Friday, January 20, 2012

Mommy's Idea

Friday... Finally...

I thought the week was going by pretty fast, until everyone around me started saying around Wednesday how slow the week was going... that put the brakes on my week.  Thursday lasted forever & now we're here... let's hope today flies by... get to that weekend!  Until 3:00 comes, let's frag...

What the heck time of year is this?  January?  Then can someone tell me why we just had "Day O' Tornado" this week?  Seriously!  We had, last I saw, confirmed 5 tornadoes on Tuesday & the count was going up.  They were dropping everywhere!  We sat by the window at work (yeah, I know... smart) & watched power lines popping & flashing electricity & our big work trucks literally rocking so much, we thought they would topple over!  There was a semi that was THROWN off the expressway onto its side... what in the world?  Tornadoes.... January..... the world is having some major hormone issues.

I am in awe of this SOPA thing.  I didnt really understand it.  Its the small thing that make me feel stupid in life... but the lovely host of Friday Fragments had a link up that explained it the best to me... here's the link:

How in the world can we live in the United States of America & they censor the internet... really?  That just blows my mind.  It'll be a sad day when no one can blog anymore.... or I cant watch YouTube videos... or stalk people on Twitter and/or Facebook.  Sad indeed.

The only benefit of this will be, it may make me stop looking up every ache & pain on Google & discovering that I've got a horrible disease & will die in a few months.


American Idol is back.... Stephen Tyler is still just adorable.  After 2 shows, I have two favorites.  One, being the Kentucky girl that sang "Country Strong" (WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!) & the guy that sang the theme song to "Family Matters"... when he said he was singing that. I was like, do what?  But he was fantastic!    Any favs you like from the beginning?

Ricky's favorite was the little boy that kicked off the show that sang the Michael Jackson song.  I will say, Ricky, every year has picked the top 5 people from the auditions every year... that just irks me...


As of today, I feel like I'm 65% back to normal... which is good, because I was feeling like I was never going to feel right again.  I think now, whenever a doctor recommends a steroid, I may have a freak out...

I have to get back to 100% by Monday.... hear that body?... but its the start of my training for my next half marathon.  14 weeks... time to kick it in gear again.



So have you gone to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D yet?  Its A-MAZ-ING!!!!  Ricky & I took my twin nieces... they are 7 years old & could really care less about it.  I'm sitting there singing & dancing & they just look at me like I lost my mind.  Ricky?  He didnt pay me any attention... he was used to it...

There was a little girl in the theater who wore her Belle dress.  I looked at Ricky & said, "SEE!!!! I should have worn mine"... Ricky said, "Um... I think it woulda looked a little different with a 40 year old verses a 4 year old".... I still think I could have pulled it off.


I love this...

good to remember

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Talking at inappropriate times... Honestly, we still havent had a lot of "spats" this week.  (What IS going on? ... weird...)  but I did notice something this week that made me laugh, in a "that's messed up" sense of the word.  Everytime I remember to tell something to Ricky that I've been thinking of all day, I'll get a "Shhhh" & a finger pointing in the air.  Only to see that the news station is talking about a basketball game, or some score of something is on.  So then Ricky gets upset with me when he goes to tell me something & I'm like "SSSHHHHHH" & hold up my finger when I have to see the latest on Kim Kardashian for the day... because you KNOW, everyday something changes with her.  What?  Its important....

The best thing?  When we both are ready to hear what the other has to say & we're like "What were you going to say?"... we've both forgotten what was so important in the first place... oh well...


Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!!

Come on weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the running sign. That made me smile.

    I don't get SOPA thanks for linking the post from Mrs. 4444 I forgot to click and read it!

    I'm with you on the tornadoes! What is up with that? There were several suspected ones about an hour from us in Kentucky. I don't DO tornadoes. Seriously. Give me snow!

    Happy Friday!

  2. such weird winter weather this year. We finally got our first real winter snow ... and we live in the great white north!

  3. I don't really get the whole SOPA or PIPA stuff either, but I'm glad you provided a link. I'll have to read that to learn more.

    Glad you're getting stronger and feeling steps! :)

  4. I am lovin' American Idol, so far! I really liked "Mister Steals Your Girl"...made me think of a young Michael Jackson. I, also, liked that 20-something year old guy from Leesburg, GA. who sang and played a guitar. Just the kind of guy I'd love Brittany to meet!:)

  5. Mike & I need to do the shhh finger thing - usually we just give each other the evil eye. Your way is more polite :)

    Glad you're feeling some better. When's your doctor appointment again?

  6. I do hope your body recovers soon. You inspire me by talking about your running. I used to do that :-( What's keeping me?

    You cracked me up about haunting the internet for your current 'disease'. My hubby works at a hospital and does that also.

  7. Oh how I wish we lived close. You and I have such similar senses of humor. I love everything you shared and laughed more than once.

    Can't count the number of times my hubby and I have shushed eachother only to forget what was so important.

  8. In light of the whole tornado in January thing I've been pondering where in the world you live.

    We haven't had tornadoes, but this is central Wisconsin where our NORMAL January includes subzero temperature and banks of snow, so why are we having 40 degree days two or three times a week?????

    At long last for the past few days we've had some subzero temps and a smattering of snow.

    I LOVE your weather on hormones line.

  9. Tornadoes in January? EEK!!!

    SOPA who? Yes apparently my head has been in a hole. It's the cold. I'm blaming it on the cold.

    SOTW - I love you. The end.

    Have a Super weekend friend ~~ Dawn

    PS. Dak sent me a pic a few hours ago and he was standing with the members of Breathe Carolina. Ahhh the life of a college boy. He got back stage passes to meet them and they signed a poster, he had his Breathe Carolina shirt on and for some reason, all this reminds me of Ricky :). Just thought I'd share..... Your welcome :)

  10. I liked the Jackson 5 song, written by Clifton Davis--now a pastor I believe--but I don't know how far that young one will make it.

    Country Strong woman, good stuff. Country Strong movie, horrible stuff.

  11. I am SO glad to hear that you are on the mend! That was so scary!!

    Loving the new Idol, but I haven't picked any winners yet. Mr.4444 has a list of which Bachelorette candidates will be in the finale; he's pretty good at that kind of thing.

    Stay safe! Thanks for linking up :)

  12. I do the same thing with CH...why does he insist on talking when I'm trying to listen to a news story or the weather? (Of course, it's not like I could find the story on the 'net later1)
    I've heard Beauty and the Beast is amazing in 3D. I may have to go watch it myself!
    COMPLETELY forgot about American Idol. Must start watching!


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