Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did he just call me an old horse?

Saturday was my long run in my training... 10 miles...

I head up to a park for that one.  Less hills... 10 miles is hard enough but 10 miles on my road is just torture

So I get there & this man, who had to be about 65 years old is moving along, speed walking.  I'm standing at the beginning of the path & getting my watch sync'ed up & doing some small stretches for my quads.

The man stops & said, "How many miles are you doing today?"... that started the conversation.

This guy was asking me question after question. 

"Do you weigh yourself before you run & then after you run?"
"Why 10 miles today?"
"What training plan do you follow?"
"Where is your next race?"
"How many hills will you have?"
"What is your pace?"
"How long will it take you today?"

He was the nicest man to talk to... honestly... we ended up talking for about 20 minutes....but then he told me that he trains race horses & that he loves to hear the training of running & how similar it is to training his horses...


Then he asked how old I was... Dude, you are old enough to know you shouldnt ask a woman her age.  But whatever... I told him I'll be 40 in December.

He then told me, "You know you're not going to get any faster"

"Huh?  Excuse me?"

He then went on to tell me how his horses, when they get older, they just never get faster.  They do good to keep their pace, but to speed up?  Doesnt happen.

I thought about all the younger people then me that have such fast paces that I would die for.. & then I felt old... I felt like a 40 yr old...

Last night though, I went for a nice walk.. that turned into the hardest training I've ever done.  I kept thinking of that man & his words & it fired me up.  I worked on my speed training.  I would do short bursts of speed at a minute at a time.  I was averaging around 7:30 & even had one pace that was 6:05 ...

I thought of all the people I know that are 40 & OLDER that are the most amazing runners.. have paces that I would also die for....I didnt feel so old last night :)

Call me an old horse again & see how much that pushes me...

Watch this "old" gal FLY!!!!


  1. Atta show him! Brings to mind a 5K I ran in once when Abby was about 4 years old. I was coming into the final mile or so when Abby yells out to me, "'re beating a man!" Talk about pouring on the juice from that point on! :)

  2. I can't wait until I'm 65 and have no filter. I mean, I practically don't have one now. Just imagine how bad I'll be at 65!
    Just remember, you're still younger than me. I'll be put out to pasture before you. Giddy-up old girl!

  3. People and their need to tell someone stuff like this just makes me roll my eyes.

    I would have told him, "well, at least I'm not pulling a buggy behind me."


  4. What an interesting story & an odd man.

    I'm glad you're using to add fuel to the "old" fire!

    Hugs & Love,

  5. Go get 'em! And then go find that man and tell him you DID get faster! :)

  6. I think this is the most hiliarious, perfect pre-birthday post EVER - and should go into the hall of fame on WHAT NOT to say to a woman! You tell the BEST stories!


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