Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday.... & whew - this has felt like a LOONNNNNGGGG week!  To anyone else?  I thought last week may feel long since it was the first full week back to work after all the holidays.  But nope, that week flew right by... this week is making up for it. But alas, its Friday... let's Frag.

I feel like a grown up.  My Starbucks card that Ricky got me for my birthday - I have officially registered it online.  (Julie, are you proud of me?)  I keep looking online at all the drinks that I'm not sure they even had.  Things that arent on the menu, but that you can ask for... that makes me feel EVEN MORE special... like I know what I'm talking about!  Who knew you could load up money on that same card to keep your points going?  Do any of you use a Starbucks card?

This is just embarassing.  I have ate the edamane that comes in bags - the kind that are like sunflower seeds or something.  Just pop them in your mouth & chomp away.  So I buy a frozen bag of edamane... they looked like peas, or green beans.  I steamed them & then popped one in my mouth... something tasted weird.  I tried another one... OUCH - that one hurt my tooth.  Then I looked at the bag... I didnt know you were supposed to NOT EAT THE POD!!! oops... now I know... & I said I wouldnt tell anyone I did that.  You'll keep my secret, wont you?

Anyone seen "Black Swan"?  I want to see it because its a dance movie, but I keep reading that its so dark... How do you make a dancing movie DARK & twisted?  I'm just curious now to see it...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  A Christmas Tree... you'll see this in my pictures this week for my Project 365... A Christmas Tree ... its still standing.. in my living room!  There is not one other sign of Chirstmas in my house.  I take down all decoration, box everything up, even carry it down the steps.  Ricky's only job is to take the tree apart & put it in the box.... The tree is still standing... I took a picture of it for this week's Project 365 & Ricky was like "You're going to make me look bad, arent you?"... I told him I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to making us look bad - remember the picture of kleenex stuck up my nose?  ... but the tree is still standing... I'll take another picture next week for Project 365 if its still up... which will cause another spat... its a vicious cycle.

One weekend, I sat through a marathon of Real Housewives: Beverly Hills... anyone else watching this?  Camille Grammer.... wow...but I do feel bad for her though that her husband left her during the taping - that's low... but can I say, I would totally be friends with Adrienne?  I love her!  She seems so real & keeps her head on in the midst of all the crazy!!!  Now watch, on next week's finale, she'll probably go all nutso herself & have a hair pulling, eye scratching, cat fight...


Anyone else feel sorry for that homeless guy with the voice, Ted Williams?  How do you take someone who is homeless & has had some hard struggles in life, & INSTANTLY throw him on every national news program & on all the big radio stations & have instant fame & it not effect him?  I feel bad for the fellow....

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Because my dogs are running in snow, getting wet & then just smelly afterwards, this tip comes in handy...If your pet smells & there is no time for a real bath, rub a SMALL amount of baby powder into their fur, wait a few minutes & then brush it out!  For us, we have to watch our dogs because the other dogs will want to lick it off thinking its some sorta fun treat... powdered sugar?  But at least it helps with the "musty" smell... who doesnt love the smell of baby powder?

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!!!


  1. RJ,
    YOUR TREE IS STILL UP? Oh my stars, I'd be going crazy if my tree were still up. As soon as CHRISTmas is over I'm ready for it to come down. That Ricky cracks me up =)

    I'm confused.....Starbucks card?!! huh? Like a gift card or something else. Yep doesn't take much to confuse me =)

    Have a Blessed day friend and I hope it FLIES by for you,

    PS How is Bible study going? I hope really well. Love you =)

  2. Hmmm...the Christmas tree...

    I've gotta say that I would have taken down myself.

    I'd rather not argue about stuff like this and just do it myself, but I tend to just take the bull by the horns and do that sort of thing. Besides that, if I left it up to my dh, we would never even have Christmas decorations in the first place.

    What you should do is start taking it down tomorrow. He'll probably feel bad and start helping you. In fact, you could do it together and make the job twice as quick, leaving more time for whatever you both want to do after.

  3. LOL about the Christmas tree! Love it!

    My friend bought me some sea salt caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks and I was like....whoa! I may have to start hanging out there!

    Have a great weekend! Don't waste it by taking down the tree!

  4. Oh boy, a tree still up would drive me nuts!

    I totally agree about Ted Williams. I hope he can work through the problems and be a great American success story.

    I'm totally trying that baby powder trick on Oskar.

    Hugs & love,

  5. You're cracking me up on the Christmas tree. Too funny. Hope "The Voice" will be able to get it all worked out.

    Neat idea on the baby powder.

  6. I heard Black Swan was HORRIBLE. My brother in law took his daughters and there was some questionable stuff in the movie so they got up and walked out.

    I won't knock y'all for still having the tree up. My parents just took theirs down last weekend. Which was about a week later than I would take it down LOL

  7. Tell your hubby not to feel bad... (after you come see my blog today)
    he will feel much better!! After all... you didn't tell the world he dances with statues in public... =) but I like your plan to get that tree put away... a weekly post is brilliant!... though he might find it funny and have a stand off with you?? (hope he doesn't read comments!)

    I also heard Black Swan was horrible...

    I just just JUST registered a Starbucks card too... but it didn't register?? *huh?* anyway... I am cutting my coffee intake WAY down... so I guess it was a sign?!! lol!

  8. I registered my starbuck's card, too, but I always forget to load it back up! I should put extra on it 'cause it's payday!
    Thanks for the dog tip!
    If hubbies don't want to look bad on our blogs, they should stop doing stuff to give us those opportunities! Sometimes I think mine does stuff so I'll mention him on mine. (blog hog)

  9. How do you have time to brush them?? :)

    Our dogs are outside until evening then they come in. So with all the rain they've not only been bringing in mud (lucky me) but also the doggy smell. So the other day I warmed up some vinegar and water and rinsed them off outside before letting them in. Well, I guess I should say I towel dried them too before letting them in. It took away the odor and the mud. BUT, I have some baby powder lyin' around, maybe I'll give it a shot too!

  10. Girl, am I EVER familiar with Starbucks cards!! I am a Gold Card member with my name imprinted on it! I am sure that you probably know...but just in case, once you register your card online you do not pay extra for flavored syrups and soy milk! They credit the charge for both of those back to you so it is a pretty substantial savings! What is your favorite drink?

    Loved your story about the edamame! Ha! I LOVE edamame! Especially steamed with coarse sea salt on it! YUM!

    I have not seen Black Swan, but I heard several people say that it was really good! I didn't know that it was supposed to be "dark", though....hmmm.

    Don't feel bad, when I came home from work last night there were 2 neighbors on my street that had their CHRISTmas tree upside down in the Yard Waste obviously you aren't the only one that is just now getting their tree down! ( :

  11. Oh what a long week.. I love your edamane story.. Can't wait to see the tree. Have a great day.. and weekend..

  12. Oh the edamane story cracked me up! I would not know either, I only eat it like that at the Chinese place.
    Never thought to try baby powder on the dog. We have some pet "wipes" that I rub him down with when I don't have time to properly bathe him...and as big and crazy he is bathing is an operation!
    Have a great weekend, hope your weekend makes up for the long week!


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