Tuesday, January 10, 2012

games make everything better...

I have to give credit where credit is due...

I have a pretty awesome hubby.

While I've not been feeling well this past week, he's been on the ball.  Maybe not keeping our house clean & doing all the dishes, but he's been so attentive... getting me whatever I need, making sure I'm comfortable, feeding the dogs (which is a job when you have 4 dogs, let me tell you)

... he knows too that for me, my big stress relievers are running & knitting...

well, when your feet are numb & your hands feel like they are covered with band-aids, that throws out my 2 stress relievers...

so what have we been doing?


I was raised a "game player"

My mom always was playing games with us growing up.  Any card game?  Got it down.  Trivia games?  I'm the master of any useless information!  Word games?  My speciality...

Ricky's not a huge game player... I think because he's so dang competitive.  He doesnt care if you feel bad... if he looses, you WILL play another game.

Our game of choice this week?  Skip-Bo

I've never played it before this week.  But we read the directions... & then to make sure we understand, looked it up online.  Did you know you can find YouTube videos on pretty much everything.  Its always better to see things actually worked out in front of you sometimes.

I actually prefer "Double Solitaire"... but Ricky likes Skip-Bo... & I'll take anything that makes us laugh & takes our minds off the the stressful things of life.

Are you game players?  Got any suggestions for good games that 2 people can play?

And for the record... Ricky will never ever play me in Scrabble... but I'll never ever play him in chess... we know what lines are safer not to cross :)


  1. Hubby and I are not big game players, but I do like Skipbo and Yahtzee a lot.

    Hope you're starting to feel better.

  2. YAHTZEE for sure! We love games, too. Spades, Rummy 500 and two-person euchre. For board games, we love the new "credit card" version of Life and some good old-fashioned Parcheesi.

    Glad he's helping you get your mind off of not feeling good, and hoping you're on the mend. You've been on my heart all night (while I worked). Lots of prayers and positive thoughts were sent on your behalf, sweetie.

  3. We're HUGE game fans. We love any and all card games but our current addictions are Scrabble Flash and Blockus. Seriously all about the mind and strategy. Well not Scrabble Flash. It's about beating the clock and how many words you can build out of 5 letters/blocks.

    I hope you're feeling some relief today. Any further info. on cause or the actual problem?

  4. We are big fans of Toast around here, and on occasion Egptian Rat, but that can get quite raucous, so we usually stick to Toast. Oh and if you have a friend come over Mexican Train Dominoes is the bomb :)

    Love you friend and hope you are feeling better.

    I love you so ~~ Dawn

  5. i love that game! i also love phase ten. i grew up a game player too. hope you get feeling better love. xoxo

  6. One of the good things about this time of year is that we have time to do such things. I'm going to get Skip-Bo, I didn't know it could be played with just two!

    Woo hoo!

    Praying you up friend, can you feel it?

  7. Cribbage and Backgammon are good games for two. Of course, Chess, checkers and scrabble are all good too!

  8. Dan & I play Scrabble on the IPhone or IPad. Both of us suck but its always fun to see what the computer comes up with that you were too dumb to think of! Its a great way to pass the time in a waiting room or while we have a booth at the home show!!! And it always is a great way to make people wonder why you're laughing so much!


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