Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to life..back to reality...

My alarm went off again at 4:30 am...

back to it...

& yes, I actually cried real tears about coming back

But I kept repeating, "I'm blessed to have a good job" over  & over... even though under my breath, I'd add "even if it means getting up at 4:30 am"

What did we do?  Nothing  & everything.

We didnt go anywhere special.  A staycation at its finest...

But I didnt get done everything I wanted to do...

Here's the breakdown:

I didnt:
 - get all my laundry done
 - get my office/knitting room organized
 - get the basement cleaned out
 - get the garage cleaned out
 - get as many runs/miles in
 - eat out as much as I like to on vacation
 - get relief from my arm
 - get to shop for new Fall/Winter clothes

I did though:
 - get to sleep in till 6:00 AM (how sad is that?  6 AM is sleeping in now for me)
 - get to snuggle with my doggies EVERY DAY!  (They're the saddest about our return to work)
 - get to stay up past 9 pm without feeling stressed
 - get to have movie night with Ricky & laugh & relax
 - finish up a knitting project (its been so hard to knit with my arm lately but I was determined to finish a project I'd been working on)
 - change over my closet & see that most of my clothes dont fit anymore.  This is a good thing.  90% of my stuff is too big now ... YIPEE for benefits of running!!!
 - have some fun & beautiful photo sessions with fantastic people (pictures to come!)
 - get to stay in my pj's one whole day... on a cold, rainy day too!  PERFECTION!
 - start my Physical Therapy to get my arm/shoulder back on track
 - go to the "Pie Kitchen" - & Dawn, if you ever come this way - its a MUST on things we need to do.  Only the BEST PIE EVER!!!!  Any kind you want too.  Its like Heaven in a store...

So while I didnt get to do some of the things I wanted to do - its OK.  Even though my house still looks like a train wreck, that's OK too...

time off is still nice...

its like they say, a rainy day off work is still better then a sunny day at work..

Now I'm ready to count down till my next time off....


  1. 6a.m.!!! Lucky you! Next you'll be hitting the early bird specials with the other Senior Citizens.
    Sorry that you didn't get to clean out as much as you wanted. It's hard when you plan a day like that and it doesn't happen.
    And how'd you like staying up past 9PM. Wild, right? I know!

  2. Staycations can be the best stress-relievers ever! Sorry you didn't get to check off everything on your to-do list, but glad you enjoyed your time off. Hopefully today will go fast!

  3. So glad you enjoyed your time off from work...even if you didn't accomplish everything you set out to do. Sometimes, that's all for the best, anyway. I think you earned a break!

  4. Sounds like heaven. Well not the 6 AM part but the rest of it. Esp. the pj day. I LOVE THOSE!

  5. RJ, I am SO proud of you girl!! You and your sleek body! I miss running.....anyway ..... :)

    Okay, so I am somehow getting to Looieville :). My fav cousin Heather, my fav redhead RJ, and my fav dessert all I one place. I may have to talk my husband into a cottage in Looieville :)

    I love you friend.....I've been praying for you..... Dawn


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