Monday, January 03, 2011

A guest photographer... that is 6 yrs old...

We got to hang out with our buddies, Lynn & Mickey on New Years Eve.  We always have a great time getting together with our friends & their family.  They are all just a fun group.  We had a night of dancing with the Wii, & talking & laughing ... & screaming... (the kids were amazed how loud I can scream)... it was a great way to end the year. 

You all know I always have my camera in my purse & Lynn's granddaughter, Kailyn wanted to take a picture... here is one I took of her with her Aunt Carly...

Then I handed the camera over to her... so this is what New Years looked like through her eyes... & truth be told - girlfriend took some good pictures!!!!

Aunt Carly is always up for some goofy pictures... believe me, we had some goofy pictures...
 but this one is the best!

Then a great close up of my face...& by "great", I mean DANG SCARY!!!!!!...

Kailyn then took a picture of her Nanny... NO telling what Lynn is laughing at here...

Her Aunt Carly & her Uncle Michael... Kailyn & Michael are bestest friends

I actually really love this picture.  Murphy... Lynn's baby... He wasnt letting the partying bother him!

Michael with Kailyn's little brother...Her two favorite little guys

Of course, she has to get a picture of her mommy...(Your welcome Chandra)

This is really my favorite picture of the whole night... how cute is this of Camden playing with his cars... Kailyn really got a great shot of it...

For a 6 yr old, not too bad, is it?  I think she may have a future in photography... if she makes it big when she grows up, I can claim she got her start on my blog ....


  1. I will have to show her this...she will be so excited to see all of her pics on here!!

  2. I love seeing the world from a kid's perspective! That car/brother shot really was a good one.

    You've inspired me to let Gabe have the camera's been awhile.

  3. I'm not sure who "Aunt Carly" is, but she has some dang cute bangs!

  4. Wow... she did so well... but I know she took at LEAST 100 pictures that night... so can't help wondering what the others looked like! She was definitely into the moment. She'll be so excited to see them on your blog!!!!! And yes... they were TOTALLY amazed that you could scream so loud!!!!

  5. Yes you can so claim that for sure... Great pictures..

    Have a great day..


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