Sunday, January 09, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 2

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Here we go into the 2nd week.. & I'm so excited to see so many new people joining in!  You too can jump in... just click right here:
& link up & then visit everyone else.  Love seeing the weekly lives going on around us...

Sunday - January 2 - Planning the year... I ran down to Target to find my calendar for the year.  It literally took me over an hour to pick one out.  I narrowed it to down to three seperate ones & then I walked around the store for awhile debating how this one is pretty, but this one is practical, & this one is one that will hold all I need, but this one is more expensive.... you can see why it takes me so long... but I left happy with my decision... Gotta have the monthly calendar as well as the weekly breakouts - & this one is cute to top it off. A mix of browns & teals... BINGO - we found a winner!

Monday - January 3 - Meet Worthy.... Yep, my sweet Sister-Friend Lynn got me the Lamb Pillow Pet for my birthday!!! Yes, I jumped around like a 10 yr old screaming with excitement!  Wouldnt you?  Look at that face!!!!  Now, he sits on my pillow & waits for me to snuggle with him as I drift to sleep.  You never outgrow a comfy plus animal ... especially in cold weather!  ... And isnt his name, "Worthy" awesome?  Lynn thought of that... Worthy is the Lamb!!!!

Tuesday - January 4 - Clean those feet.... That foot?  Its Ricky's... I was sitting at the computer & he had come to talk to me & fell asleep laying on the floor.  He had his foot up against the couch & Sydney, being the "motherly" type dog she is, jumped right up by his foot & started cleaning his feet... licking them... I cant believe Ricky didnt budge.  It was making my feet tickle thinking of the sensation of it....

Wednesday - January 5 - Olive Salad... my new obsession .... We saw people picking this up like crack in the grocery on Christmas Eve. I'm talking like they were waiting for the lady to unload the boxes of it so they could get a jar themselves.  I had never even seen it before but if everyone is going to act all like a fool, I 've got to see what its about, so I jumped in the crowd & got a jar myself.  And I was hooked.  Maybe it IS some form of crack? OLIVE CRACK!!!!  It is so yummy on crackers... or tortilla chips... or a pizza... or in a salad... or with a straw...

Thursday - January 6 - Let's get this party started!!! .... My 3rd Half Marathon.  Its what is coming up in April.  The Derby Festival that runs this marathon had a free training clinic... Free?  I'm there!  They gave you a training shirt (I'll do almost anything for a free shirt), and a training manual that has the schedule of where you should be on the course to 13.1 miles.  Its great to see so many people, of all ages, of all sizes, of everything - ready to start another year of training.  Here we go!

Friday - January 7 - Scarves for far away friends.... My precious friend, Dawn has the most adorable grandson that we know as Sir Cuteness (isnt that a fun name?) & the most awesome teenage son, Dak... they were so sweet about the knitted goodies I've sent Dawn in the past, that I thought I needed to make them their own knitted goodies.  Sir Cutness loves a scarf I had sent down to Dawn before that was orange.  He called it a carrot... so we had to get him his own version of a "carrot scarf"... As for Dak - Royal Blue & White for his school colors!  He graduates this year so I gotta get this in the mail so he can enjoy it for the rest of the winter months at dear ole' high school!!!! 

Saturday - January 8 - It only took how many years? .... Ricky doesnt like for people to treat us to dinner & poor Ryan has been trying for YEARS... I'm talking YEAAARRRSSS ... to take out us.  He wanted to take us out for birthdays - but he was too young to pay. Then he wanted to take us out to celebrate an event - but Ricky said he didnt have a job.  He got a job - but Ricky wouldnt let him pay until he was off probation.  It's always an excuse.  Ryan finally said enough was enough & he was going to take us out for birthday celebrations & he was treating - no ifs, ands, or buts.  Ricky finalyl gave in.  Ryan is now engaged, owns a house & is a fire fighter... he's grown up on us... & Ryan paid the bill & then laughed & said, "I finally feel grown up"... yeah, I felt like he was grown up too... made me kinda sad actually... But it was a wonderful evening.  Ricky told him now the next bill he can get is in 10 years - You got the bill in 2021 buddy!!!

