Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm a Dancing... dancing... dancing... dancing machine!!!

For those of you that got a Wii for Christmas, you've either seen me drool over your console, or you've heard me whine over your blog or Facebook that I am nothing but jealous.

Then last night, the greatest thing happened... in walked my husband through the door.  NO - that's not the greatest thing that happened - he does that everynight.  But he walked in carrying a bag... & inside that bag?  A Wii!!!!!!!!!!

His sister & brother in law bought one a few months back but found that they dont ever play it - they are more prone to play their xbox, so this was just getting in the way.... so they asked if we wanted it for a great deal....

um... hello?  I've had drool hanging from my chin for awhile over wanting one... of course I wanted it.

And what made it even better?  They threw in Michael Jackson - The Experience Game...

So Ricky fell asleep early & I couldnt wait - so I pull up the manual online & figure out how this little contraption works & in no time, I was playing a round of tennis & bowling & getting ready to do a round of boxing.  But then I could feel the King of Pop calling my name...

I had to laugh that the "level" on THRILLER is labeled as "Inhuman"... no, I didnt even attempt it...

(You should see me attempting this move... We stand at what?  A 90 degree angle? 
I lean to probably a 87 degree angle... awesomeness right there!)

Oh yeah baby... I got the moves... was addicted to "Smooth Criminal".... & the whole time, Ricky was asleep on the couch

This morning, as soon as my eyes opened, I said, "I dont want to work today - I just want to dance to Michael Jackson"

Ricky looked so confused & said, "You were REALLY playing last night?" - he didnt know I hooked it up on my own. (Yes, he knows I'm really ill-equipped when it comes to anything technical)

I told him about the songs I kept playing over & over trying to get them down  & he was like "Whew!!! I thought I was dreaming you were dancing to Michael Jackson"

.... I should have just let him think he was dreaming...

Me dancing Michael Jackson has GOT to be the best dream he's ever had! :)

So Wii owners... what game MUST I get?  That I cant live without?  I already know I'm headed out to get the "Just Dance" & probably the GLEE Sing-along games. I just want a microphone.... yes, I'm a 13 yr old girl inside...


  1. Hahaha that sounds like so much fun!

  2. yea!!!!!

    As a family we love Wii resort! lots of fun games we can all play together on it!

    I just got Zumba for Christmas. I hear it is fantastic but I am waiting to break it out when everyone is out of the house and i won't be subjected to teasing! ha!

  3. Mario Kart.... hands down... haha

    We also have Boom Blox, which is really fun to play as a group.
    The new Epic Mickey is pretty neat, tho I like WATCHING more than playing! :-P
    And if you want a COMPLETE waste of time... Animal Crossing: City Folk. *giggle*

  4. Too funny! Just wait until you guys start recording each other! My dh snuck in and recorded me doing the Russian dance on Just Dance 2. I suspect the footage will be used as bribery somewhere down the road.

  5. Just Dance 1 & 2 for sure....the Russian dance is my favorite becauseI did mission work in Russia and know how to actually do those moves so I kick tail on that song only! I would suggest Mario Kart as is highly competitive, addictive & fun! Great for when you have company of any age over as well.

  6. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and tell you right now that I am an expert at the Thriller dance. I know it by heart. I had to learn it for dance class years ago and break it out every now and then :) haha.

    I had no idea there was a Michael Jackson Wii game. This changes everything. I'm so happy for you! You will LOVE Wiiiiiiiiii!

  7. I had no idea that game existed! I'm going to need to see it!

  8. Hahaha I can just see you bustin'-a-move with your Michael Jackson moves. You are too funny!!

    I don't own a Wii. So I am NO help in the ole game department.

    Have a Super Blessed day friend,

  9. We just got one this year... and I SO want the dance game... my niece has it!! lol!! my kids are not so keen on the idea! Enjoy the new toy!! ;)

  10. HA! You were totally able to cash in on one of my 2011 suggestions! :)

    Games? Uh, I think I'm still deciding, but I know Wii resort was a lot of fun when I played it at a friends house. Other than that, I've just stepped into this world, so I'm not much help.

  11. We HAD a Wii, until the boys switched it out to an X-Box 360 last year. I could've killed them! I'm looking at getting a Kinect.

  12. I so want on also.. Maybe some day.. Sorry I left you wondering about me.. I will post more next week..


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