Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... my favorite day to Frag!!!


So my manager is out today with the stomach flu
... for the THIRD time this year...
& as soon as I get the call she's sick
why do I instantly feel nauseated myself?


Question of Reality TV:
WHY do the chairs not move in the Celebrity Apprentice in the Board Room?
Why do the celebrities have to scoot down five chairs?
That doesnt make sense to me
& irks me every week

Its the Kentucky Derby this weekend around her
.... & I could give 2 hoots....
let me go to the track when there's 100,000 less people
... which means I can go pee without having to wait in line for an hour


The Flying Pig is this weekend in Cincinnati
I want to go up there one year
If anything, to do the 10k
(its always the weekend after the Ky Derby miniMarathon)
Good luck Flying Pigs!
(the only time calling someone a pig is not offensive)

So Ricky & I were out heading to lunch on Sunday when a motorcycle comes flying over a hill...
Ricky said, "He needs to get his light fixed" which led a conversation that he told me that every motorcycle has a headlight that stays on at all times
I told him to remember this moment because when I show him a motorcycles that doesnt have a headlight on, he's going to say he never made that claim
He said he'd not forget
We even shook hands on it
so far, every motorcycle I've seen?
Its had a headlight on!

I'm trying to forget this 'hand shake' thing until I find one with a broken light
& then I'll spring it out on him with a big 'HA'!!!!

(who knew?  Do all motorcycles REALLY have lights on all the time?)


Ususally, I post a funny fragment - this week, I'm going for an

This video WILL make you tear up, get pumped up,
cheer for this guy, and totally inspire you...

I'm going out this week with these 3 words
(& I totally just threw a mic on the ground & walked away gangsta style)


  1. Chairs and headlights (a note to my scattered self so I remember my intended comments).

    Chairs--if the celebs moved them, they wouldn't be set up for camera shots. That's my guess. So they scooch. Of course that's only a guess.

    Google your state's bike laws and you may learn they have to have their lights on. In Illinois, if one is using wipers on when driving a car, one's lights must be on. It's a law, but not everyone knows it.

    I think I'll have to adhere to it today, rainy day!

  2. The video gave me megachills!!! That was very inspiring!!

    And as always, I loved your spat of the week lol :) I didn't know that either!

  3. Yes! All motorcycles have a headlight and it is on!

    And that video is AWESOME! I did chuckle when he was doing the headstand and crashed into the china cabinet! ha! But how true is that, right? We try....we fall....we crash...and we get up and do it again!

  4. It is the law that all motorcycles manufactured after 1/1/56 have their headlights on during the day...not just at night. There isn't even an option to turn them off, just high and low beam. :)

  5. always learning from frags... I had no idea about daytime running lights on motorcycles... in Ontario even cars have daytime lights and I tend to keep mine on as a force of habit...

  6. What a great video choice! Happy Friday.

  7. What a great video choice! Happy Friday.

  8. Way to make me bawl my eyes out! That is INCREDIBLE! When you find someone who believes in you, you begin to believe in yourself! I'm so moved by it that I don't remember one other thing in your post!

  9. Wow! What an awe-inspiring video! I'm not sure on the motorcycles, but it seems most of what I've seen lately have had headlights on and if they don't I think they should. I was wondering this morning if you were coming to the flying pig race. If you ever do, let me know and maybe we can meet up.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. What a beautiful video!!! This gives me such hope!!

    Thank you for sharing. It was just what I needed today.

    I love you friend ~~ dawn

  11. Oh, I can't talk about motorcycles! It's Thunder Beach here in the panhandle of Florida and there are literally thousands of bikers here. The noise by itself is enough to kill!

  12. What a great video! So what's my excuse? Hmm?

  13. Love this video! If he can do headstand, why can't I? Inspiring-thanks.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing that video -- absolutely incredible! What a wonderful man. Definitely tearing up over here.


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