Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday.... we need to change the name of today to SNOW Friday... or COLD Friday... or We're Dying for Spring Friday... not as catchy, huh?  Anyways, its Friday, which means it time to frag away....

I'm going to kick off today to ask for prayers for my daddy-o again.  Tomorrow morning, bright & early, before the sun will rise, his spine will be laid open... OWWWWW... when I put it that way, did it make your own back cringe?  My did!  But he does go in for back surgery tomorrow.  They'll be fixing a herinated disc, trying to help with bone spurs & removing & doing some biopsies on the tumors that are WITHIN the spinal column... (did your back just cringe again?).... so if you can be sure to say a prayer that the surgery goes smoothly...appreciate it!!!  My dad's spine appreciates it!

Anyone else sick of winter?  We got 6 more inches last night of snow... with another 1-2 inches Monday.  Why cant it just be like Spring or Fall year round?  Is there a place that has weather like that because I may consider moving there...

I have two words that have made me happy this week:  STEVEN TYLER!!!!!  He was the only reason I thought about checking out American Idol this season.  I gave up on it after Bo Bice lost to that little no namer, Carrie Underwood :)  Yeah - I know Carrie is all successful, but I loved  Loved LOVED Bo Bice!!!  And it seems like its gone downhill since.  Taylor Hicks anyone?  I rest my case... But I love long haired rockers, if you didnt know... & I have always loved Steven Tyler, which my husband is like, "he's hidious"... but ladies, am I alone?  There is something about him that draws me in..... And Jennifer Lopez was a surprise too... how sweet is she not wanting to say no... I think I'm gonna like this season of American Idol.  Simon who?


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Snow boots!!!! .... oh my goodness.  How many times do I have to ask, PLEASE take off the boots at the door?  But NOOOOoooooooOOOO... Ricky will come in with snow on his boots & walk around the kitchen & leave puddles of water everywhere... & what happens?  yep - I step in these freezing cold puddles with my sock-feet & it is just like jumping into a frozen lake!  (Remember, I'm dramatic anyways)  Last night, I stepped in a puddle again & screamed!!!! Ricky said, "You want me to call an ambulance?  Is it that bad?" .... I looked at him & said, "You might want to because I'm going to come over & punch your nose till it bleeds" ... its our way of saying we love each other...


For the record... the Christmas tree is still the corner of my living room... yep... still standing...

Anyone watching "Beyond Scared Straight" on A&E?  Its where they send troubled youths for a day in jail where they can see & hear how scary a place it is.  With inmates screaming in their faces, threatening to beat them up, calling them names... it scared the be-jeez out of ME!!!!  There was a lady who they called "Diablo" which stands for Devil in Spanish... oh my goodness.. that woman put the fear of everything into me!  If you havent seen it, check it out... & if you have teens... have them watch it with you!!!

I dont know why - but I laughed at this for like 10 minutes... more so that the one guy really does look like Jesus giving a high five... forget about the man in the Mork from Ork costume!! :)  .... it doesnt take much for me to laugh...

Can I say, I loved Ricky Gervais for giving it to the celebs at the Golden Globes.  Someone needed to let Angelina Jolie know she's not the most awesome gift to the world.  These people need to be able to laugh at themselves.  ... granted, I didnt dig his last comment of the night... but thinking he was just going with the night of "roast" till the very end.  But for everyone in the industry to want an apology from him?  Come on people... what did you expect?  You hire David Copperfield, you'll get magic tricks... you hire a comic who is known for ribbing & you dont expect him to dish it out?  People are too sensitive...Introducing Bruce Willis as "Ashton Kutcher's Dad" has got to be one of my favorite lines of the night!!! :)

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!


  1. I am so tired of winter! It was -30 last night at our house. MINUS 30. Why do I live here?!?

    I agree with the snow boots. Thankfully the Big Guy is good about that...sometimes. :)

  2. Hey RJ,

    I'll be praying for your daddy. Hopefully the surgery will help him to be pain free.

    AI is so interesting this year. Trying to do decide if I'm gonna like it. The talent is certainly amazing this year so far.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Super weekend,

    PS Snow here too. And more coming next week they say. Hello Winter!!!!!

  3. Send your winter my way! We have barely had any snow and I WANT snow!

    Good luck to your dad. Scary! i am sure he will do well though.

    I thought Gervais was a maudlin drunk. Sure some of the stuff he said is rue, but that wasn't really the forumn. I wouldn't expect him to apologize though. I just wouldn't hire him for next year.
    Have a great weekend - avoid the puddles in the kitchen!

  4. I really need to send the kids I work with to that Scared Straight show.

  5. We will be on your knees for your Dad in the morning. Been praying for him everyday and trusting that the surgery goes great and recovery isn't too hard on him.

    Your comment to Ricky had me laughing. I can just see you saying that to him...LOL!

    I finally got my Christmas stuff down last night of course now all the boxes are just sitting in my kitchen floor making a maze to have to meander through to use the kitchen. Hope David takes them down to the farm today to store them until next year. I want them out of my kitchen now!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend...and your socks stay dry!

  6. The tree issue is turning into a battle of the wills, my dear. Hmmm...

    Prayers for your dad, skill for the surgeon, and a speedy recovery.

  7. Yep, it's really time for winter to be over! We got about 6 inches too. Yuck! Hubby and I were out shoveling at 10pm last night as our daughter took her shift in the afternoon. Then I even helped shovel here at work this morning. Man, where is the warmth!

  8. Yes I am ready for the winter to end.. I do not like the cold or the snow. Boots make a mess and that is no fun.. Have a great weekend.

  9. Will definitely be praying for your dad...I TRUST that all will be just fine! Stay strong, Rebecca! God is with you!

    I LOVE Steven Tyler...he's simply the best! He livens it up so much! He has a great sense of humor, too!

    Oh, my word, that Scared Straight show scares the living breath right out of me! I think it's something all teens should watch. Talk about making you want to walk that STRAIGHT and NARROW path! Whew!

  10. our christmas tree is totally still up too! Husband PROMISED to remove it this weekend. we'll see how that goes. :)

  11. I have so much to say! First off praying for your dad.

    I would love 6 months of spring followed by 6 months of fall.

    The Christmas tree??? I would have dragged that puppy onto your hubby's side of the bed by now.

    And the motivational photo made my day. I'm skipping Idol this year, don't think I can do J-Lo, dawg, lol.

  12. Praying for your Dad this morning, RJ. Praying that The Great Physician will give wisdom to your dad's doctor and guide his hands throughout the surgery. Also praying for the results of the biopsies.

    Please keep us updated on his progress...

    Love you,

  13. We could be sisters, you know; so much in common.

    I don't know anything about Steven Tyler except that he's had a lot of drug issues. That said, I LOVE him on Idol.

    Mr.4444 spoke the truth today, when he said that having a post-season with the Packers in it makes January so much more tolerable!

    Best of luck to your daddy--I hope things are in order soon.


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