Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Pictures Overload...

Yep... still on vacation...

Yesterday, I didnt even get out of my PJ's... Ahhh - heaven!!!

But I worked on editing a Senior portrait session all day.  I could get use to that - doing photography all day.

I noticed I had some pictures I never posted here... so here's some randomness for you.

My little Zoe just loves a camera... I think she's even smiling :)

Ahh - my Erin Condren planner.  I'm in love with this thing & I take it everywhere.  I can tell I'm going to be getting a new one every year.

Look at my fur babies together... Buffy was a rebel & wouldnt come over with the rest of the gang.  You'd think someone who takes so many pictures could get 4 dogs in one picture, but I think its near impossible.

You may think those are sunglasses...NO - those are a GNAT SHIELD!!!  I have to wear them lately because I'm coming home with HUNDREDS... no joke... HUNDREDS of gnats stuck to my face, arms, stomach, hair & even in my eyes!!!!  The fun of running in the country... a gnat face!  Now, I dont feel like I have to run with my hands over my eyes - which I was doing... that's safe.

Isnt this the perfect picture of LAZY?

These things on my arms - Compression Sleeves... I am in love.  They make my arms feel so much better with the pain when I run - & generally all day long. I've been wearing them with my shirts & it just looks like a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt.  They're going to give me funny tan lines though while running.

Here's the twin's birthday cake from this year... Angry Birds... I had never played before & one of the kids at their birthday party had it on their ipod so she let me have my first go at it.  ... I'm not good at it...

I've been busy doing photo sessions this October too (LOVE IT)... but isnt this a fantastic shot of this family?  They were so much fun!  I love the boys arms on both ends of the girls... it fills the picture out.  The expression on the faces is what I love too... And this was only taken in 2 jumps.  I bet they woulda jumped as many times as I asked - they were up for anything.

I love this picture for a few reasons... first of all, look at how sweet this family is.  Second, it has a baby - ahhh - who doesnt love a baby?   Third - this is totally untouched.  The sun light is all natural & hitting them perfectly.  I caught this moment when I told the boys to make their baby brother laugh..... capturing natural moments is my most FAVORITE thing to snap!

I had an engagement session with this young lady... yes, you've seen her here on my blog MANY times as one of our youth kiddos... & now, she's engaged... When does that happen?  Kids grow up... I stay the same age though.  Its one of those mysteries in life... like how Paris Hilton is famous.

This is why you want to schedule a photo session in October around here... the colors are just perfection.  I love everything about this picture & how "natural" & peaceful it looks... it didnt hurt this young lady was gorgeous .. inside & out!! She wants to be a photographer & work in youth ministry... Hello?  She's a mini-me.. except much more beautiful.  I need to talk her into dying her hair red :)

I got my hands on my first DUDE for a Senior Session too... I just called him Mr. GQ because he was a model in the making.  He would stand in front of the camera & give me a straight face & then a smile & then a SMIZE :) ... he knows how to work a camera.  Not bad for a football player.

Did anyone stick around through all the pictures?  I coulda put a whole lot more... I'm a snapping fool...

I'm off to go to lunch with a friend, plan 2 more photo sessions for the weekend & suck in the joy of vacation.

Happy Day friends!


  1. I love how you talk about your photos. It's not like you're pointing out the obvious. As someone who want to be a mini-you, you are actually giving me pointers which I very much appreciate.
    Yes, that family shot with the three boys is super! So what if you can't see the two boy's faces. Who says you have to see faces to have a great portrait.
    Beautiful job!

  2. I could look at your pictures all day long. I sit it in admiration, and can't wait til I am finished with school so I have time to buy my new DSLR and take a class and play around with it. I'll be begging you for pointers in the spring!

    Hope the PT is going well and your shoulder is building muscle fast!

  3. RJ,
    I LOVE your pictures!!! I've been thinking so much about you and your pictures lately. Weird huh? Just comes in there every little bit and how I wish you could take pictures of my family. Now wouldn't that be a hoot?!!

    The LORD laid you and Ricky on my heart this morning on the way to pick up Sir Cuteness. Just want you to know that I'm praying for you and Ricky and hope your vacation is restful and peaceful my sweet friend.

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  4. Love your pictures, Rebecca!!!


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