Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fragment

Mommy's Idea

This may very well be the most random, useless, no-sense Fragments ever..
My brain is hurting... or you could call it a headache... but I tend to think its my brain
So I'll just give what my aching brain can offer
Let's frag


Its finally felt like Spring around here...
days in the 70's - cool - no humidity
Thank God because my AC in my car broke
& I hate getting out of my car with a shirt thats stuck to my back with sweat


We've got to go see it this weekend
or my marriage may be in trouble

Ricky is still upset he didnt get to see it Opening Weekend

I reminded him the same movie that played last weekend
is the same one that's playing this weekend

Anyone see it?
Is it fantastic?
I have a crush on Robert Downy Jr. anyways
(no... nowhere like my crush on Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman or Mr. Hugh Jackman)
so I'm looking forward to it

Source: via Marisa on Pinterest

The weird item in my co-op basket this week:
Russian Kale

It looks almost furry & really rigid
Have no clue what to do with it
but will attempt my first try at Kale Chips tomorrow

I've learned if you dont know what a veggie is,
slap on some olive oil, garlic & salt & put it in the oven
... it makes everything taste better...


The Voice:
I quit watching awhile back
But geez...
I keep hearing about Christina's hatred of Adam's guy, Tony

maybe she's just uncomfortable in those dresses that are squeezing the life out of her?


Celebrity Apprentice:
I hate Lisa got kicked off...
maybe its because she's a loud Italian, but I loved her
I just dont want Aubrey to win.
Just marry her off to Mr. Trump's son & she'll be happy
I want a Clay Aiken - Arsenio Hall Finale

But Mr. Trump likes big boobs - so I'm predicting Aubrey is in the finale


This week has been
Happy Hour Frappaccino week at Starbucks
... & I havent made it one time...
I'm so disappointed in myself

but I WILL go this afternoon
I gotta get in at least one

maybe I'll make up for lost time & get 5
& have the most epic BRAIN FREEZE EVER!!!!


I have to say, the 80's did something right
When I went running yesterday, I had on
Neon yellow shorts, neon pink tape on my knee, neon green tape on my arm,
& my running shoes are neon green/blue
... let me tell you...
Neon makes your skin look TAN!

I forgot how it did that
Guess its the glow of the hideous colors
... & I LOVE IT!!!...

next time I wear all that
I've got to remember a side ponytail & some blue eye shadow

By the way,
I actually did kinda look like those girls at the bottom yesterday :)


Spat of the week: POP Chips & M&M's

Set up the story:
We're leaving Nashville last Sunday.
We had breakfast around 8:30 am... it was now 2:30 pm
I was starving...
so we had some Pop Chips in the car
I opened them up & only had like 5 chips when Ricky was like,
"DONT EAT - we're going to eat on the way home"
OK - I'm just ate those to not pass out at this point

So I end up falling asleep on the ride home & when I wake up,
we're already just an hour out from home

We pull over to get gas & then talk about where we're going to eat...
But then Ricky says, "Give me those M&M's in your purse"
I get them out & then it hits me

He got upset with me about eating 2 hours ago & now he's going to eat M&M's as we're trying to find a place to eat?
I reminded him of that

Let's just say,
the M&M's ended up getting thrown out the window at 70 mph
& we didnt end up eating until we got home
... & then we got pizza from the gas station...

I'll never look at a bag of Pop Chips & M&M's again the same...

FYI - Ricky brought home a bag of M&M's a few days later
we just looked at them & laughed


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend


  1. I love your spats, haha! :) Ah the memories being made!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

  2. The Avengers movie was very good and well done.

  3. Avengers is actually pretty good! The Big Guy totally geeked out during the movie. I had never seen any of the movies (I've attempted Iron Man and Capt. America, but lost interest) and found it quite good!

    Think of it this way--you beat the crowds. :)

  4. I love your Frags. Hope your headache goes away soon. Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh my word, I laughed out loud at the thought of those poor M&Ms flying out the window at 70mph :-) I would've done the same thing!

  6. I just LOVED Avengers!!! Hubby got me hooked on all the movies and I really appreciate that they dove into each character first. The movie is a great meshing of team mates with excellent development. Truly.

  7. RJ,
    I LOVE your spat of the week!! Is that weird? =)

    How are you feeling? I've been thinking about you my dear friend. I hope you are feeling better.

    I love you friend ~~ have a beautiful weekend ~~ dawn

  8. We ran into a young friend of our tonight who was on his way to see The Avengers and he was way excited.

    The photos of the real 80's versus the current conception of the 80's cracked me up!!! When I was teaching and we had 80's days, I used to WONDER where the girls got the idea we all dressed LIKE THAT in the 80's. I never saw ANY of that stuff until people started having 80's days in the 2000's!!!


    Oh - - - here's a priceless one: Once for 70's day when I got to school in my as close to bell bottoms as I could find at the time pants, tight little shirt and a belt - - - my students looked at me and said, "That's not 70's, Mrs. B!"

    "Oh it's not?" Said I, "Well tell me then, WHICH of us graduated from college in the 70's? Hmmmm? I rest my case."

  9. Cute post! I agree about Christina. How in the world can she breathe in those tight get-ups she wears. Gross!


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