Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... fragging time


My goal this weekend?
Time to pack up the sweaters & sweatshirts
& break out the tank tops & shorts
The scary part of the task?
I'm going to try to organize my shoes
Know what its like to have 7 boxes of running shoes
& 30 pairs of Old navy Flip Flops?


These are AWESOME!!!
I got some Greek Yogurt with Honey & Strawberry
You put it in a sandwich bag, cut off the end & pipe onto wax paper
put in the freezer
& enjoy the cold YUMMY that follows!!!

I've been in BUG HELL this week
In my window at work, I've had termites flying all around my head,
crawling in my window sill
& worse?  All over the baseboard of the floor
... right by my purse & bag...

But no one would do anything about it
What kind of work conditions IS this?
Finally, yesterday, I walked in & saw the 'swarm' again
& said, HECK NO!
I was on the hunt for bug spray at 6:00 am
That's a harder task then you think
.... & now, you can be itchy with me....

Dont know if its the new vegetarian/vegan diet...
but my blood pressure?
Averaging about 95/65
Hope that's a good thing


Finale Season:
Grey's Anatomy - while VERY sad, I was disappointed
Vampire Diaries - I cried, I gasped, I cant imagine next season
Once Upon a Time -  FANTASTIC!  Belle is back!!!!
Private Practice - a baby without a brain?  Could you BE any sadder?
The Office - Dont even care anymore

Cant wait for Dancing with the Stars!!!

& the REVENGE Finale...
but the dog dying?  Shut up... I was ugly crying like no other...

Funny of the day

Spat of the Day:  Windshield Wipers
Mother's Day - it happened again
Rain... & Ricky driving
& for some reason, he feels the need to NEVER turn on his windshield wipers
... & I'm talking DOWN POUR RAIN...
where you cant see out the window at all
I asked him, "Can you really see out that window?"
to which he said, "It looks totally fine to me"
...which totally scares me now that his vision normally looks
like rain covered windows...

I think I'll drive more now


Have a fabulous Friday all!!!


  1. My husband has a thing with the windshield wipers, too! He waits until it's really raining before he'll turn them on, and even then they're on so low that they're virtually useless. I ask him if he has to pay for each wipe of the blades.

  2. Look, I know I run the risk of having every woman in the world hate me but, why do you need all those dang shoes? You only have two feet! Or is there something that I don't know?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yipes!! I'd go nuts with termites everywhere! And that frozen greek yogurt looks so super yummmy!

    Have fun organizing this weekend :)

  4. I am so doing the yogurt thing. They look delicious!

    Thor is my new hero! Damon is my bad boy. BTW, I cried too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Love your Friday recap. Sorry I've been away for awhile. Life has gotten a bit crazy with a baby around.

    Love your spat. I've had that exact conversation with my husband on more than one occassion. Also, when he finally does turn them on he leaves them on til they're making that horrible scraping noise across the windshield even after the rain stops. HONESTLY!

  6. I can't believe he can drive in a downpour with no wipers - - - why I've been known to pull over and wait out a downpour that was SO HARD I couldn't see even USING my wipers.

  7. Good luck with cleaning out the closet. Most of my weekend will be cleaning as well.

  8. I'm with you on Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and Private Practice. AND DWTS! Love Katherine, she is the best. But, man, is William a cutie-patootie. I'd be OK if he wins.
    So sorry to read of your May 17 sadness. I lost a friend too, two years ago, and it's strange that life goes on, and they are missing things. Sending love and prayers.

  9. husband is the SAME WAY with rain and wipers. The reason? "It will take the rain-x off the windows."

    Ummmmm....really? Because I'd like to get home safely rather than worry about a $2.50 bottle of RAIN-X! Sheesh.

  10. Okay it is def a guy wipers for my husband either! Ewe there are so many ewey fragments this week..dead frogs, dead squirels, termites and snakes. I've got a bee hive outside my office window..I am so allergic..nerve wracking:(
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Definitely going to make those Greek yogurt thingies--to me, Greek Yogurt tastes/feels like eating ice cream anyway! YUM


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