Hope the past week has been kind to everyone....


  1. your pictures were SO GOOD this week!!!

    I can not believe your husband slept through the licking of his feet!! I made me squirm just to read it!

  2. Gabe adores his puppy pillow pet, and I can see why you wanted one...they are so soft and snuggly!

    Good luck with your training! Can't wait to hear about the race.

    Have a great week, RJ!

  3. I am the same way with calendars! I had to go several places to find the one I liked. But it was worth the hunt!

  4. Okay RJ,
    I want to say something about ALL of your pics, but oh please can I just HUG ON YOUR BLOGGER NECK!!! Those scarfs are SO ADORABLE!! I'm SO excited. I want to show Dak a pic, but I'm not gonna.....I'm gonna make him wait =)

    That pic of Ryan and his girlfriend is just precious. So funny that Ricky FINALLY let him pay. So fun!!

    LOVE your pillow pet. How cute is that!!!

    Love you friend and am looking so forward to Bible Study on Tuesday.

    Love you friend,

  5. Olive salad... interesting....

    I love your dog, even though she licks feet, she is beautiful. She reminds me of my "cow dog" I had a teen. Oh how I miss him.

  6. Loved your photos...they were amazing. I can't believe your husband withstood the licking of the feet. I would have died...I am so ticklish. I can't wait to see more photos from you this year.

  7. Eeee, feet licking, no thank you, lol!

    It sounds like a great week.

    Hugs & love,

  8. I think Worthy is absolutely adorable!!! Some day I want to do a half marathon, but first I really need to get into better shape! I'm working on it, tho not exactly successfully! Who knew that you couldn't get in shape by clicking a remote!! ;-) (BTW, I did my 365...but I missed 2 days... OOPS!)

  9. Olive salad: does it taste "olivey"? Sydney is absolutely beautiful. Love the pillow pet!

  10. What a great post, Rebecca Jo! I don't even know where to begin...but I LOVE "Worthy" and I seriously want me a little lamb named "Worthy" now!

    The scarves that you made Dawn's family are amazing and I know that they are going to love them! I LOVE scarves, too, and have a couple of handmade ones from a dear friend and I treasure them!

    I'm curious about the Olive it kinda like a tapenade? I love green olives.. in fact, I grew up eating olive you never heard of THAT! ( :

    Oh, did Ricky like HIS pedicure? lol

  11. I am SO going to have to get Dr. M a lamb pillow pet - too cute! And he's all about the sheep these days...

    Poor Sydney would have been kicked in the face if it had been MY feet that were licked. Yikes!

  12. You can have all the olive salad you want...not my fav

    but the rest of your pictures were wonderful!

    Have a great rest of the week.

    We are under a blanket of snow, not the norm for down south!


  13. love the pictures.. I hope you have a great week.. My giveaway starts tomorrow and my surprise is on Wed.

  14. How do you get your pictures to have that old fashioned look? I love them! You are so freakin talented I can't stand it!

  15. Ok, so I've never even heard of Olive Salad, but it looks like it would be good. I LOVE jalepeno stuffed I'm craving them! You're Sydney is so beautiful and my Sophie likes to lick feet also! Lol

  16. Wow, you take amazing pictures! I'm having photo envy.

  17. Ha, the dog cleaning his feet...too funny. He must have been exhausted not to wake up!

  18. Beautiful reflection on the week and your photos are amazing and make me feel all warm and snuggly.

    When Yaya opened her Unicorn Pillow Pet she squealed and recited the commercial. "Just one hug and your child will fall in love with their pillow pet! Momma! It's true I am in love with my unicorn.!" She then sang the tune. "It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet!"
    I imagine watching you two open your gift together would have been a moment to remember always.

  19. Is tomorrow test result day? Saying additional prayers for you all tonight!!!

    Gah I LOVE your scarves!!!!!!!!!


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