Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!!!!  Not just any Friday either... its the Friday before my vacation.... which means today will be busy because when you get ready to leave work for vacation, you have to make sure everything is finished... only to come back to have work piled so high on your desk, you're exhausted for another week.  I don't care.  Its one week I dont have to worry about getting up at 4:30... I plan on sleeping, cleaning my garage, sleeping, going to physical therapy for my arm, sleeping, relaxing, sleeping, letting my arm rest, sleeping.. & more sleeping...  Until 3:00 gets here, we'll just frag away

I'm still angry about Chynna Phillips getting kicked off "Dancing with the Stars"... that's 2 weeks in a row that 2 GOOD dancers have gotten eliminated.  Even if she forgot her routine, she was STILL better then Chaz & Carson... & Hope! I dont see why anyone thinks she's good - I think she looks so "stiff"... As of now, I dont even think they have 3 good people for a final 3... If Ricki Lake or JR gets booted, I'll be watching "The Sing Off" on Mondays

I'm ignoring a toothache that's coming on... that's the LAST thing I need right now with all my arm issues.  And the last thing I need for my wallet.  Hey - I remember my vacation last year also left me getting a root canal & a crown... there's my vacation fund right there every year... this pain is in a tooth where its already crowned & has been root canal... THAT right there folks is how lucky I am!  Who can have pain in a nerve that isnt even there?  geez....

How cute are these leg warmers?  I love that yarn pattern too - Noro is just BEAUTIFUL... but I would totally wear these all the time... with skirts - over jeans... to bed!  I'm all about extra warmth with the cool weather coming.


My brother is setting up a booth tomorrow at a Fall festival selling some pumpkins that he paints.  He does it every year & they are A-DOR-ABLE!  He always gives everyone in the family one & his friends & every year we all tell him he needs to sell them.  So he's doing it tomorrow.  Wish him luck!  I've gotta run by & cheer him on... take some pictures of all the pumpkins together so you can see once again his amazing talent!


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Anniversary Dinner... So, I dont gamble - at all.  We have a Riverboat Casino near us.  It used to be Ceasars but The Horse Shoe has taken it over.  Last time I was on the boat was in 1999. No joke.  But I have gone to their hotel for the places to eat... hello... Paula Dean has a buffet there.  Heavenly Buttery Fat EVERYWHERE. But they have amazing places to eat there... so Ricky, who DOES love to gamble always is getting things in the mail from his Player Card.  He & his best bud, Tony have spent more time there then anywhere else... wait, I take that back - 2nd to the skating rink I'll say.  So this week, Ricky gets in the mail a discount for the most amazing steakhouse (steak for him - none for me thankyouverymuch) & it says, "To celebrate your Annivesary"... Our anniversary is Oct 28... the River Boat knows that... that's scary....
(The owners probably know that most men forget it & its their SLY way of reminding the men so they're not in trouble & can keep coming back to gamble... anyways...)
So Ricky says to me, "I think Tony & I are going to go use this to celebrate our anniversary"
Since when did you marry Tony?
He went on to give me an explanation on why it makes sense to take Tony there.
.... so for the record, he's taking his best friend on our annivesary dinner & he's messed up our vacation being off on our anniversary.  Its a wonder we're going to make it to our 16th year... good thing I love his messed up butt


FYI - & I hate to admit this... the Spat of the Week a few weeks ago... Isaac liked Ricky's choice of toys - the Iron Man figure won out.... DANNNNNGGGGGG ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Guys stick together is all I'm going to say about that


I've missed my books lately... I'm just not finding time to read & its making me sad

Speaking of books... I'm totally interested in this little gadget....

Kindle Fire!!! Anyone else looked into it yet?  I bet they will be impossible to get around Christmas time though... & Yes, I'm talking about buying myself one for Christmas.  Priorites :)


Anyone know why on Pinterest, you have to put your own settings for height/width?  That's causing me stress...


This just freaks my mind out....

OK everyone... Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!  Mine will be even more FAB at 3:00...

(Did I mention I'm going to be sleeping a lot on my vacation?)


  1. Ricky taking his friend to enjoy the anniversary dinner? Sounds like something that the Big Guy would do! ha!

    While I don't have a Kindle, I do have a Nook and LOVE IT. I actually read more than I did before I got it! I can keep it in my purse and pull it out when I'm waiting for an appointment, or on a break at work. So, while they're different brands, I can almost bet that it's similar in the "likes" categories! :)

  2. Since school started, I've read one book--about teaching reading. But that's it. I miss reading for fun, and I was just telling Brad that. These 12-13 hour days are killing me.

    Happy vacation!

  3. Your comment about still being mad about Chynna Phillips being eliminated made me laugh because I'm still made Adam Lambert didn't win American Idol, ha!

  4. I'm late. I know. Don't hate me.
    I love those leg warmers. It makes me want to run upstairs, shave my legs and slip those babies on. And don't even tell me that I wouldn't totally work them. Cuz I'm a Maniac on the Dance Floor don't you know.
    Have a great weekend. I'm starting mine right now with you and a glass of Merlot. Actually, it's my second glass but Fred just left for the Dollar General so I'm drinking behind his back. Shhhh, don't tell him. Okay, that's it for now. If there are any typos in this comment, I'm sorry. But I don't have the focus to go back and read over this. You'll just have to deal.

  5. I like leg warmers too--they really make a big difference!

    Stopping by from FF.

  6. I am so chilly today I want those leg warmers!
    Dentists are so expensive I cannot believe I just got a $16,000 estimate for dentures. That dentist is smoking crack:(
    I hope you can rest your arm and get lots of sleep and at least somewhat enjoy your vacation.

  7. Oh my word - I BURST out laughing at your spat of the week! Too funny!

  8. Ricky totally cracks me up with his Maniversary!!! I hope your tooth does not become a problem. That would suck. Now I'm on to read about your arm...

  9. Have a wonderful vacation, I hope your tooth behaves itself!

    The Kindle Fire does look very tempting, if it was available already I'd have my son's 10th birthday present problem solved, he'd love an ipad but they're way too expensive.


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