Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No... nope... nada...

All you people pleasers, raise your hand! 

I know there are a ton of you out there... I had my hand raised too...

Now, question for all you people pleasers - how often do you say the small, two letter word of "no"? 

Yeah, I dont say it too often either...

Its hard - isnt it?  I know when I say "NO", I feel like I'm letting someone down.  So I'll do everything I can do to not say that word... sometimes that means putting more important things on the back burner, or stretching myself so thin, that I think I can snap.

And I'll admit, I have gotten a TAD, wee bit better at saying no, but I still leave with the guilt of saying no... like the world will end if I say no to someone's request.  "Oh no, Rebecca just said NO?" - Visualize walls crumbling, earth shaking, buildings tumbling, lives lost..... umm...dont think any of that has happened... & I think I may have spent way too many hours in front of some Bruce Willis movies...

Sunday, in the youth group, we were looking at the verses in Mark 6:6-13 where Jesus is sending out the twelve disciples.  He gave them instruction, what to take with them (which was pretty much nothing), told them what to wear, & how long to stay in a home....the disciples reactions was,

They went out & preached that people should repent.  They drove out many demons & anointed many sick people with oil & healed them -Mark 6:12-13

The question was asked, "Why did the disciples go?" & someone said, "Do you say no to Jesus when he asks?"... everyone kinda chuckled & said, "Oh, of course not"...

Except I was slammed in the heart....

I have said NO to Jesus... way too often... way too easily...without much guilt at all

How messed up is that?  How BACKWARDS is that?  I have a hard time telling others no, but to the one person who would only ask me to do things for MY benefit, I'll say no easily?....

Let me tell you... I walked away learning a lesson that God spoke to me on that small, two letter word...

May I say that word less & less to Jesus....


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  2. That just slammed ME in the heart. Thank you for posting this.

  3. someone told me yesterday that I am very passive and a pushover too I may add :-)

    We need to make this a goal: to say NO

  4. OUCH! Major toe stompin goin on around here!

    Oh ... and ... AMEN! too!

  5. Ok, you got me too. It's so easy to tell Jesus no sometimes. Thank you for the reminder.


    Seriously...I can't tell you how badly this hits home. The problem is, lately I can't bring myself to say yes to the things I used to enjoy doing. I feel...guarded in those areas and am trying to figure out WHY?

    I know God is patient and thank goodness he is. That said, I wish I had more...get up and go lately. Not sure what is needed to lite that spark in my life. Wish it would come back but at the same time not take over to where I can't say no when I need to. Ya KNOW?

    Sorry for the RAMBLE

  7. Wow!! Yeah the Lord is talking to me too!! Like you hate telling people NO! I am people pleaser to a fault and yet I too tell Jesus NO! Wow!! Something to remember and think about!!

  8. Food for thought. I've said yes to many people I shouldn't have, and no to Jesus. Not cool. Thanks for the little lesson today.

  9. Very thought provoking, I am sure we are all guilty of this omission.
    My word verification word is: insin

  10. This knocked my socks off...POWERFUL is all I know to say!

  11. Guilty. I have said NO to Jesus too. I have been trying to say YES more often because I know He knows what's best but often fear gets in the way! UGH. Heart slam over here!!!!

  12. Great post, Rebecca!

    I think we're all guilty of saying "yes" to the wrong things while saying a big fat "no" to Jesus, although we know better...

    Thank God for grace. And His many second chances for us to say "yes" to Him!

  13. Wow. Amazing post, thank you for writing this! You are such a talented writer!

  14. Thanks for the reminder. I know I'm very guilty of having my heart in the wrong place and pleasing the wrong people!

  15. Wonderful post, I have a problem with this in more ways than one!!!!

  16. It is hard to say No for sure. But sometimes you have to if it is something that is way too much to handle..


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