Tuesday, January 04, 2011

You dont GET it....

I have never claimed to be a Biblical Scholar... or Theologian.. or even someone who knows how to SPELL Theologian ... (by the way, I did spell it correctly - GO ME!!! - but I looked it up to be sure)

I do however claim to love to read Scripture & see what God shows me - how it applies to me - how I can make it relevant today in my life.

I'm sure, at times, I will read Scripture & get something out of it that you may not get out of it... and vice versa.....Praise the Lord for that vice versa...

I mean, isnt that why we all go to church or read other people's books, or have Bible Studies?  So we can hear someone else's "take" on Scripture?  Because maybe someone has a new way of looking at the Word of God in a new way & it'll snap a light bulb on & you're like "WOW - I never thought of it that way before"

Like the story of the Prodigal Son... how many times have we heard that story?  I adore that story & know it inside & out... but just a few weeks ago, in our youth class, I heard a different view on it that opened up a whole new insight to me.  Years & years of hearing it the same way & then BAM!!! A new insight on it...

So one day, someone said to me, "I dont mean to offend you...." - which means instantly that what I'm about to hear is going to be offensive.... "But I dont think you GET Scripture... you just have a good way of 'delivering' it"

Um... ok....

how do you even respond to that?

"alrighty then... thanks....I guess?"

I will say, I did walk away a little offended ... but not really because of the reason you would think.  I didnt get offended personally.  I got offended that someone would think the way they understand scripture is the only way to accept scripture...

If you're shut off to hearing other's ways of looking at how God's words touch someone, then how much do you miss?  I'm not saying anyone has to agree with everything I say (Ricky is going to quote me on that....), or every view point from everyone, but at least being open to hearing what others have to say is a good place to start....

Lord, THANK YOU for so many people I know, people I hear, people that teach, who can still give new insight into Your Word, that is always, forever, teaching....

The Word is alive
And it cuts like a sword through the darkness
with a message of life to the hopeless & afraid
Breathing life into all who believe
-Casting Crowns


  1. You are so right - for some people it's either too frightening, or just not in the realm of possibility that they might not have the definitive interpretation of scripture. That it can mean different things to different people (heck, I have whole passages that I see TOTALLY differently as a 40 something than as a 20 something).

    It makes it hard to find a place to connect. I'm a liberal & I see that about myself too - it's very hard to see others' viewpoints as valid when I've worked so hard to get to my own.

    Think I need some work in that area LOL?

  2. What a crazy thing to say. Scripture is so many different things to different people. God's word is alive and fluid in my opinion and you "friend" seems to be missing the point!

    Hugs & love,

  3. We each have our own trials, experiences, struggles, triumphs, etc and are able to empathize and advise others in our "regular" life experiences and I think that "translates" over to our understading of some of Scripture as well. It is easier for someone who has gone through a tremendous struggle and not been discouraged knowing it was God's working to understand Job's point of view per say than someone who has had it relatively easy. Like you said that is why we go to church and worship with others, why we are told to edify others, to be there and encourage them through something we have been through and understand coming out on the other side with Scripture.

  4. Somebody actually said that to you? How could you possibly retell it if you didn't get it? Does there need to be some good old fashioned bible-thumpin' going on?

  5. I think that based on our own circumstances, God's word can mean something different to each and everyone of us at different times in our lives. Personally, I think you do an AMAZING job of sharing God's word with all of us! :)

  6. well said! i love the fact that the Spirit is at work in our lives to the point of nailing us when a 'new truth' is revealed to us. the words have not changed in hundreds of years, but the message to our souls does need tweeking per our path of righteousness. thanks for posting!

  7. SO well said! God speaks to us all differently and we learn from Him and one another. How boring would it be if we were all the SAME......

  8. I agree with you and with Jennifer above.

  9. Wow. That craziness didn't even make good sense.

    I think it is a wonderful thing when God uses someone to open our eyes to a new way of looking at His word. It is a fresh awakening. How sad to be so concerned about being "right" that you aren't open to listening to other people....and what God is teaching them.

  10. Ouch. I can see how that would offend. When the "lovely people" of this world say their off the wall things I just try to smile and say thanks even if I don't mean it. Otherwise I might say something mean and that's not a nice way to play :)

  11. Ugh! I think it should be an unwritten rule that anything that begins with "No offense but..." should NOT be said at all!
    And I agree....we did not write the bible, and nobody can claim to understand the meaning of it all and for their way to be the only way. (OK, plenty of people DO claim that, but that doesn't meant they're right!).


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