Sunday, October 30, 2011

Race 1 of 2

I have 2 races within 2 weeks & today was the first one.

I was expecting temps to be in the 40's but woke up to check my iPod & see it was 31 degrees.  I thought it was a joke so turned on the TV & nope... it was actually 28 degrees out where I live in the country.  There goes the idea of wearing shorts for the race.

I get all dressed when Ricky starts getting dressed & said he'd drive me & stick around... Wh wh WHAT?  He never comes... so I was thrilled.

Here I am leaving at 6:30 am... with our bridge still down, it takes us about 45 minutes to get to Downtown Louisville - so off before the sun rises we go.

(Dont judge my face... I dont put on makeup only to sweat it off)

It was cold to start off but not unbearable.  I think I've either been in colder temps, or I'm just getting used to it. 

It wasnt a huge crowd, but a nice size - about 2,000 runners.  It was easy to find some familiar faces - which is always nice.

I ended up running with a guy that was doing the same intervals as me.  We kept each other company & chatted the entire way.  Love hearing others stories - he was telling me he was 80 lbs heavier (& he was still a larger fella) & that he used to even be proud of himself for doing a 5k in just over an hour ... so he's come a long way.  It was great meeting him.

So Ricky was telling me he would be outside the baseball stadium, where the finish line was because "there's just too many people inside"... I was nearing the stadium & saw Ricky leaning up against a light pole about a half mile up.  I was the only one on the road... I was in a bright blue shirt... he had to see me coming...

you'd think...

finally, I'm getting ready to pass him & I'm like "HEY!" & he totally snapped out of his daze...
He totally almost missed me... how do you miss the only person on the road?

So then he ran ahead of me so he could get another picture... he actually ran INTO the stadium with me here

Then he sent me on my way as I rounded the bases to the finish line

(You'd never know as sunny as it was that it was still in the 30's.... brrrrrr)

I had no idea I was on the jumbo tron either until he showed me the picture.  He said, "I expected you to do something crazy with you knowing you were on there"... dang it!  I had no idea or I totally would have.  I was too busy with the University of Louisville cheerleaders.  They were along the path & I was doing "spirit fingers" with them as they were shaking their pom poms... dang them for distracting me from the Jumbo Tron :)

But it was another  race finished....

Now, to get ready for the next one in 2 weeks... I'm NERVOUS about that one too... its a route I've never been on & includes a big park with LOTS of hills... & people tell me its not pretty....

I'm scared...

...Until then...


  1. Oh well done! I think you're really cute in your racing gear with your braids :) And I'm so proud of Ricky for going with you this time.

  2. Good for you! I wouldn't run w/makeup on either.

  3. Ok, so I LOVE that Ricky was there supporting you!! Nothing like having your man by your side. Now when is he taking up running? :)

    I love you so my friend!!

    Great job on another race in the books for you.

    And look terrific!!

    Have a super Blessed day, Dawn

  4. Like you, if I knew I was on the jumbo tron I would have done something!!

    Good luck with the next'll do great!! :)

  5. YAY RJ! And that was nice of Ricky to go with you! I would have loved to see what you would have done if you knew you would be on the Jumbo Tron lol :)

    PS Your face looks like without makeup! You have great skin!

  6. Great Job, RJ!
    Seriously, you look great. If you looked like hell, I would tell you. Believe me, I'm that kind of friend.
    So funny that he almost missed you on the road. I'll probably be laughing about that one all day.

  7. you look gorgeous without makeup on sweetie. don't ever feel like you don't because that will be false. congrats on your big race!! i'm so proud of you :)


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