Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup:  A quick look back at what I did, what I learned, what I thought about the weekend:

* I met with my fellow youth leaders Friday at Q'doba for dinner... the funniest part?  As we were leaving, we ended up standing by the front door & someone came in... & did a major, MAJOR trip from getting his foot snagged on the high chairs.  If you dont know anything about me, know that when someone trips, I turn into a 10 yr old.  I had to hide my face so this poor man couldnt see me ready to explode from laughter... if I'm ever in a total depressed state, please someone, just trip in front of me...

* The sky is still blue!! I was beginning to wonder.  Its been hazy, gloomy & yucky here all week.  But the sun shone all weekend & the sky was a beautiful blue. 

*  I got in 4 miles on my run on Saturday.  The neuropathy is still horrid in my feet... but I just press through.  Its weird because it feels like the 3 middle toes are broke & wont bend.  Then the pain will go to the ball of my feet... & then it sorta works out a bit.  Sometimes anyways.  This is really getting on my nerves.

* This is what it looked like the rest of Saturday after I did my run & got my shower... just lounging on the couch.  Well, Buffy was on the couch.  I got to sit on the floor in front of her.  She's a big girl.

* I watched an interesting movie called, "Creation"... it was based on the life of Charles Darwin.  Dont know how accurate it was, but I didnt know he lost a daughter to an illness & he was angry with God about that. Hmm... makes you wonder even more about his theory.  How much anger was instilled in that idea that God wasnt in control?

* Got caught up on my "Project Runway: All Stars"... someone needs to tell Austin Scarlett that the moustache doesnt look right on him.  He looks like a 14 yr old boy who's trying to grow facial hair.  Doesnt work.  But this is the same guy who wears bolero hats. 

*  See this blanket?  Its a baby blanket & its taking me forever to get it finished.  My bicep tendonitis is in full force again so I can only do 2 rows & then I'm in serious pain.  Thank goodness I'm not making this for any baby in particular or they may be in college by the time I finish it.

(Its a totally rad 80's baby blanket)

*  2 bags of dog food for our fur-babies = $82.00 - OUCH!

*  Our Worship Minister's last day was Sunday... Ricky & I are a tad depressed about it & heart broken to see him go.  (Cue someone to trip in front of me please)  He does have a wonderful opportunity though & glad to see him happy in his new career... I told him though, "What's going to happen to us when we clap on the 1 - 3 beat.. or even worse, a 2 -3 beat... WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN?"... the guilt didnt make him stay though.

*  Someone posted this picture on Facebook this weekend.  That's Ricky & his sister in the crowd.  Isnt he A-DOR-ABLE?  I told him, I think this is the first time I've seen him with short hair :)  He said just looking at this brings back all the memories of being a kid.  Memories are an amazing gift to have, arent they?

Here's to a Wonderful week that lays ahead!


  1. So many wonderful things in your blog, I strongly dislike picking Darwin to reply. However. I did a lot of research on him. He realy wasn't as popular in his day as much as he is now. He did write a letter to the University stating none of his discoveries could be proven and it was just an obersvation. The University made his observations public after he passed away and didn't tell anyone how he realy felt. To this day the whole situation is misconstrued. I believe God loves Darwin as much as you and I. So I keep that in mind. But the culprit for Darwinism realy isn't Darwin. Sadly it is atheism and the University he did research for. Its kind of like me saying I'm gonna kill you when I'm upset at someone and someone else turning me in to the police for saying that and not understanding the situation.

  2. Great colors! It looks like a Ralph Lauren striped polo shirt.

    I had a lazy weekend. Gave blood, napped, read two books, church, napped, not in that order...

    I've heard you can make your own dog food. Eighty-two dollars? Yipes! How long with that last them?

  3. I cannot believe you were able to put in 4 miles! amaze me so much!

  4. This is the 2nd person today that almost ruined Project Runway for me. I'm a week behind on these shows. So next time, please give me a warning that you are about to talk about it.
    I love that last picture. And I diggin' Ricky's short hair. His shoes, not so much but definitely the hair. And why are two of those kids, in the first row, dressed exactly alike? And they looks as if they are about to try out for some groovy 1968 band.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. I love the picture of sweet. The afghan is beautiful too. Hope you get to feeling better so you can knit without pain again real soon.

  6. I love this little update!!!! HAHA I love the "trip" comment---too funny!

    How does your youth leadership team work??? We need a SERIOUS revamp. . .we have a LOT of leaders and not enough people on the same page :(

    That dog is pretty!!!


  7. Oh my Ricky was so cute!!! What a fun picture :)

    I love the colors you are using for that blanket, so fun.

    Such a pretty photo of your pup :)

  8. I truly enjoyed this little catch-up post :) Your dog is absolutely beautiful.

    Loving these mild temps and a little bit of blue in the sky for a change.

    Sorry about your foot issue--That has to be frustrating.


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