Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Roundup


* Stopped by the grocery intending just to pick up a few things... left spending $110.00 - how does that happen?

* I got my Starbucks Carmel Frappaccino ... FINALLY...

* Glad I had something cold - I got stuck in traffic on the way home.  My AC is broke in my car & I had $110 worth of cold stuff... I was in mid panic sucking down that Frappaccino in a nervous reaction.

* Ricky had to work on Saturday so he was in bed early... for some reason, I couldnt sleep & not tired at all.  Perfect time for me to catch up on my DVR.  And I noticed I was 3 episodes behind on Housewives of New Jersey (Teresa - you are INSANE) & Housewives of Orange County (Heather - I want your house)


* Ricky was working & this was the first Saturday in MONTHS where I had no early plans... so I'm up at 6:30 am anyways... ugh...

* got a nice run in early... & the humidity was already full force...

* I made DRIED BEANS!!!! For the first time in my life!  Yes, I'm 40 & this is the first time... but better late then never.  I soaked them the night before & then put them in the crock pot .. everyone said I needed to put pork in them.  but I loaded all kinda of spices in that baby & even added potatoes, &  it was DELISH!!!!  A little slab of multi-grain, warm bread to go along?  Yes - I'll be doing this again soon.

* Headed out to meet some Prom Party People for some pictures...  Downtown area is a great backdrop

 * Prom ladies are always so beautiful... I love to see how the styles change through the years...


* AVENGERS!!!!!  Oh my GOODNESS... that movie is pretty epic.  I actually did a fist pump, ala Arsenio Hall & cheered & clapped my hands at parts... & of course, was the only one in the theater who laughed TOO hard at parts...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

* I got a new running skirt... that has like pleated ruffles on the butt...

* Got to spend a great day with my momma & family... & do you know, I didnt take one picture?  It must have been the dreary, grey, rainy day.

* My parents both have knee problems, so I took some KT Tape over & taped them both up... they were amazed... actually went right online & bought 3 rolls for themselves.  No one believes the magic is does until they feel it for themselves ...

* Ricky told me I need to get a job as a KT Tape representative... they actually travel to races across the country & do demonstrations... I need to apply...

* I got to clean out some old drawers I had as a teenager while at my parents... found some great 80's stuff... as well as old pictures, cards, clothes... & my wisdom teeth.  I think I should make a necklace out of them.

* Got home to watch my DVR steaming... Celebrity Apprentice finale - Survivor finale - & Once Upon a Time Seaon Finale... I didnt get to see the end of Apprentice, but did watch the other 2... going to miss Once Upon a Time this summer!

Hope the week flies as fast as the weekend did!


  1. I don't DVR, so I watched the first hour of The Apprentice and then RhoNJ. My husband was out of the room while Joe (brother) and his sister were talking. He asked what he missed, and I said, "As if I could retell it."

    What's weird is, whenever Andy Cohen does a poll, people call in to vote in Teresa's favor. I feel sorry for her in so many ways, but she is wrong, wrong, wrong. It's not just the editing.

    Who gets married thinking they should love their sibling more than their spouse? Ew!

    Is that bridge "THE" bridge? (Construction wise?)

  2. The Avengers! I sooo want to see that!! I've heard tons about it and it seems like a really good movie.

    I've never made dried beans, either and we have some in the house. Don't want to add pork, either. I'd love the recipe :)

    And... rofl! You found your wisdom teeth! They threw mine out lol.

    I hope you have an awesome, awesome week ahead of you! :)

  3. I should try the KT tape for my arches! Hummm...

  4. Great job on running, that's awesome! Those photos are so pretty! We keep hearing that Avengers was so good!

  5. Great photos! And I'll have you know that I no long just skim through them. I actually study them in detail. And I can still say, "great photos"!
    I've not yet seen Avengers. I'm still waiting for The Hunger Games to hit the $2.00 theater. I'm so cheap!
    I'm glad you had a productive weekend.

  6. Hi my friend.. I am back to blogging.. I have kept up with you on FB.. I love your blog and enjoyed reading it again.. Have a great day..

  7. Awesome job on the prom pics.! I could look at those kinds of pictures forever! In fact, I chuckle every time I look at mine. Brittany saw "The Avengers" and said it was one of the best movies she's EVER seen! Sounds like a "must see" to me!


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