Wednesday, October 12, 2011 you...

My devotional for the morning has a simple verse:

"See, your king comes to you....."
Matthew 21:5

It was a devotional on Jesus going into Jerusalem & how the people were cheering Jesus' arrival when he entered, but how it sooned changed to screams of "Cruicify Him"

But all I kept thinking about were those 5 words...

& I kept thinking about how Jesus keeps coming to us... even when we're excited He's there & then turn on him just like the people long ago...

... & then I just kept asking myself, how often do we go to Him?

Thank you Jesus that you're always there, coming to me, waiting for me to always come to you... daily... hourly... every second of the day...

May our own lives say, "See, we go to our King"....


  1. I, too, am so very grateful that Jesus is there for me...especially these past 5 months.

  2. Beautiful and horrible to think at the same time. I honestly can't imagine my life without God but how often do I unknowingly turn on him? Ex. By choosing blogging or tv or to do something else rather than spend time in prayer and learning about him.

    BTW, I loved your suggestion on my blog. I'm kicking around ideas in my head right now. Thanks.

  3. I also deleted it in hopes of keeping your wonderful idea between the two of us. Were you planning to write that story? If so, I'll leave it alone.

  4. Wow, that last line. Yes, please Lord, help us.

  5. as always very powerful... Have a great day.. Love the story below that is just crazy.. I could not do that. I mean after I had my son I went to run down the hall a few days later and could not run at all..


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