Monday, October 10, 2011


We just started a new series in our youth group, talking about moving forward.

When we become a Christian, we sometimes think we're supposed to be perfect - make no more mistakes - we have it all together afterall... right? 

yeah - those of us that have been Christians for awhile know that's a laughable statement.

But we get that idea in our head sometimes that we have to take giant LEAPS toward Christ - when all He wants is for us is to take steps.. .small steps actually... maybe even baby steps. 

Its those steps that get us closer to Him because we're doing those steps thoughtfully & not the leaps that are usually out of excitement or emotion.

Have you ever came home from a retreat & was all pumped up & ready to change everything you do because you want to be THE.BEST.CHRISTIAN.EVER!!!! ....

How did that work for you? ... exactly.

Last night, in the youth small group, some of the kids gave me an even better understanding of this idea

(See?  Again, this is why I ADORE working with youth - they teach me everytime I talk with them)

They said that when you take a step, at least you have one foot on the ground - it keeps you stable & balanced so even if you do take a misstep, you have some support to keep you upright.... if you leap & you take a wrong step, chances are, you're coming down in a mess & hurting yourself.

Isnt that a cool visual?  Out of the the mouth of the teens of today :)

So be encouraged - you dont have to take huge LEAPS for Christ... He just wants you to continue to step towards Him... whether that be a nice stride, or even small slow steps... as long as its forward.


  1. Such awesome and insightful teens you're working with!

    I love this post, such a great reminder that not only is it OK to take small steps it can even be preffered if that is what we need in our walk!!!

    It is so easy to see someone else's walk and think- man I need to get THERE. . .NOW. Instead of thinking God has a plan for me that is on my own special schedule :)

  2. I LOVE this RJ!!! One foot in front of the other in the right direction.

    I love youth!!

    And I love you friend ~~ Have a Beautiful Day ~~ Dawn

  3. I love this post- thanks for the reminder :-)

  4. And a child (or children, in this case) shall lead them...

    Great insights!

  5. Those smart-alec whipper snappers! They think they know everything. Okay, so kids are as close to perfection as creatures come. But really, do they have to brag about it?
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Did you miss me? I hope you said "yes".

  6. Amen, forward is progress even if it's baby steps :) I take A LOT of those :)


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