Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea this week has been long.

No joke... when it was Tuesday, I thought it should already be Friday... time is such a weird thing.  Anyways, I've made it - its REALLY Friday.  So let's get to business & frag the day away.

Health Update:  I'm still having good days/bad days with the numb hands & feet... but the 'down' days dont seem to be as bad.  Maybe I'm just getting used to it?  The numbness does tend to drive me a little crazy, but I'm just trying to just get used to it. People live with worse - right?... Countdown to see the neurologist is 20 days

But can I tell you how aggravated I am with this doctor... who I will never go back to in my life... I called & asked if there was anything I could do about the numb feet/hands.  After talking with the nurse, TWICE, because she was clueless & was talking in circles, they called me back again & said, "You should take Benedryl" - HUH?  Why?  The nurse said, "The doctor said it would help with you being wired"... SAY WHAT?  Not one time have I ever mentioned feeling "wired"... not one time have I ever FELT wired.  I just politely said, "Thank you" & hung up... when I really wanted to say, "you all are the worse doctor's office I've ever been to in my life"... my momma raised a polite gal.  Except my momma wanted to call & ream them too. :)


MORE Health update:  My tendonitis is in high gear again too.  Nope - it never ruptured.... sigh...

I've been reading up on surgery for it.  Doesnt sound too good. They say its very painful, the physical therapy afterwards is horrible & in the end, it MAY NOT HELP. Geez...I'll deal with this after I get feeling back in my hands & feet...
Anyone else sad about the news of Picnik shutting down? 
It's made me glad I forced myself to learn Photoshop, but the convenience of Picnik was so nice... any other good online editing sites you like?

Can I ask what the big deal was with Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem?  I know it wasnt awesome... but was it THAT bad?  Doesnt everyone know he has a screech scream on a normal day anyways?  And I kept hearing "WORSE ANTHEM EVER"... do people need a reminder of Rosanne Barr grabbing herself, while spitting, singing it?

Steven Tyler is the only man I know that can pull off some funky hats


So I heard the President gave a speech?  State of the Union?  ... I chose to watch "Dance Moms" instead...

Dancing makes me happy... the state of where our country is at?  Not so much


I did a 2nd attempt in placing a cover on my Kindle Touch.  Let's just say, Fingerprints/Bubbles = 2, Rebecca = 0  ... I end up pulling it off, screaming, & then wading it into a sticky ball.

Remember when my last half marathon, I injured my knee 2 weeks before the race?  Guess what?  My step-daughter, Julie, is running her first half marathon in 2 weeks.  And guess what?  She INJURED herself!  She pulled her hip flexor. OUCH!  So can you send her well wishes?  She's been going to a chiropractor, got some KT Tape & some suppplements to help & she's still planning on going for it in the race.  She's in such good shape that I told her to take these next 2 weeks off & heal up... & then cross that finish line! :)

Be warned:  in training - 2 weeks before your race, it must be the time you're body says, "nope - I dont want to do this thing"

(Julie at her 10K this past October)
Spat of the week:  CD's & iPods.... I got Ricky an iPod for Christmas.  Or as he calls it, "a little jukebox".  I tell him to stop calling it that, because that shows his age & makes him sound like he's going to a sock-hop.  But Ricky has had a great time of loading up his songs on it... except its gonna be the death of me.  He is going through all our CD's & downloading them onto the computer.  Problem with that?  The CD's then lay on the bed - or at night, get thrown on the floor, or put on the dresser.  Not back IN the CD holder.  I took him the CD case & told him to take the CD out, download it & then put it back before he takes another one out.  So what did I see last night?  The case laying on the floor with 10 CD's scattered on top of it.  My "Walk to Remember" Soundtrack CD was in the middle of the pile... I told him if my CD's get scratched up, I'm scratching his eyeballs.  Again, its the sweet words I use that communicate what I really mean... I love you...

I think Bob on "The Biggest Loser" has met his match... Dolvett. 

And by 'met his match' - I mean, CUTIE PATOODY!!!!

Any other Dolvett fans?


And this is why I can blog....

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!


  1. I'm so glad it's Friday too! What a week. New boss. Everything's fine, but just strange and uncomfortable.

    I so hope this neurologist will be able to figure out what's going on and get you the help you need. That other doctor needs to get a clue!

    My daughter uses Picnik and told me it was closing. That's really too bad. She loves it too.

    I was so surprised that I really liked Steven Tyler last year on Idol. Who knew? I've never been a rocker, more a country girl myself.

    I've got a cover to put on my Kindle Touch, but so far haven't worked up the nerve to try it. I never could get one on my iPod Touch to please me. We'll see. I'll let you know if it works.

    I had to laugh over Ricky and the CD's. Sounds just like our house! haha

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I also recall Carl Lewis being particularly terrible with the anthem as well. We have such short memories nowadays.

  3. Your DR said WHAT??? I don't think I would have been polite!!! Not only is it unprofessional, it is RUDE!
    I wish you good luck finding a treatment.

  4. Granted, it took a move to a new town to have to switch doctors, but I'm telling you--I UNDERSTAND your frustration. It is OK to switch doctors...don't fill bad for that. Your health is important!! :)

    I, too, strive to have a monitor that no one can see. The other day the campus president came into my office to drop off something and I was crusing twitter. ha!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. I think it's high time you give that doctor a little piece of your a nice way, of course! That is just pure crazy what she told you! Oh, I'd switch docs so fast...and I'd never look back! I really hope the problems you've been having get resolved heart goes out to you so much!

    I am just sick about Picnik closing shop! I've been playing around a little with FotoFlexer, but not too sure about it. How long did it take you to get the hang of Photoshop? I don't even know where to begin!

  6. You and Ricky are such a hoot - I love how you show your love for each other :)

    I really think that you should write a letter to your doctor requesting all your records, and explain in detail why you're leaving.

  7. Scratching the eyeballs of your significant other? Hmmmm.

  8. I agree with the Steven Tyler thing. No big deal.

  9. Amen to the long week! This was our first full week back to school since before Christmas! I was pooped.

    I can relate (somewhat)on the numb hands and feet. Heather and I both suffer from Reynauds. Althought I am sure it is not the same numbness you are having, it is annoying. Hoping you find an answer soon.

    And, why do men never want to put things back in their places when they are finished with something? Makes me crazy. I say, just go for the eyes!

    Have a great week!

  10. You poor dear!!! I think you really do need to give that doctor's office a piece of your mind...write a letter to them...AFTER they've seen you. Send a copy to the local or state doctor's association. Sheesh

  11. Well, I've never heard of him, but I'll never forget him, now! Mmm. And as far as Steven Tyler goes, I love him no matter what.

    What a bummer for Julie! I have an issue with my hip flexor,too, but I am not marathon material. I'm just hoping it's better by the time the new XBox360 Zumba comes out this month.

    Wow on the doctor's office.

    Yes, I'm bummed about Picnik, but I'm happy for the Picnik folks. I haven't found a replacement yet :(


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