids FLYING through the air!!! - I got to go check out one of the awesome young ladies in our youth group do her Pole Vaulting... That's actually her running with the pole in her hands.. but it was CRAZY to see these kiddos going up 12 feet in the air... very impressive!  I told her I just wanna jump in the air bag... that looked like the funnest part!

Friday, April 2 - Waiting for her daddy.... I dont know HOW Sydney knows, but when its time for Ricky to get home, she gets up in the chair by the kitchen window & watches the garage.  Its funny because she goes there about 5 minutes before his due time... & she'll sit & wait, even if he's late... she leans across the chair with her back legs on the ground... its so precious...& she knows to do this ONLY on Monday through Friday... How do dogs KNOW this stuff?????

Saturday April 3 - Give me a Sun Spot for a nap... We couldnt find Bruno & thought he got out sometime during the day.  I walk in the bedroom & see he found a sun spot & was SOUND asleep - SNORING even... his fur was so warm.  It made me want to curl up in that spot & take a nap!

Hope everyone has had click worthy days...


  1. RJ,
    Those toeies look REALLY owie!!! I remember having runners feet. I had a toe nail or two that would turn black. Crazy!!

    How sweet for you to send a goodie basket to the boys. So sweet!!!

    Have a Blessed week friend,

  2. I love both of your dogs. They are so cute and look so happy.

  3. oh your poor toes.. OUch...

    Have a great night..

    Love the goodies for the Grand babies..

  4. I mailed off an easter basket too to my daughter in college!

    Hope you figure out the blisters..not fun!

    Is your dog an aussie? so cute!!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Your dogs are so cute! I could use a warm puppy right now - kind of cold in my office.

  6. What a good Nanny you are!
    Sorry about your toes, not a good thing with your running!
    I would like to curl up in that sunny spot inviting!
    Have a super week!

  7. Those pole vaulting pics are awesome!! How cool is that!?!

    I get mysterious blisters sometimes will be a pair of shoes I have worn dozens of times with no problems and then all of a sudden, a blister. Strange!

    Your dogs "sun spot" is making me sleepy too! =)

  8. Your poor little piggies! :(

    My cat loves those sun spots :)

  9. so sweet to mail off the Easter basket! and your poor toes. hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

  10. How sweet of you to send baskets in the mail.

    I don't think your toes are gross, even WITH the blisters. Although, they do look a little painful. Sorry about that.

    Wow. Pole vaulting. Impressive.

    Aww...Sydney is so CUTE waiting by the window. Just precious.


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