Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutest Pumpkins EVER

So I mentioned my brother had a booth at a local Fall Festival...

See the one with the blue eye shadow on?  Oh yeah - I totally snagged that one up for myself! :)  Gonna put a witches hat on her for Halloween, & a pilgrim had for Thanksgiving. ... its HUGE too so it'll fill up my front porch too... I'll have the cutest pumpkin on my street.

I headed over to the festival to check out his booth... mainly because I think his work is A-MAZ-ING... from the classy, beautiful work, to the fun, adorable, even constipated looking pumpkins :)

Tell me this pumpking doesnt scream "CONSTIPATED"

Arent these pumpkins awesome?   I just think these faces are adorable...  All the kids loved them too - they would come running over & just staring at the big eyes & big noses...

... I just love seeing my brother get out there & promote some of this talent because he definitely doesnt show enough the amazing things he can do.... all these are hand painted & air brushed...

....Am I sounding like a proud little sister?... because I totally am :)


  1. RJ ~~. WOW WOW WOW!!!! Sir Cuteness would LOVE these. I wasn't quite sure what you meant when you said your brother painted pumpkins...... What a beautiful talent he has. He must paint more than pumpkins huh? They are so funny and beautifully done. You simply must show pictures of your porch with that beauty on there, complete with hat :).

    I love you friend, have a Blessed vacation week~~. WOOT- WOOT!!!!!

  2. He got crazy talent! First I was jealous of you, now him. Stop it already!

  3. Those are really cool! I hope he was successful and sold a bunch! :)

  4. Those are super duper CUTE! Your brother definitely is quite talented, to say the least! Would sure love to have one (or two!) to call my very own!

  5. Love this pumpkins.. What a talent.. I would be proud too.. Have a great day...

  6. Those pumpins are fabulous! I keep trying to convince my kids it would be fun to paint pumpkins instead of carving them, but I guess they like the goo and gross.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog on my SITS day.

  7. those are awesome!!! i'd be a proud sister too. xoxo

  8. Ok. Those are the height of Halloween cuteness!!!!

  9. Those are AWESOME! Never seen anything like them!


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