Monday, January 02, 2012

A perfect Birthday....

I was kinda down & depressed about my 40th birthday... & it turned out to be a pretty fantastic day...

First of all, Facebook does nothing but make you feel loved on your big day.  All day long, sweet comments & quick notes of friends dropping birthday wishes.  It really did feel like birthday hugs all day.

Then, I got a surprise at work... my dad had driven all the way downtown to bring me something me made me...

Is this the most AWESOME cake EVER?!?!?!?!?!?! 

He hand made it all... It was a "Dreamcicle Cake"... mmmm... orange flavor... just like a push-pop... with chocolate icing.

And its a CAMERA!!!! 

Ricky's not big on birthday cakes & I was deteremined to go buy myself one after work if need be... & then I got this surprise.  It was perfect...

I did have to work all day, but it was a busy, quiet day.  Then Ricky was going to take me out to dinner so I had to waste an hour before he got off work.  I headed to a book store where I can spend HOURS anyways... what's one hour?  I ended up getting me my own birthday present.. something I've never read & always wanted...the whole collection of the Chronicles of Narnia...

Ricky wasnt too thrilled when I told him I had gotten these books... I wasnt sure why... you'll see later.

So I get to pick out wherever I want to eat for my birthday.  I was going to pick Panera Bread since I LOVE that place & Ricky dreads it... but he'd eat there for my birthday.  I made it easy on him though & we had Chuey's... I do love my mexican food.

Then the topper of tops... the only reason to sign up for Starbucks cards... the Birthday Treat.  Any drink, ANY SIZE!!!!  I was like, "give me the BIGGEST drink" :)  This thing gave me a head rush... but was yummy ... so yummy... Ricky was teasing me because he said, "you're the only person who gets only cold drinks from a coffee shop"... I'm not a fan of hot drinks.  I didnt care it was December... heck, this lady in my picture didnt care it was December either.  I will say though, I think this was the warmest birthday I've ever had.  It was in the high 50's... but still?  I would have passed on those shorts...that's just me... I'm 40 now...

Ricky was so good to me on my birthday.  Even fed the dogs for me & told me he would take care of everything that needed to be taken care of around the house.  He knew 40 was rough on me & he made it a lot easier...

Then I saw why he was upset I just went out & bought new books... this is what he surprised me with...

I cant tell you how giddy I was about this... I've always wanted one.  My eyes have changed so bad this past year.. (hello again Mr. 40) & reading has become harder for me...I have to keep reading glasses with me now & it just aggravates me.  I have already got my first book on there - "Water for Elephants" & made my font bigger... I'm in love...

Ricky said he wanted to get me the Kindle Fire, but this one is more convenient for me.  Smaller to put in my purse.  & I really didnt need all the frills of the Kindle Fire for $100.00 more... maybe in the future... but for right now, this made me the happiest 40 yr old in the world.

Then because my old neck is turning 40, Ricky got me one more gift...

I ended my night by talking with my mom, then my nieces called me... it cracked me up to hear Madi say, "Lordy, Lordy, Aunt Bec is 40"... I literally laughed so hard, it got her tickled.  Then I ended up talking with Julie for over an hour...

It was a perfect day...

Then I saw this quote...

"Do not regret growing older... it is a prvilige denied to many"

I kept thinking of this.... being so sad about turning 40... feeling "old"... & then I think of all the people I've lost in my life... people that were YOUNG... people that lost their lives in military service... people who sacrificed themselves for others...

...getting older didnt sound so bad...

Now onward through another year....


  1. I LOVE the cake-how sweet!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love the shot about the shorts LOL I would totally pass on those too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the quote!!! That is so true. Sounds like a great day. The Kindle is awesome! I have been wanting one for awhile. I think I need to just bite the bullet and get it! And the cake is AWESOME!!

  3. I posted a while back about Brad making my mom's ring into earrings. Right after he did that, I wanted to buy a pair of earrings at an art fair, and he expressed the thought that I had the most perfect earrings, why did I need any more? Not quite those words, but in that moment that's how he was feeling!

    I'm sure your assured your man that you can do both paper books and ebooks! Too funny.

    And your dad? How cute!

