Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Trainer...

I have 2 big races coming up.

When I first started running (which I thought I'd never do) I thought, how hard is it?  Really, when you think about it, running seems simple enough.  After all, its just moving your feet REALLY fast - right?

...I know everyone that has attempted to run just laughed...

There's so much more to running then you think of.

The placement of your foot matters
The way you hold your head matters
The way you swing your arm matters (dont get me started on that)
The shoes you wear matters
The SOCKS you wear matters
The stretching matters
The strength training matters

... I could go on & on here...

But its things that I've learned along the way.  Its not as easy as I thought it'd be. 

I've learned though from people ... people who know the right answers.  They're like trainers.

Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Think of Bob from the Biggest Loser... (I love me some Bob Harper)... perfect example of a trainer.  Someone who tells you things that push you to a better place - somewhere you want to be but are having a hard time on your own.  Maybe because you dont know how to do it on your own.  But Bob is there encouraging, pushing when its tough, giving advice - even if you dont want to hear the truth sometimes...

So I did a lesson last week to the youth on the Holy Spirit & really caught on & noticed how The Holy Spirit is kinda like our Bob.  Is that weird to think?  But honestly - think about it.  The Holy Spirit is in us, helping us, encouraging us - giving us advice we dont necessarily WANT to hear - guiding us into areas where we may not know what to do....The Holy Spirit is taking us to somewhere we want to be - closer to God.

And just like any trainer that may push you... we have a choice to listen...

How many times have you seen someone on the Biggest Loser sit & cry & say, "I cant do it" to their trainer?  But they keep pushing & in the end, what happens - they do it afterall...

I think I've sat on the side of the road of life sometimes & have that same argument with the Holy Spirit... "I cant do what you're asking"... "Its too hard"... but my "trainer" keeps encouraging & helping me... doing exactly what the Holy Spirit does.

So be encouraged today... when you accept Jesus, you too have a personal trainer that will help you...

... & you dont have to stand in a pair of shorts & a sports bra in front of the world to see either :)


  1. Wow, girl...this just blew my socks right off my tootsies! How very true this is! These past 5 months, God has taught me to lean solely on Him...more than ever before. Puts my mind at rest.

  2. Girlfriend, You hit it exactly right. I LOVE thinking of the Holy Spirit as my personal trainer. Now that is really cool!!!

    I have really struggled in the last year, but God is SO GOOD and He loves me like know other.

    You rocked my world with this today girl ~~ Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  3. When are you getting your minister's license? You're very good at this stuff.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I'm sorry but I'd rather not think of the Holy Spirit as a hot guy with tats.

  4. great post. and bob? love him! xoxo


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