Thursday, January 12, 2012

My New Years Resolution...

Most of you know - I gave up eating meat last year...

& by meat, I've not eaten, as I call it, anything with 4 legs... I do eat a bit of chicken... but that's even been cut back drasicially

I cant believe its been a year...

Why did I do it?  For a couple of reasons.  First & foremost - I saw how they slaughter a cow.  Seeing that disturbed me that much.  Plus, hearing everything that red meat, specifically, can do to your system - that bothered me too.  Especially having a father who had a run in with colon cancer.

I've not missed beef and pork one bit...

I watched "Food Matters" awhile back & that documentary stuck with me...

There is another one out - its called "Forks over Knives"... its on Netflix... if you havent seen it - PLEASE watch it.

The info in it will blow you away. 

The facts, figures, proof that our diet can control so many things that we dont even realize.

But what I've discovered?  People get touchy about the idea of giving up meat & dairy... They get defensive & angry about it.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe its like trying to take a toy away from a child... its what they know & love & they dont want to give it up.

I definitely would never push anything on anyone...

but I do challenge everyone to watch this documentary & tell me it doesnt make you want to change.

So this year, my resolution has been to make at least 2 - trying for 3 - Vegan meals a week.

So far... its been pretty good.  Ricky has actually enjoyed it - even asked me last night to make the Spinach & Mushroom Quesadillas.  Tonight? I'm frying up Eggplant in Coconut Oil with a tomato based breading :)

Honestly - I ask you to look into it because I think that's the thing - we dont know any better.  Our country is so used to what we know, what we eat... but when you hear of whole countries that eat basically plant-based foods & their count for prostate cancer is 19.... 19!!!! ... for the whole country... that's got to tell you something.  Especially when the US was like 500,000 for the year...

This little fact blew me away too:

"Humans have no nutritional need for cow's milk.  Cow's milk is designed to provide a baby calf with adequate nutrients to grow from 70 lbs to about 1,000 lbs in one year.  And, it contains casomorphins, addictive compounds similar to morphine, to ensure that the calf will stay near its mother, safely nursing & growing.  Casomorphins are addictive for humans as well, which can make giving up dairy a challenge"

Its just drilled in our heads that we need dairy for calcium... we need meat for protein... but we don't... plant based foods have those nutrients, even more so.

And no... I'm not turning all hippy & writing to PETA to be their number one fan.  For me, this is about health

Anyone else willing to try just a few nights a week of vegan?

Check out the trailer to the documentary... & let me know if you've seen it & what you think.  This stuff just needs to be talked about more... knowledge is power...


  1. I was raised in a meat-and-potatoes home. If it doesn't have meat, it's not dinner. Joe was raised the same way.

    We do eat a lot of chicken and fish, red meat once a week or so. Given my picky oldest son, who ONLY eats meat some days, I would be hard-pressed to give that up. However, we do grow a garden in the summer and feed our kids tons of fresh fruits and veggies at least twice a day, which is something neither of our parents did. We're moving in the right direction, I think...

    Spinach and mushroom quesadillas sound delicious! Recipe, please?

  2. Totally watching this today!!!

  3. I don't know if I'm brave enough to watch...

  4. Most of what I eat is plant based usually. It makes me feel better - cleaner, if you will. I will still eat a steak or cheeseburger occasionally. But chicken grosses me out. (although I do love me some eggs, can't lie!)

    But I also love almond milk now! It's so good! I don't even miss regular milk. And I've been experimenting a lot with eating beans and rice and using different seasonings. There's so many fun things to eat that isn't meat.

  5. My son watched a movie called "Meet Your Meat," and he became a vegetarian for about three years. He opted to go for meat again about a year or so ago.

    I respected his choice, I respect yours.

    Feel free to write about it all you want.

    I am working toward a no pop life--you know, no diet Pepsi. It hasn't been all that hard, but the alternatives are easily available.

    Next is going to be sugar only for special occasions.

    I'm not a huge meat eater, but I like it now and again. I do however love milk. Cheese is a favorite. I may be addicted to milk. I'm okay with that.

    Alternatives to meat and dairy are available, but it's not as simple--at least for this overworked woman--to make that change. So I won't be watching the movie.

    I do believe, even with the colon cancer and heart disease in my family--both parents for the latter, I can have my meat and my health too.

    Thanks for respecting my thoughts, even if you disagree, I know you do.

  6. not sure I want to watch.. But thanks for sharing it..

  7. I am so proud of you! I've been one of those health nuts for years...spouting off information that made people look at me like I was c-r-a-z-y. I have chosen not to care. Good for you for making changes.

  8. Very intriguing...I will put that video in my queue.

    Last week, I cut up a ton of veggies and have been only eating those for snacks. Others in my family have joined me. It's all a simple matter of planning. I hope to keep it up.

  9. Proud of RJ! I've been struggling with the milk issue and just Friday someone told me about Forks Over Knives and I'm seeing it recommended again today so I think I need to watch it.

    I don't really eat a lot of red meat, maybe once a month. I buy ground turkey or chicken. I want to watch this, but I don't have Netflix.


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