    I'm 51 little one, and I'm thankful for it. I don't know how others see me, but I'm simply glad to be here and be me. You're right about losing others younger. I think a lot of my friend Vicki who died at 24, my son's friend Brandon who died at the same age, and others.

    What a blessing this "old" carcass is!

    Glad to know you had a perfect birthday. :)

  4. WHOOOO! A kindle!! I love my e-reader. Love it. I even got Andy one for his birthday. :)

    And I agree...shorts in winter? No thank you!

    Glad you enjoyed your day!

  5. Ok, if I hadn't been so comfy in my covers (yes at 11:50 AM :) I would have fallen out the bed when I read, YOU'VE NEVER READ THE CHRONICLES OF NARIA!!! How has this happened? I LOVE THOSE BOOKS and now I think I will have to get them on my Kindle App and read them again. Love.

    And Oh friend, I'm so happy Ricky didnt get you the Fire. We got Mr. Winslow that for Christmas and he ended up taking it back. It had so any bugs. You couldn't hardly navigate on the thing. When he took it back, the guy at Best Buy said they'd had a lot of returns on them.

    We bought my 72 yr old mama a Kindle for Christmas. You should have seen her, she has no idea what she has. A little Kindle 101 is in order :).

    That cake is AMAZING!!! And we don't have a Chuey's around here, but I've heard a lot about it in the blog world. Apparently we are missing out!!

    I love you friend and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  6. LOVE the Narnia series...I've read quite a few of the books out loud to the kids over the years. Read, then watch the movies good.

    A Kindle, yay! Isabel is loving her Fire.

    I loved Water for Elephants; let me know what you think of it.

    40 is the new 20, anyway, haven't you heard? :)

  7. What a great birthday! I would love to have had a piece of that cake - yum! And your dad is so talented :)

    I LOVE my kindle for the same reason you like yours - bigger font! Mike got the Kindle Fire for himself for his birthday, but I prefer mine (I have the one with the keyboard) - it's lighter & all I really it for is books. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.

  8. Your daddy did GOOD! And Ricky: what a great job he did!
    On my 40th birthday, some of my sisters and my mom sent me 40 balloons at work. Too bad there wasn't a video of me getting them in my car....that would've been thanks enough for them!
    Aren't the free starbucks drinks THE BOMB? I just got a free postcard in the mail a few days ago, and used it this morning!

  9. That does sound like a great birthday. Everything went right even though you moped and complained about being 40 all the way through it. I'm sorry that turning 40 didn't suck as bad as you thought it would have. With any luck, 41 will totally blow!
    Love that quote at the end. It made me pause and think. Stop doing that to me!
    Happy New Year!

  10. What a sweet cake from your daddy and a great gift from your hubby!

  11. LOVE the cake - what a sweet daddy! But the pic of the lady in shorts had me laughing so stinkin hard that hubs had to come check it out too. He rolled his eyes. I laughed harder. I may have even snorted a wee bit!

  12. OK...that cake ROCKS! I think your daddy could give the Cake Boss a run for his money!

  13. Happy Birthday! 40 isn't so bad. As you've figured out, it's better than not making it to 40. I think the Narnia series is a great one to have in old-fashioned form, but woohoo for the Kindle Touch. So glad it turned out to be a good day.

  14. Ok, 3rd times a charm. I've had trouble posting a comment this morning. UGH!

    First, Happy Birthday my dear blogging friend! I pray this year brings you endless blessings and good health.

    Second, I just love how your birthday played out. Sometimes the ones we dread the most are the ones we end up clinging to.

    Third, Thank you for your reality check. I am not thrilled about my age or turning 40 either. However, the alternative would be much worse. I can't imagine not being here to see my little one grow up. I'll take 40 on and be happy and proud. Please be sure to remind me I said this if a moment of weakness should raise it's horrible head.

    Love ya!

  15. So I finally got your RSS feed finished so am reading a few past blog entries. I really liked the quote at the end. I am turning 36 next week and I am feeling a little down about it but that quote perked me right up. I think of people that I care about that are sick or have passed and I feel pretty good about being able to turn 36. Thanks for that!

    I'm really glad you had an excellent day.


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