Monday, January 24, 2011

Play-Doh & Knitted Hats...

Saturday, after dad's "non-surgery", I ended up just hanging out with my parents.  Watching a movie & knitting away.  I had taken yarn & a pattern to make a hat for the twins.  It was just a little bit later when the phone rang & my brother was coming over with the twins.  It was perfect timing too because I was finishing up the hat too...

When they got there, first things are first & we had to do some playing first! .... Break out the Play-Doh!!!!!

Here is one of my beautiful creations... dont be jealous of my mad Play-Doh skills...

Then Madi said she wanted to make a snail.  But then she said, "Aunt Bec, can you make the head?" - so I made the head... "Aunt Beck, can you make the eyes?" - I made the eyes... it continued on with the smile, the antennaes & then "Can you make the body?" ... & I made the body.  Madi then made the purple thing that she poked on the side & then she ran to my mom & said, "Yaya, look at the snail I made!!!" .... & she was so proud!  I had to laugh!  She has management in her blood - I see her being a boss of a company one day.

Then I got back to work & finished up the hat for Sophia

I think it came out perfectly!!!

I love the back of it as well...

I asked Madi if she wanted one too... she just looked & said, 'ummm.... no" ... so I asked her if she wanted a scarf?  no... mittens?  no... socks? no...  finally, I changed it & asked if she wanted chocolate?  no... potato chips?  no... want me to make another snail out of Play-doh?

Sophia on the other hand thought this hat was better then anything.  She told me, "Aunt Bec, if you happened to sneak into my house in the middle of the night, & came up in my room to take my picture... you'll see I'm sleeping in this hat" .... first of all, why would she think I'd sneak in her house?  Much less take pictures of her sleeping?  The minds of kids...

But my brother did text me today & said that she has literally wore the hat for 3 days & has, in fact, slept in it!!!!  Ahh - does my heart good.  Makes me want to knit the world for her!

I love those girls....


  1. Playdough?
    Cool knitted hat?
    Time with family?

    Sounds like a pretty good day to me (Hope your dad is doing well!)

  2. They are so incredibly cute! And yes, I'm sooo jealous of your playdough skills!

  3. I've always wanted one of those cool, loose fitting knit hats. But I always think I wouldn't be able to pull it off! They're so super cute!

  4. Absolutely adorable (the hat, the girls, and YOU) :)

  5. Beautiful hat! Looks so good on that cutie pie! You are such a wonderful aunt! Those girls are blessed to have you in their lives.

    BTW, my sister's name is Stephanie. Never got back to your email this morning.

    And thank you. *muah*

  6. Playdough on the carpet? You are one brave soul!

    You did a fantabulous job on that hat!

  7. Aww what a cute hat! I wanna make one for Rayna! She loved the beret I made, and that hat is alot like it. So so cute!

    I am totally jealous of your playdoh skillz! :)

  8. Love the way those kids minds work...if you were to sneak in and take her picture...cute!

    You do have some sweet playdough skills lol you should see what I come up with...the kids stopped asking me to make things lol

  9. I will so take a hat like that in Pink. Wow that is amazing.. How is your Dad doing?

  10. One you EVER run out of talent? Sure wish some would rub off on me! ;)

  11. If you made me one...I wouldn't want to take it off, either! I have actually looked for a hat like that and haven't been able to find one. It is adorable!

    Not to mention the beautiful photography! Girl, you are so talented!

  12. Seriously...that hat is so stinkin cute!! And the girl inside the hat is it is a perfect combination.


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