Sunday, January 02, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 1

A whole new year to start the Project 365... amazing!  This last week was a busy week with New Years Eve & my birthday... & starting a new fresh year... Let's kick off the year...

Sunday - December 26 - The Day after.... the day after Christmas was a LAZY day.  I dont think I even got out of my pajamas.  I was sitting at my computer & went to pull my blanket around me when I felt a tug.  I looked down & saw Bruno had snuggled up in the blanet that was gathered on the floor.  How cute is that?  I had to go get me another blanket & let Bruno have that one... who wants to wake up a snuggled doggie?

Monday - December 27 - Homemade Pizza Night.... I was tired going back to work & homemade pizzas are so easy to make.  It was a yummy dinner & a good comfort food night after getting back into the swing of things at work.

Tuesday - December 28 - A Cold Morning.... I opened my door to my office & it was freezing cold!  Not sure what happened with the heating, but you can see, it was under 60 degrees.  It was so cold, the lights wouldnt even come on full force.  They had to warm up... as did I.  I had my little space heater on until well after noon....

Wednesday - December 29 - What a welcome.... I opened the door coming home from work & this is what I see!!!!!  The only dog I see standing there is Bruno, who is wagging his tail, like he's telling me, "IT WASNT ME!!!!" - & it probably wasnt him.  He's too lazy to knock over a garbage can.  The other 3 dogs were sitting outside & shaking.  These are dogs who are usually sitting at the door waiting for me, so they just told on themselves sitting outside.  I didnt even say a word - I just turned away from the door & they came in groveling, giving me sad puppy dog eyes.  I could only stay mad until I cleaned everything up...

Thursday - December 30 - A good day to buy yarn.... I ran to pick up some yarn for some knitted goodies for friends.  I went to pay for it & she said, "You get a free bag today for purchasing yarn" .... YEE HAWWW!  BONUS!  Its a really nice yarn bag too.  Its the little things that make me happy...

BONUS PICTURE - December 30 - MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT .... this is what Ricky got me for my birthday. The latest Beauty & the Beast Blue-ray... which Ricky said, "You have all the other DVD's & VHS's - why do you need this one too?" - but he got it for me anyways ;) & then he got me this Starbucks card.  I had to laugh.  I asked him, 'do you know it says "Thank you" on it?" - he said he didnt pay any attention to that - which I'm sure he didnt... but then he saved himself by saying, "I just wanted to thank you for being a wonderful wife" .... slick move Rick!

Friday - December 31 - Wii'ing out the old year... Our friends invited us over for dinner & a night with their new Wii... We had so much fun with the "Just Dance" game!  Holy cow - that is a work out!  And then we did a round of bowling.  I loved it because I was playing against 2 small kiddos... & they did pretty darn good!  Good bye 2010

Saturday - January 1 - First one on, last one off .... Its tradition that I take down the Christmas decorations on New Years Day.  This is the first ornament that I put on my tree & it feels appropriate to be the last one off... Keeping Christ in every bit of Christmas until the last, to keep Christ in 2011!!!!

So let's get to it folks... a new year... I hope you join along in the Project 365 2011 Edition!!!!


  1. Our weenie dog will tear apart any trash bag we leave out so we have to make sure they are either in the can or outside in the garbage bin. I feel for you cause I've done that clean up many times! And Ricky's b'day gift is so sweet...and a great save on his part with the Starbucks card, too! ;)

  2. we have played so much Wii this year and it is a blast. I am thinking of getting Zumba for the Wii, I hear it is really good and a great workout!

    I had to laugh at the starbucks card..that sounds like something I would do. But he's very quick thinking!!!

  3. That trash everywhere reminds me of our beagle mix. He used to be notorious for doing that no matter how we tried to fix it, he'd figure out a way to get into it. When he starting figuring out how to climb up on the counters we had to start crating him during the day in rainy weather and putting him outside on sunny days. It was just too much work to keep him out of things.

    Believe it or not my daughter was the one who came up with Dollface ;)

  4. I LOVE the picture of Bruno snuggled in the blanket! That sounds like something my Teddy would do!

    Hope your little stinkers that were in the garbage don't get tummy aches after that! Glad the mess wasn't any worse!

    So glad that you stuck with the Project 365! I don't know if I will try it again this year, I've been thinking about just making it a sort of resolution to improve on my photography.

    I look forward to checking your pictures out and seeing what you have been up to in pictures each week!

  5. I LOVE your 365 posts... I really wish that I would have thought to start one on the 1st.... Maybe I should start one right now!! I'll start with TODAY! :-D

    We had to move our trash can under our kitchen sink counter because our Greyhound, Doc, LOVES to eat trash. He won't get into it if we watch him, or if we're awake, but if he thinks that you're asleep, he will sneak off and get the trash. Not even just the kitchen trash either! The other morning, we had let him sleep in the living room, and I left our bedroom door open. In the morning, he thought I was asleep so he went into the bathroom, grabbed a piece of tissue from the garbage in the bathroom, and trotted out. The first time I thought maybe he was just looking around. The second time, I knew what he was doing! Brat dog! LOL

  6. Love the snuggly puppy - too cute! And those bad dogs - your description of their behavior made me smile :)

  7. Poor Oskar can't blame anyone when things like that happen here!


  8. Can't believe the dogs - what an awful thing to come home too.

    Have a great week !!

  9. Happy New Year! I joined P365 for 2011 and hope to keep it going throughout the entire year... we shall see!

  10. Looks like a great week and I love that ornament!

  11. Your little Bruno is so cute! He looks way too sweet and innocent to have made that mess in the kitchen....I'm glad the other dogs told on themselves! LOL Happy New Year!

  12. Thankfully our puppy has never had a feat in the old trash can...YET...but he has made quick work with several pairs of socks and a few pairs of slippers....

    We just keep on loving them,

    Happy Birthday!

    Blessings and I look forward to more 365...

  13. I loved looking over your week in review. I can't believe your naughty dogs did that : ) And how funny that they were sitting outside and basically telling on themselves : )

    That Just Dance game is crazy good, isn't it? I fail so miserably but wow do I have fun trying : )

  14. 60 degrees sounds perfect to me!


    What a sweet & clever hubster you have!

  15. My doxie will either tear up a bag...or use the bathroom on it. Loved your pictures...this is my first year and I am looking forward to seeing everyones stuff.

  16. What a great week. Do you have to post pictures every week to do this idea? Loved all of the stories.. Glad you had an amazing Birthday.. Love the Starbucks card.. Have an amazing Day..

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm excited to be joining in on the fun of P365!

  18. Such fun photos!

    Cute snuggly puppy!

    I, too, love free things, especially bags. Makes me want to go shopping.

    Love the comeback to the Thank You on the giftcard. That's something my man would've said. (and bought.)

    Happy New year!

  19. Enjoyed seeing you again and hope to visit you more often this year.
    Reread your profile to remind myself, and feel like we have several common interests.
    What kind of things do you knit?

  20. We played Just Dance on New Years Eve too! Such a great workout!

  21. Oh doggies...cute and naughty! :)
    Happy birthday!!!
    A free bag is a bonus, good for you!!
    Good thing you had your space heater at work!
    Have a super week!!


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