Monday, January 16, 2012

Your Yes

Today, just a simple message..

but I think it says alot.

Our Youth Minister taught the class yesterday & said something in the middle that really stood out to me:

"For every 'yes' you say, you say 'no' to something else"

That really stood out to me.

I know a lot of you are busy... heck, who isnt?

So remember that simple sentence.  It really makes your 'yes' more valuable.  Because what are you saying 'no' to then?  Friends?  Family?  Things that need your attention more?

... what are you saying YES to? 

More importantly, what are you saying NO to?


  1. when I am about to add something to my schedule, my husband always looks at me and says "so what are you going to drop?" It really does make you think through what you say yes to!

  2. A long time ago, when I first new to church, one of the sermon series was "Words That Count."

    I remember:
    Thank you

    Of those three, the only one that didn't "get" me was "no." I don't have a problem saying no. My pastor was offended when I told him that was the first message in all the time I'd been going there that didn't grab me. (Well, it was true, and he did ask.)

    I like to sleep, I need time to myself, I pour myself out at work, and I need time for those I love when I'm awake and can show my care.

    So I say no.

    My social life, in particular, can be boring, but I even say no to friends.

    The no has to go further though, to open more time for the Lord, He is not someone I should be too tired for. So I have started saying "No!" to morning radio until I've spent time with him in prayer on my commute. It's a start...

  3. RJ,
    I needed this today!!! You know I am a busy mama with college kids, and saying no for me is so hard.

    I'm going to ponder this deeply today.

    Thank you my beautiful friend ~~ How are you feeling?

    I love you ~~ Dawn

  4. I really have to think about this one. Especially since I spend my days saying "no" to people half my size.
    Thank you for your kind words over the past week.

  5. Ouch.

    My word this year is BALANCE. I'm trying hard to be better at what I say yes to and not stressing over what I say no to.

    Thanks for sharing this!!


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