Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup ... plus a day...

I'm so messed up... repeat to myself over & over - "Its NOT Monday - its Tuesday"

Here was my weekend


* Ricky worked this morning - but no sleeping in for me... got up & made some breakfast - wanting to get my run in before it was too miserable with the heat

* Went for my run early ... it was still too hot.  The humidity was INSANE & I literally was a sticky, sweaty mess.

* Cleaned up & ready to tackle my project of the day... MY CLOSET!!!

* Took me 3 hours - but it is so clean & organized now.  You cant tell from this pictures (weird angles wont let me snap a pic) - but my shoes are straight in boxes - by season... my clothes are organized... my knitting goodies are all in a tote labeled... my t-shirts were weeded through... I love just standing in my closet now

* I have 3 HUGE bags of nothing but clothes I got rid of... & still have a ton of clothes... & still feel like I have nothing to wear

* Grill out time... we made corn on the cob & mushroom burgers... yum!  Plus, some fresh Kale ... while watching "Princess & the Frog" ... that's just perfection to me.


* Miss the beginning of church for a Family Session... we were scheduled for 3:00 pm but it was going to be the hottest day of the year, so this family was wonderful to move it up till 9:30 ... it was still HOTTTTTTTT - but nothing like it was in the afternoon.

* These were my first "returning clients" :) ... I did Ashley's Senior Pictures last year... made me feel good to know they enjoyed my work so much that they'd come back

* Also my first session with a doggie... they're like working with children

* Chasity assisted me (she's my photography angel) & then we had to BOLT to Jr. High Small Group... we arrived a few minutes late & sweaty from the shoot - but glad to make it

* Ricky & I claimed it "Date Afternoon" & spent the day together...

* A Date afternoon of course always includes Target!!! ... which has Running Skirts on sale for $12.99 ... buy 'em up ladies!!!

* We went to the Japanese Restaurant... mmmm....

* Had to run out to the Senior High Small Group... loved our conversation on "dating"... the guys got to ask questions about girls & vice versa... loved one of the guys questions was "Why do girls have to go to the bathroom together?" ... trying to learn that one early I guess...

* Ricky drove his bike over to the small group & I drove him home... look at Ricky being Mr. Lance Armstrong :)

* We came home & watched "MegaMind" ... I was cracking UP... only to find out that Will Ferrel was the voice of the blue-dude... then it made perfect sense

* Ricky made me a bowl of popcorn during the movie.. I'm not a big popcorn fan - but WOW... it was the best tasting popcorn ever.  Come to find out - it was "Theater Butter Popcorn" ... after he told me that, I felt like I should run another 5 miles.  Didnt even want to look at the calorie count.

Monday (I wish every Monday was a weekend roundup day)

* Got up with intentions to do an early morning run outside ... but it was SIZZLING... so just stuck to the treadmill.  A fan blowing in my face is much nicer then 90% humidity at 9 am

* I want to be Kelly Ripa

* Our Memorial Weekend dinner consisted of Papa johns pizza... I'm addicted to pineapple on pizza now

* We watched "Tower Heist" ... wow... Ferris Bueller is looking OLD!!!!!

* I finished up my DVR with the Merlin finale shows ... now I'm sad its over & cant wait till next season

* We sat out front with Sydney for a bit & she discovered something we have... BEES!!!!! We had a bad time with them in our mulch a few years ago... in my best Poltergist voice... THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!

* Ricky went to war

* Our poor Sydney was stung... she's so allergic to everything & instantly swelled up.  We've had to do Emergency Runs to the vet before so she could get shots - so we keep Benadryl on hand... except what we had had expired. DANG IT!  So Ricky went out to get some more... & we live in the country & our only Sav-a-step was closed... so he had to drive further down to find a store that was open.

This was the intial swelling - it got much larger & ROUNDER :(

... her swelling went down in about an hour... not completely, but enough to where we knew it wasnt going to be an ER trip....

So it was a busy, fun, hectic, sweaty weekend.... I'll take more of them... especially if it involves 3 days!!!


  1. What was with the heat?? ahhh... can't wait for it to cool down enough for morning runs lol

    But I'm glad you got the chance to :) And that you had returning clients. That's always fun! :)

    Date afternoon sounds amazing! Glad you got to enjoy the popcorn and that he didn't tell you until much later, lol.

    Have an awesome shortened week!

  2. I would work four longer days to have a three day weekend EVERY week.

    I might have to get a skirt, even for walking it sounds perfect.

    I'm glad Sydney is good!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! The pictures turned out so well, despite the crazy heat!

    Poor puppy dog :( Hope it's all better today!

    Have a great (and short!) week :)

  4. Glad you were able to avert a trip to the puppy ER. ;-)

  5. Oh, your poor dog! Same kind of thing happened to Maddie a couple of times and her nose swelled up so much that she looked like Jimmy Durante! You sure had one whirlwind kind of weekend! My head's spinning in circles just thinking about it!

  6. Hope the cooler temps have reached you today. It is lovely here.

    Have you read For Young Women Only by Shaunti Feldham? I lead a study of the book last summer for our college girls at church. It was very interesting and we all learned A LOT! Highly recommend.

  7. "Sizzling..."

    Great use of onomatopoeia!

    Sorry. Don't mind me. I'm stuck in Figurative Language Land. :D


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